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my haunted life...

PostPosted: Tue Jul 17, 2007 12:49 pm
by RHFay
Hello all!

Experiences with the supernatural, eh?

I guess it's no real surprise that I write horror, among other genres. I practically grew up in a haunted house, and I've had many experiences with ghosts and spirits over the years.

My late grandmother's former house, the one she lived in when I was a child, was haunted from the first floor to the attic. Once, I had actually heard the ghostly footsteps on the main stairs, ascending softly but surely. And I once saw a strange, human like shadow on the floor, when no one was standing nearby to cast any sort of shadow.

Weird stuff, but I was lucky that I missed some of the more dramatic things. The ghosts were calm around me, but they were pretty agitated around certain other members of the family. When she was young, my aunt had a glass Christmas ornament float past her face while she was reclining on the sofa. Several years later, when my cousin was a toddler, a toy music box flew past his face. Luckily, the only thing that ever moved when I was in the house was a bottle of horseradish. It fell over for no apparent reason. I guess the ghost didn't like horseradish.

I've had other stuff happen to me outside of my grandmother's house. When I was a kid, I was riding my bicycle in a neighbor's barn. My feet slipped off the pedals as I was headed straight for the gutter that looped around the empty cow stalls and the barn door. Some invisible force pushed me over the gutter. I could feel myself accelerate without any explainable reason why I should. I somehow landed safely on the other side, right next to the door. I have a science background, but I still can't explain what happened. A young man had hanged himself in that barn years ago, and my friend and I always wondered if it was the lad trying to make up for taking his own life.

Since adulthood, I've still had some weird things happen to me. I once worked in a haunted warehouse. I saw a strange green and brown shape. I also felt my hair stand on-end once on the old elevator as I went down to the first floor, where the activity was strongest. The person I was with at the time actually saw a man standing down one of the aisles, glowing green. I didn't see it, but I could certainly feel a presence.

I almost fainted due to some angry presence at a historical fort. I felt this overpowering sense of the heavy weight of the building on top of me, and everything started to go black. The feeling left as soon as I left the room. My daughter, a young child at the time, saw something green in that room (green again, why does green come up so often in things supernatural?) that really scared her.

We have many visitors from beyond who come and go, especially this one cat of ours. She was (or is?) a black-and-white cat with quite a bit of Siamese in her. She even had a white mark on her side that we found out later is considered to be the "hand print of the god" by certain Eastern cultures. She has appeared frequently since her death, sometimes in a brief but complete vision, and sometimes only in bits and pieces. One time her ears were sticking out of the wall to drive her "loyal doofus" (our German shepherd/Chow Chow mix) crazy. The dog couldn't quite understand why she couldn't follow her best friend.

There are other strange things, weird sightings and happenings, that can only be explained by visitors from another dimension. Let me just say that I do firmly believe in the existence of the "fair folk", but not the dainty, butterfly-winged creations of Victorian times. I think there are beings that live in a different reality, that we can never truly understand. I don't want to go into more details about these experiences, for fear of offending those eldritch beings.

This isn't really supernatural, but we even had a resident Bigfoot in our former neighbourhood. And this was in the city! Well, an extremely narrow riverside city with wooded hills, swamps, and farmland all along it's eastern fringes. I never saw him, but I definitely heard his howls, tree rapping, and even once heard him running down the alley. My wife saw "Bubba" (our name for the Bigfoot) striding across the street one evening. He crossed a fairly wide street in three strides, and then was out of sight by the time my wife got to the end of the street. He was about seven feet tall, as compared to a nearby gate, and was a uniform dark brown in colour. She said he looked as if Shaquille O'Neil had been wearing a brown muscle suit; he was that big! He used to eat garbage out of our neighbours garbage cans. He would untie the garbage bags (not tear them open), take out discarded McDonalds carry-out bags, and stack them in a neat pile next to the can. What else would have done this? (By the way, Sasquatches are supposed to stack rocks in a neat pyramid whilst looking for rodents and other small food animals.)

Like I said, I lead a haunted life, or at least a strange one.


P.S. I know this all sounds crazy, but it is all true. I actually have a science background (a B.S. in Biology), and a critical mind, and yet I cannot deny the things that I have experienced. There are more things in heaven and earth than are dreamt of in sceince's philosophy (to paraphrase the Bard).

