Young guys perform outrages stunts

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Young guys perform outrages stunts

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Have you seen the movie Jackass or is it movies… any way in the movie a bunch of young guys perform outrages stunts…

Well if you are a young guy with nothing to do, the thing to do is to try to do the things that where in the movie or similar….and of course recorded it on camera to put on the net… what else…

A list of some of the stunts:

Setting yourself on fire
Jumping of moving cars
have cars drive at you
Jumping of buildings
Jumping out of moving shopping trolleys
Shooting darts at each over…

Of course some of the kids get hurt… some seriously…..

Anyway if you click the link you can watch the video, and see all the stupid things they get up to…

but you have a slow connection how you see it?,

haven’t seen it all yet, to slow the connection… you can tell me what I missed if you want, I have seen about 2-3 minutes of it…. ... nd:1:ff:8A

Really stupid if you ask me....

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