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Borders files for bankruptcy! Noooooo!

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Borders files for bankruptcy! Noooooo!

Postby Crystal » Sat Feb 19, 2011 8:50 pm

I heard it from a friend in the industry a few months ago and put it out of my mind hoping it was not true. She said it they fold Barnes and Noble will control everything for new authors. Type of books, Content, cover art. Just a few days ago I heard on NPR that it was happening. I am just sick about it. I am finally working on my first book, I have a friend who knows Michelle Frey at Random House (Yes the same editor as Christoper Paolini) Now that I have so much going for me, this happens.

It's not just the affect of this on authors, it worries my too about libraries. I have spent so much time enjoying my local library and even my local used book store. What will the world look like without them? Just the other night at book club it seemed more people had kindles than actual copies of the book being read. I love books and this mess with Borders in making it even more real that fewer of them are going to be around in the future.

Oh cruel world why?
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