PostPosted: Tue Jul 17, 2007 4:06 pm
by Neurolanis
Oh, I don't think you're crazy. I've had my own share of paranormal experiences. Actually, more than my share. I don't know if some of us are just drawn to this stuff or it's drawn to us, or somewhere in the middle, but some of us have more paranormal experiences than others. I've had outer-body experiences, seen ghosts, UFO's, and something that could only be described as a bigfoot, myself. Enough to earn me a place on the funny farm. :lol:

But there are a wide range of different paranormal experiences one can have, and like I said the amount one experiences in a lifetime seems to vary a lot too. Part of it is being open. One reason why I've seen a lot of UFO's is because I've spent so many hours on so many nights star-watching. It's a pretty rare activity, or at least it is around here, so perhaps it's no surprise that I've seen more UFO's than the average person.

These outer dimensional beings you're referring to, do you mean fairies? I know there are ghosts, and spirits, and some sort of fairy-like creature as well. Supposedly they exist between, or within both, or either, the spiritual and pyhsical realms. I watched a film once called the Fairy Faith ... or was it Faery Faith..? Anyway, I highly recommend it. A man did a kind of documentary on fairies in an open-minded way, driving around to places rich in fairy sightings and asking the local residents to talk about their experiences. And there was also a shaman who claimed he could actually see fairies when others couldn't, and points to a place in a steam where he says he says one. Strange thing is, when I saw that stream it gave me the strangest feeling...

PostPosted: Tue Jul 17, 2007 4:38 pm
by RHFay
Neurolanis wrote:I've had outer-body experiences, seen ghosts, UFO's, and something that could only be described as a bigfoot, myself.

Can you give details about your Bigfoot encounter? I know it's not necessarily paranormal, but I would love to hear about it.

These outer dimensional beings you're referring to, do you mean fairies?

For want of a better term, yes. We used to see some things that were clearly non-human in and around our former home, along with a few human spirits as well. My daughter would pick up on a lot of this stuff; she would see things frequently. She once briefly glimpsed a very tall black figure standing next to bushes along the fence in our yard. It disappeared in a matter of seconds. I doubt it was a human entity. I don't know what they truly are, or where they come from, but I know they exist.

Again, I feel that I shouldn't go into too many details, lest I offend the "fair folk". Let me just say that strange things happen with certain electronic equipment. And, the same sort of strangeness happens to one of my wife's coworkers.

Personally, I've always wondered if my childhood "primed" me to have these experiences. I accepted ghosts as real because they were always a part of my life. It triggered a lifelong fascination with the unknown. However, I think my science background helps me to look at these things with a critical eye. I always wish to rule out the mundane before I declare something to be paranormal.

I once saw a UFO, but not close. I used to live in a fairly rural area, and I would frequently gaze up at the stars. One night I was roaming the neighbourhood with a group of friends. One of these friends and I just happened to peer skyward. It was a clear night, with a sky full of stars. I noticed a strange star sitting off the "spout" of the Big Dipper. I remember thinking to myself that there should be no such star. It suddenly shot off across the length of the constellation, disappearing somewhere around the tip of the dipper's handle. I clearly recall that the star was stationary when I first saw it, and it didn't move until I watched it for a few seconds. When my friend and I compared notes right after the sighting, we realized we had seen the same thing.

Was it just a meteor coming in at almost 90 degrees? Perhaps, but it appeared to be stationary and then moved at lightning speed until it vanished. There was also no apparent acceleration, it was just stationary, then in motion. I won't say it was definitely a spacecraft, but it was weird all the same.

A word about skeptics and the media; I was stargazing with the same friend on another night. We saw this glowing cloud moving across the night sky, expanding as it moved. We called the local newspaper, thinking it might have been a plane that had exploded or some other sort of disaster. The reporter treated us like wackos and scoffed at our report. Later that week, the same paper actually reported on the incident. It seems that many people saw the same thing. It was explained as an exploding rocket. I think it was Chinese, but I'm not sure now.

The moral of the story is that it's some times hard to convince people of what you saw. How many things go unreported because the reporters felt the people calling in were "wackos"? Our sighting of the exploding rocket, or whatever it was, would have gone unreported if others hadn't also seen it.


PostPosted: Tue Jul 17, 2007 5:20 pm
by Neurolanis
The bigfoot encounter. I've described this several times. :lol: But, what I encountered was a moving shadow. Tall, broad, its body was humanoid and its head was like that of a bear's head, and so I called it the 'bear-man', and considered it some sort of spirit of the wood. It was a black figure on a bright clear day, and it walked along a gravel trail through the woods (the old rail road track), near some houses, without making a sound. It strolled casually, arms waving briskly yet calmly. I could see no details, just its outline, just like a black shadow figure. It would stop and look over the bushes, and that's how I'd see its head was more bear-like than human-like (it has a muzzle, you know. The forehead protruded somewhat.) Its upper body was hairy, yet I wasn't sure about its legs. It was nervous about me and yet acted as though it wasn't. When I came close it turned and walked through a watery ditch, through bush, and through trees without making a sound. I was soon right where it had been, and I was amazed to see nothing. The trees were opened up, the highway was right there. Unless it crossed the road...

