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Post by ScottSF »

Everyone knows God is a woman and she's from Jamaica and when I die she's gonna give me a big hug and tell me "every tings alright now boy."

good as any other religious explanation for me except I know I made it up.
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Post by doctor_odd »

The most important question in the entire universe, out of everything we ever have asked or pondered, one that will probably never be answered, one that billions have speculated on for milleniums, is simple enough:


Why is there anything, when there could have just as easily been nothing?
Why does the universe exist? Why did anything *happen*?

I make everyone seem less and less significant with everything I type, don't I?
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Post by Ariel »

Ah but we are significant. When you think of something as complex as the human mind, the beauty of nature, something as profound as love...surely there is a purpose. Not sure what the heck that purpose is, and I don't expect to find the answers here and now, but surely something to think about.

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Post by Ryan-AE »

In speaking about "God", I don't think most people can even fathom what they are talking about. Stay with me for a sec.

I believe that off planet cultures exist and have been coming here for millenia. I believe their are multiple types, such as the ones who possess knowledge and technology that allows them to travel across the Universe frequently and without aging issues. I believe there are ones who can travel across the Universe using only their minds, and I have no doubt that some civilizations have been involved with "engineering" other life forms. Now most people would probably say that I am crazy. A lot of people don't even believe in intelligent alien life.

When we talk about "God" we are talking about the ultimate alien being. A being that is infinietly more powerful and more strange than anything I have just mentioned. Yet we relate ourselves to it, we relate our faith to this being that none of us can even explain. And I think the worst part is, we attribute human traits to it. We attribute human thoughts and feelings and images to this magnificent, unknown alien.

For me religion is a power control structure. The Bible documents our past in ways that are pretty clear if you study archeology and ancient civilizations, but mainstream science and religious scholars are not interested in seeing and sharing the truth as it makes the most sense. They are interested in providing a way of controlling what you think, what you feel, and where your faith is placed. I see nothing at all wrong with faith, as people often need to believe in something to help them through difficult times. But I don't think faith can be attributed to "God" because the being in question is such an unknown.

I hear people preach all the time about "God" and everything that is infused in our society and our beliefs, but never do I hear someone explain this being in a way that doesn't sound like their describing their best friend in the world.....Until at least something goes wrong, or someone dies, or a murder or rape, or torture occurs, or genecide, then it is the "devil" at work, or God's will, or God's plan.

I don't understand how people can be that gullible. One of the main characteristics of being human is possessing "free will". But not too many people see that in their life. They just need someone to blame. They need some explanation as to why this or that happened. I think they look completely to the wrong place.

I believe in God. But I believe its purpose can never be fully understood and I am not naive enough to think it has anything to do with what transpires in my life, as I am a free thinking individual, surrounded by 6 billion other free thinking individuals. That is not to say though that God does not have a great deal to do with me after I die.
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Post by Talon Sinnah »

Interesting Ryan I will have to ponder on this a bit more before I give you my two cents.
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