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Re: Paranormal

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UFO's do exist. I witnessed two huge ones Aug 4th, 1989 about 2AM traveling through South Dakota on a 2 lane road on my way back home to Rock Island, Illinois. I was 1/4 mile away, they were traveling parallel to the highway at about 20-30mph close to the ground following the bottom of a bluff. I pulled over to the side of the road and left my lights on hoping they would see me and stop to say hello, however it may have scared them away. When they got to the end of the bluff, they made a 90 degree turn and shot up and away at approximately a 35 degree angle and accelerated at such an incredible rate that they were out of sight in less than 2 seconds. My wife whom I woke up when I pulled over witnessed them also. I stopped at a convenient store in the next town which was about 4 miles away and asked if anybody had seen them. The guy said he had not heard anything and he probably thought i was nuts as most brainwashed zombies are trained to think by our corrupt media and government.

The most amazing thing was their incredible size as most photos I have seen show small metallic colored disk craft with flashing lights. These were easily larger than a 747 and the entire UFO's were illuminated glowing light yellowish color and appeared cigar shaped from my vantage point as they were very close to the ground, 20-30 foot. It is possible that they may have been disks shaped as I was basically on a level plane with them, viewing them from the side. I can still replay it in my mind after all these years, it was an incredible experience I will never forget. When I tell people about it, I think most people think I am lying, however people that know me believe every word I say. I did have a auto flash disposable camera with me that I tried to take pictures with. They didn't turn out because of the auto flash I suspect. I had really good cameras at home that I didn't bring with me unfortunately. Then of course the photos would have been called fakes by all the brainwashed idiots out there.

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Re: Paranormal

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Sorry I didn't see this sooner. That must have been quite the experience. Was there anything in the local papers about sightings at the time? I would advise not trying to get the attention of the U.F.O's. Hell, we can't trust half the people on earth, never mind some unknown being from another planet. Some U.Fo's are ours though.

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