Anyway, I didn't think anything more of it until I saw a documentary on the bigfoot so good it convinced me to consider it for real. And when I heard all those peoples' descriptions it gradually donned on me, my 'bear-man' had the same description.

As for fairies, or whatever, I have had some encounters that might qualify. I always loved hiking alone through the woods. Sometimes I'd sit down against a tree, or lay down in a field of grass, and write poetry, or looking for inspiration, and enjoy the quiet and peacefulness of the forest. Sometimes, when quite a ways into the woods, and alone, I'd get a feeling I was being watched. Sometimes the wind would go away, and it seemed all the forest was on standstill. But whether that happened or not, I'd hear bushes moving like there were creatures moving around me. And I'd feel watched, sometimes from various directions. Sometimes I'd see bushes or tall grass moving when there was nothing there! Sometimes I'd look about me intuitively, always low as if I was expecting to find something short, and see nothing.

One time I had a very weird experience. I had taken a leak and set down on a rock to relax. I made a "huhh" as I sat, as I had been tired I suppose. I had travelled down a steep drop through bush and over rock, and found a hidden valley, like a large dent in the forest. I had a feeling that no human had ever been down there. It looked so ancient and untouched. I relaxed as I stared upon it and dreamed of heading down. Which I would have done, if it wasn't for what happened next. I heard an exotic bird call, and in fact it was making the call for a minute or more before I realized just how exotic it was. Sounded like a bird from some jungle, not from around here. When I listened carefully at it, it seemed it was being directed right for my listening. Of course I wouldn't have seriously considered this for long if I hadn't have heard its call warp into a demonic laughter, and not a sound a bird or even a monkey could make. It sounded like a child or small person, with a gift in voice acting. It was spooky, demon-like, and unquestionably for my benefit.

Then, it turned again, this time into a coyote call. I didn't listen to this as closely as I was still shocked by the laughter I had heard a moment before. Then it turned back, to an exotic bird call. It made three different sound that no one animal, or person, could possibly manage! All as one vocal expression. I was shocked. Things went quiet, and then I felt a gathering of negative energy about it. I guess it had been around me all the time, I just wasn't aware of it. I felt it centring in the forest not far away, condensing into some powerful conscious form. I then felt it moving towards me. I took a deep breath and told myself to relax. Be brave. But then something inside me jumped, "GO!" So I stood up and walked, not ran, but walked quite quickly. I felt the dark form pursuing me. I walked back down the path until I neared the power lines, and the closer I got to them the more I felt the dark form fragmenting, until I felt no harm behind me anymore at all.

In retrospect, I could hardly argue the possibility that the latter part was pure imagination. Yet, the call I heard was unquestionably real. And unquestionably paranormal.

I love talking about these things, because although they can frighten me sometimes, I desire to explore the mysteries of life. There is more to reality than what meets the eye. I would love to explore deeper into these mysteries.

And I get what you're saying. I did call and report the bigfoot to a bigfoot watchers group. My family was all furious with me that I would risk embarrassing them so. Thank goodness they never came to investigate or did a media report or something ... I'd be in big trouble! (I was living at home at the time.) But truly, however we can, we need to report these things.

PostPosted: Tue Jul 17, 2007 5:41 pm
by RHFay
Neurolanis wrote:The bigfoot encounter. I've described this several times. :lol: But, what I encountered was a moving shadow. Tall, broad, its body was humanoid and its head was like that of a bear's head, and so I called it the 'bear-man', and considered it some sort of spirit of the wood.

Maybe it was a spirit of the woods, instead of an actual flesh-and-blood wild man. It could be related to some of the other things you described.

Now, our "Bubba" made noise when he ran down the alley (the slapping sound of bare feet on the pavement around 2 am), and ate garbage. He was definitely flesh and blood. What you described does sound more spiritual in nature.

Remember, fairies were/are considered to be shape-shifters. They can change their form as easily as we change clothing. They have been known to appear as various animals.

An interesting aside; many native cultures have similar stories of magical "little people". Some Native Americans had their own versions of fairies or fairy-like beings, like the nagumwasuck, maymaygwayshi, and Great Little People. There was just recently an episode of "Destination Truth" on the SciFi Channel that searched for the tokoloshe, an African bogey-man with some decidedly fairy-like attributes (a flesh and blood creature that could also act like a ghost).

It's something to think about. Why do so many different cultures have such similar mythical creatures?


