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Do Computers Resemble Equipment In IN 1984!?

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Do Computers Resemble Equipment In IN 1984!?

Postby John Thiel » Sat Sep 10, 2005 12:41 pm

I've been wanting to ask this question. It seems to me something like the Internet formed a lot of the background for that novel about a so-called perfect world that had its faults.
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Postby who me » Wed Feb 08, 2006 9:45 am

yes ! why did I never think of that ? 1984 by GEORGE ORWELL published in 1949. was not influenced by Jewgeni Samjatin book "we".

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Re: Do Computers Resemble Equipment In IN 1984!?

Postby Violanthe » Wed Feb 25, 2009 5:17 pm

I actually found when I read 1984 a couple years ago that the technology really rang false for me, so I would say it doesn't resemble computers or the internet.
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Re: Do Computers Resemble Equipment In IN 1984!?

Postby TheScribblery » Thu Feb 26, 2009 9:12 pm

Hm... I'm not sure. I read the book about six months ago, and the connection never clicked for me. I suppose that the equipment resembles the Internet insofar as "pneumatic tube" systems, where I feel that it drew from, resemble the Internet. It's a progression of human connectedness that's been built to, that was entrenched deeper in the society of 19th/20th century developments than it was to one novel. Interesting catch, though!
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slightly off topic but worth saying none the less

Postby samaulle_esun » Thu Feb 26, 2009 11:21 pm

i think books like this are fear mongering social comments playing on the parinoias of society. but they're really effective for further ensuring things like it never happen. one interesting simmilar book is the hand maidens tale by margaret atwood, interesting in that everything that happened in the book happened at one time in history, so maybe at one time these fears were accurate - but - i think the days of empiricism and totalitarian regimes are almost over. we don't work for the government anymore, the government works for us now. for our collective ideals, our safety and our right to democracy; a government of the people for the people. no longer are we involved in conquest, ethnic clensing or religious escapades. i think it's a great achievement.

i prefer the animal farm by him, the parinoias about communism. the fears are silly, communism would be great and it's a great way for a poor country to have a better standard of life. the only problem is we still have more to achieve with capitalism till we are ready to live in a communistic possibly global society. here come the genetic modifications and cyborg implants : D

another interesting book in this genre is brave new world, kind of a more comedic book than the other two mentioned. i think the fear there is that we'd ever get to that point in our society. let's stick to our christian heratage, people!
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Re: Do Computers Resemble Equipment In IN 1984!?

Postby Bmat » Fri Feb 27, 2009 7:30 am

Frequently when I hear of technologically complex toys I think of... I'm not sure which- Brave New World, possibly- where it was predicted that rather than simply tossing a ball back and forth there would be a complicated device that had the same effect. I make a point of buying my grandchildren only non-electronic toys. Partly because of that and partly because of the dependence on batteries plus the landfill problem. A good quality non-electronic toy isn't that easy to find, but the children love them. One that is a big hit is a stretchy string- it's a long plastic rope that they can stretch down the hallway. But I've wandered off-topic.

A phenomenon that reminds me of Big Brother is the home security systems. I was startled last night at an ad for one on TV. I was only watching with one eye, but the system started talking to the woman and she said something about someone seemed to be in the house, and the male voice agreed and called the police. Then the ad continued with the voice asking if another lady (or man) were OK, and they said no they had fallen, so the voice said he'd send help, but the one that really made me jump was the next scene of the ad where the voice said "I smell smoke. Get out of the house now. I'll call the fire department." Woah, shades of 1984.
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