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I always thought the "M" looked like an "N" too. I look forward to seeing it when you get it fixed, Moe.
LadyFlame wrote:Now I'm all curious. I wanna see a pic of yours! Or at least tell me what you got. :smt045
I found the pic. It's an older one and a bit blurred. The wings represent my love of flight and animals. The shield represents my military service. The shield with the stylized "HD" represents my love of motorcycling. The empty bar where a name would normally goes is for my wife who died in a car accident.

I got the ink done at West Side Tattoo in Baumholder, Germany. They did excellent work and its aged pretty well, but could probably use a tune-up. Some day I'd like to have the arm finished up. I want to get it partially sleeved. Cross Cannons on the top with an outline of Germany and Kuwait, and my old Unit Insignia. I'm not sure how to fill in the rest. I've also not been able to find an artist who's work I liked enough to do it.

I'm going to die the way I've lived...poor, screaming, and naked.

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I have one on the back of my right hand (even though I'm a lefty) that goes with the story I've been working on.

It's my life.

No pic, though. Sorry. :\

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