PostPosted: Wed Jul 18, 2007 6:22 pm
by Ariel
Wow! I'll :D have to come in here when I have more time to read.

PostPosted: Thu Jul 19, 2007 5:59 pm
by Neurolanis
Yes, I am still unsure what to make of that experience.

How many times has your 'Bubba' been sighted?

And yes, it is very interesting how similiar creatures are sighted by various cultures. Fairies, bigfoots, spirits, demons...

PostPosted: Thu Jul 19, 2007 6:42 pm
by RHFay
Neurolanis wrote:Yes, I am still unsure what to make of that experience.

How many times has your 'Bubba' been sighted?

And yes, it is very interesting how similar creatures are sighted by various cultures. Fairies, bigfoots, spirits, demons...

Bubba was seen once, but we heard what we assume was his vocalizations many times. When he first moved into the neighborhood, he howled from about 4:00 in the afternoon until at least 10:00 am that next morning. It was a deeper howl than even a wolf can manage, and with a volume that could be heard over the television when the windows were closed (it was the middle of winter). Even the rottie two doors down could just barely be heard under such conditions, and "Bubba''s howls came through much clearer. He was also further away, up on the nearby wooded hill.

The howls would start with a sort of yip, then become of rolling howl which trailed off in a deep, almost infrasound, growl. You could actually feel the sound as well as hear it.

At first I thought it was wolves, although there are supposedly no wolves in New York State (don't tell that to certain natives of the Adirondacks who have seen wolves, though). Then I realized that the howling was too deep anyway. I listened to some wolf howls on the telly an on-line, and they were of a higher pitch than what I heard. What I heard matched strange howls recorded by a Bigfoot research organization in Ohio.

I know this is not positive proof that a Bigfoot made the howls, but I can rule out all other logical suspects.

After the initial howling, we started to see the neighbor's garbage broken into. The culprit would not tear the bags, but untied the bags and carefully stacked the discarded garbage next to the can. No animal I know of does that, but there are precedents with rock formations associated with Bigfoot sightings. One witness saw a family of Bigfoot moving large rocks to get to small rodents living beneath the stones. They stacked the stones in neat, pyramidal piles.

We heard howls again, although not as loud, and also heard other sounds. We heard some strange whistles, and my wife heard what she described as parrots. Trust me, there were no parrots flying around on a cold February night in upstate New York! We also heard tree rapping once, answering my own "rapping" when I was repairing the garage roof. And no, it wasn't just my hammer blows echoing; the pattern was different.

We also smelled what we felt was Bubba. We would occasionally get a wet dog, or a garbage-type foul odor. At these times the neighborhood dogs would often act up, barking and carrying on.

I almost saw Bubba one night. I feel I was as close as I could have been without actually seeing him. My wife, daughter, German Shepherd/Chow Chow mix, and I were camping out in a tent in the backyard one very hot and humid summer night. Around 2 am our dog growled softly as the neighbor's motion-sensor light went off. She growled so softly it was hard for us to her it, just enough to let us know something was up. As soon as she growled (not when the light first went off, mind you) we heard the slapping sound of bare feet take off down the alley, accompanied by the clatter of a stick (I would occasionally find a stick placed by the garbage cans, as if it were a sign saying "Bubba was here".)

Now, it could have been a person wandering down the alley, but there are a few problems with that. Firstly, who in their right mind would be running down a city alley barefoot? Secondly, the running didn't start as soon as the light went off, but only after my dog growled. (She didn't growl right away; there was a few seconds between the light going off and her growling.) How could a normal human being have heard growling that was barely audible to the three of us in the tent right next to the dog?

Such traces of Bubba's presence lasted until fairly recently. He seemed to be lurking about the neighborhood until a year or two ago. Then the signs of his presence seemed to taper off. We think he moved away after the nearby McDonald's closed. There was no longer any good garbage to eat.

I really don't know if anyone else ever saw Bubba, but I do know that others heard the howling that first night. Animal control was called in. The animal control officer checked the area in a half-hearted manner, after the howling had ceased, and then left empty-handed.

You might think it had been just a dog, but if it had been a dog, it was a three-hundred pound dog! I've been around many large dogs in my life, and have never heard any dog capable of making sounds like I heard.

There is actually a background of Bigfoot sightings in this area, but I think this is the closest to the city they've ever been seen around here. My mother-in-law lives up north, in the Adirondacks, and some of the locals there speak frequently about seeing Bigfoot creatures. One of the most intriguing Bigfoot sightings in New York, one that involved law-enforcement officers, occurred about 50 miles north of where we used to live.

They're out there, regardless of what the skeptics would like to believe.

