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Apophis Consortium Games: Obsidian and Shadow Nations

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Apophis Consortium Games: Obsidian and Shadow Nations

Postby SirJill » Mon Apr 28, 2008 10:30 pm

Greetings all!

I've encountered two new(ish) table top roleplaying games which I absolutely love and wish to share with all of you.

In both Obsidian and Shadow Nations the world has been invaded by the corrupted circles of Hell: Stimulus, Avarice, Pestilence, Requiem, Lost, Torment and Sacrifice. These circles of hell unleash Daemons and monsters upon the earth, as well as enlisting the help of humans against Humanity. These 'Kultists' give up their soul to the circle of hell they serve and gain power, fueled by human souls.

North America fared much worse than Europe did: Obsidian is set in the US, while Shadow Nations takes place in the whole of Europe. Nuclear weapons were unleashed upon the US, as well as some parts of Britain. When Hell invaded, all trans-atlantic communication was cut.

To combat this, humans acquired (with the help of the ruler of an uncorrupted circle) "mystical" powers; the ability to cast rituals and traditions. Mystics and Newbloods began to fight the forces of Hell and, especially in Europe, they were relatively sucessful.

Still, those who fought for humanity were not entirely sucessful. Kultists still seek to gain power, and cities and the Zone are constantly plagued by attacking Daemons and undermined from within. But life goes on and people do the best they can to survive.

Here's a description from the website:

Obsidian wrote:In the year 2027, at the stroke of midnight, the portals of Hell opened on Earth, unleashing millions of daemons to destroy nearly everything that mankind had accomplished through labor, knowledge and spirit. After almost three centuries of brutal and constant struggles, mankind has finally managed to regain a sliver of its past.

The Zone- Both the first and the last city on Earth, the Zone has become a technological feat, testimony to the will of mankind. This sealed structure rises into the stratosphere and covers 22 square miles of broken Earth. Protected by steel and the blessings of a greater being, nothing gets in, and only the exiled are given leave, never to return.

The Wasteland- Circling the magnificent Zone is the relentless wasteland. This unforgiving environment is home to criminals, the unwanted, and daemons from every circle of Hell. Further from the Zone, the Earth begins to corrupt, slowly transforming into manifestations of Hell’s own landscapes.

Shadow Nations wrote:In the year 2299, Europe has only just begun to recover its thick forests and bounty of flora. Included with this new growth are the spores and seeds of an unearthly species of plants, carried to the Earth Plane by arriving daemons. Some are carnivorous monstrosities, while others offer advancements in the field of medicine. Though the forests of some regions had begun to flourish, constant battle has reduced many of these landscapes to smoldering pits of smoke and flame. Toxic clouds smother many regions of England, Spain, and Greece, created by the continual presence of the Hellish portals of Stimulus and their guardians.

Thick ash blows through the central regions of Europe, caused by the constant warfare between the German and Roman armies. Trees burn and the lands seethe as a result of the violence. Inhabitants of these regions find easy breathing only with the help of gas masks, oscillating fans, and nasal filters. Only a few regions are free from these airborne poisons; southern Italy, Scandinavia, and northern England are among the few.

People have migrated and established settlements in most of Europe. Obviously, the colder northern regions have fewer and smaller cities, but civilization is evident even in the furthest regions. Pioneers are embarking toward Spain after it was recently rediscovered with no current inhabitants. Large pilgrimages of French and English nationals are claiming land throughout this region, similar to the early American expeditions.

Daemons thrive in the outer territories, using the humans to defend their marshalling grounds against an overwhelming Roman Empire. Each region in Europe is secretly dominated by a specific Circle of Hell. This control manifests as taxes, devotion, and fealty. Most Daemons choose to bury themselves within the political hierarchy created by the mortal populace, manipulating both armies and governments to work their will. Daemon portals are constructed and maintained far from the human cities, most likely controlled by a large Kult or loyal Daemon guards. Few Daemons stray near humankind, but those that do live in caves or sewers, stalking their prey by night to fulfill their unholy sustenance pleasures. These Daemons swiftly become horrific legends and are often hunted by the local authorities.

Has anyone ever heard of either of these games? Played them? Interested in them? Please, discuss, ask questions!
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