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Postby Max » Fri Oct 06, 2017 2:41 am

Have you read Robin Hobb?

I always think of Stones, it is my economic action. I know it is played with the skill, and that needs to be taken into account - with the way the game is played.

I know that Black stones are the highest count, red are the middle, and white the least - so we can assume it is three, two, one, in value.

I thought, the game could be played by removing stones from the board, in catchments.

You place stones on the mat, and make squares with one piece missing - and you can remove stones from the purse, by completing a square of the same colour, removing that stone into your own tally, (Not the whole square, the catchment remains in place.)

One could also toggle the colour of the stones; red on black making white, white on black making red, black on black making a space - all those excess stones are placed back in the purse, hidden from view.

I also decided that Black stones are folk, Red are skill users, and White are royalty, and that it is a killing game.

So, the aim of the game is to remove pieces from the board, and the player with the highest tally wins when a colour runs out from the purse.

It also makes sense, if Fitz were to try to solve a puzzle, that the mat would be a map of heroes and historic events, and Fitz would have to use his stones to create a good outcome.

Can someone recite to me all the information from the book, so I can check if I'm right?
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Re: Stones

Postby Talon Sinnah » Fri Oct 20, 2017 10:38 pm

Completely confused here :? Is this a game from a book
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