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I like to add:

And I can't wait to hear your reactions to it.
Also, be kind about the English that is used on the site, the creator is Dutch, and so is his English.
It's the pacing mate.... PACING!!!

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Bring in the plagues
Difficulty: Easy

If you’re a terrorist with a small budget, you could always try to unleash an agricultural plague of apocalyptic proportions.

Already, there are many pests around, causing billions of dollars of damage. Locusts, rabbits, parasites, fungi, worms and insects often become a plague when they’re introduced to a place where they're not supposed to be. The critters encounter no natural enemies, multiply wildly, and become a plague. That’s why Australia and New-Zealand have their rabbit problem and the US has its boll weavil.

So, study agricultural diseases. Track down some obscure Asian fungus or insect, and bring it over. Smuggle some sinister bird disease to the country you like to attack, and introduce it to its chicken farms. Bring in foot-and-mouth disease, or mad cow disease. Introduce weird weeds, exotic moths, sex-crazy rodents, hungry beetles and obscure insects. It might take a while before your Apocalypse kicks in. But boy, will it be some mess.

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