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Re: Smoker/non-smoker

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Reformed smoker.

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Re: Smoker/non-smoker

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What is planned for two of Auckland's regions, in NZ.

Smoke-free walk in the park

Councils want children to see smoking as not socially acceptable and not `cool'. Debrin Foxcroft reports

The strong smell of tobacco still tickles her nose, reminding Leanne McDonald of a different time, a time when she risked her life and that of her children for a puff on a cigarette.

``It's the filth of the habit that made me quit,' says Ms McDonald, who smoked for 17 years and comes from a family of heavy smokers.

``I didn't like being addicted to something that wasn't doing me any good. It wasn't doing my three boys any good, either. Now, when I walk through the parks in Manukau and someone is smoking, it's a sickly smell, it's `ugh'.'

Soon, the only smell to attack Ms McDonald's nose in Manukau's parks will be the fresh scent of plants and cut grass. The Cancer Society has lobbied Manukau City Council and Waitakere City Council to introduce a smoke-free policy for the region's parks.

Council officers claim to have found increasing support across Auckland for smoke-free policies to extend from enclosed spaces to open public areas as well.

The rules would be educative rather than legal - smokers would be asked not to smoke with signs that say, ``Please do not smoke in...', or ``Thank you for not smoking'.

But there will be no council enforcement.

Despite this, many groups are applauding the efforts of the two regional bodies, the only ones in Auckland to take up the cause. Auckland City Council believes the inability to enforce smoke-free rules in parks makes it a debatable point.

Mark Peck, director of the Smokefree Coalition, says there's a lot of debate on whether making parks smoke-free is a realistic option for councils.

``Smoke-free parks and amenities are about example-setting,' he says.

``Councils that take a decision to declare a facility smoke-free are hopeful that children will not see smoking as a normal activity and, as such, not think it cool to become a smoker in later life.'

Personally, Mr Peck thinks it is a step in the right direction.

``The policy, however, provides citizens with the power of moral persuasion,' he says.

``A mother standing on a sideline at a soccer match for young kiddies can ask someone smoking not to do so. It empowers people to take their own action. But there should be no `infringement fee'.

``This is not an anti-smoker measure. It is an anti-tobacco industry measure designed to further marginalise the tobacco industry.'

A Cancer Society spokesperson says smoking should be deemed abnormal for kids.

``Children learn by observing others. Research shows that the frequency with which young people observe smoking has an association with the perception that smoking is socially acceptable and normal.'

Ms McDonald feels the smoke-free policy is the right way to go.

``Most smokers want to quit smoking. Not being able to light up will discourage them even further.'
From ... ID=3785122

Way to GO :!:

I am in the Waitakere region.

Never smoked, never will.

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Re: Smoker/non-smoker

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Non-smoker. And I consider it a disgusting habit since it puts not only your life, but those of others at risk.

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Re: Smoker/non-smoker

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Reformed Smoker, I decided seeing my kids grow up and being there for my wife were more important than a pack a day.
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Re: Smoker/non-smoker

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Nonsmoker (of course), and never will. Ever.

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