Keep an open mind, and you never know what you'll see!

PostPosted: Thu Jul 19, 2007 7:06 pm
by Llew
Wow, that is really neat RHFay!

PostPosted: Fri Jul 20, 2007 7:23 am
by Neurolanis
Yes, and it does sound just like other bigfoot encounters I had heard.

PostPosted: Fri Jul 20, 2007 9:25 am
by RHFay
Llew wrote:Wow, that is really neat RHFay!

It's especially neat since I've been interested in this stuff for a while, but I'm a bit jealous that my wife actually got to see Bubba the Bigfoot.

I must say that, when I was a kid, I used to think of Bigfoot as a scary monster. Now I realize that they are just big, hairy people. There was nothing scary about Bubba. He would rather run away than cause a confrontation. All he seemed to want to do was roam the alleys and look for good garbage to eat.

Some skeptics have suggested that Bigfoot is merely a creation of the human mind, created to fill a need for monsters. Now, I'm a speculative writer, among other things. I think I could come up with a much better, far scarier monster, than a big hairy goof who goes around eating garbage, leaving stick "calling cards", whistling and howling, and running away whenever I get close to him. My imagination could come up with something much more sinister.

I came to have fond feelings toward our resident Bigfoot. He was far less a threat than some of the supposedly "more human" beings that roamed the neighborhood. The time that there was a gang fight in the nearby park was much more frightening than knowing that a goofy Bigfoot wandered about in the night.


Why green.

PostPosted: Fri Jul 20, 2007 12:04 pm
by LightBrigade
RHFay again, why does green come up so often in things supernatural?

Why they appear green. There are two reasons. It has to do with the spectrum of light and the capacity of the human eye to perceive a narrow band of frequencies of visible radiation, or else light; and in a broader sense to perceive energy emitted or else, in absolute quantum physics terms, charged atom particles. It also has to do with decomposing physical elements of a living being who evolves in states of existence beyond the commonly understood death moment.

In detail, the second cause is natural elements, like phosphorus which is found mainly in the bones of a living being, which decompose slowly after death. One of the many colours emitted during this decomposition is a luminous green one. Only that the common unaided human eye is normally unable to see it. When the conditions present surpass the normal, it is visible. When does that happen and what may make conditions override what we understand as normal? The answer will take rather long and an open mind. If desirable, we can elaborate. After all, the mind is like a parachute; it works only if it is open.

The first cause is related to superstition and myths about dark entities like shadows, morva (morvas plural) they are called predominantly. These shadows are said to pester people to haunt or to frighten them; they bring their weight down on them which is felt physically and causes phenomena of asphyxia, depression, disorientation, panic and unhappiness which lasts to disturb the normal pace of life. Depending on environmental conditions and individual state of physical condition and mental alertness, they appear as black and unseen at night, as black and rather well seen during daytime, or coloured to show whole in shades starting from black and following the Rainbow spectrum, violet, blue and green, mainly that is. These three major scales, violet, blue and green, must be understood in their darkest shade in terms of optic perception. The physical condition mentioned just above has to do mainly, but not only, with the food intake over the period, for the person who experiences such an encounter. A person who has been fasting, for example, is more physically adjusted to realise, perceive and become aware of such a presence as the one in discussion.

An important detail here is that the violet and blue are not observed often because in their dark shades, they are nearly invisible. Green is more luminous than the three. The degree of luminosity is directly related to the ability of the human eye to register waves of emitted energy (in terms of classic physics) or photons (in terms of quantum physics), or in general terms, light.

This is why, in all literature, anything of that world where what has been mentioned here exists, appears dark. Appears grey, dark blue-brown, with the summit for the most powerful expression of that realm, being the next rough colour scale after violet, blue and green in the Rainbow spectrum, the _dark-red_ colour.

Which is the colour in which man illustrates the personification of evil, slander, temptation and illusion, the adversary of the Creator who leads on the easy and comfortable path of life. That colour, the dark red, is as far as that realm can reach on the light scale. No higher. I do realise this utterance may appear hardly illustrating. We can elaborate if desirable.

All this in my post is what I can offer to one point in the discussion here above. If I have become incomprehensible, forgive me. I have just written this entry following exactly my thoughts on the question set, why they appear green.
- - -
If this entry of mine is found incomprehensible, I must reply it is logical. Far more simple and analytical entries (posts, postings) of mine have not been read or addressed at all, like two consecutive ones in the Posted Annoyances thread. Where Plato speaks in the most famous drinking party in all literature to mention among other matters, how, for example, Poverty sleeps with Wealth of mere need.

May I being among friends in this forum, sigh now, very briefly, please?