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The Tomb of Orceth

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Postby Neurolanis » Thu Apr 14, 2005 8:22 am

Posted By: Jade MoonStar Aug 07, 2004 - 09:00 am

Jade reached the group with relative ease and only a few stops along the way. (Jade is a VERY frail woman)

As she was now only about 10ft away from them, and very tired, Jade stopped, sat down, crossed her legs and arms, and began her usual greeting to travelers.

"Hel..*cough*..Hel," she half whispered with friendlyness, half croaked onto the sleeve of her robe, "Hel.....*cough*.....lo?"

**While once in a blue moon (just before and during storms, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc.) Jade has the strength and power to laugh, the overwhelming majority of her speech is quietly whispered, usually muddled with fits of coughing, (similar to Raistlin Majere's sickness in the Dragon Lance Chroniceles [the first three books] if you've read them) and almost always full of happieness**

Posted By: Jade MoonStar Aug 07, 2004 - 09:03 am

**oh..shoot, here's the first sentence again, I messed it up**:

Jade reached the group within a few minutes and with only a few stops along the way. (Jade is a VERY frail woman)

Posted By: Magus Aug 07, 2004 - 09:28 am

"Hail, traveller!" Jacatour shouted at the woman in a welcome and booming voice. "What paths cross in our meeting?" He said in the typical greeting of strangers, at least typical in the plains of Kalzirra.

Posted By: Esioul Aug 07, 2004 - 09:49 am

"The usual ones, I expect" said Judith. "I suppose you want a share too? Well, as long as I still get my pay..." she muttered.

Posted By: *_* fiery red *_* Aug 07, 2004 - 10:15 am

At the appearance of the little woman, Aizlyn took only a step away from Rathsarann, rotating so she could keep the newcomer and the dark elf in her line of view. there was no way she would be resheathing her blades in such company (the klundors) even if it would frighten the little woman.

Aizlyn caught her snicker just in time, not wanting to mirror Rathsarann's actions, unable to help herself. what a little thing! just the distance of her dash seemed to tire her, she looked so frail, as if Aizlyn would be able to snap her in two with little to no effort.

'at least though, i am not the baby of the group any longer. i hope i have proven i can hold my own ground.' the shapeshifter thought to herself.

shabel-grah and jacatour seemed to be handling the little lady, so Aizlyn turned back to Rathsarann, hissing,"i have my eye on you, klundor. i know how to recognize when someone hides something. do not be fooled by my innocent girlie charades. if you try anything i WILL kill you." with that, she turned, walking over to where Shabel-Grah and Jacatour greeted the woman. after recieving a stern look from Shabel, Aizlyn realized she still held her knives at the ready, the frosty blades glinting dangerously.

"my apologies for having weapons drawn in your presence, milady." she said, bowing almost mockingly and sheathing her knives in the hidden folds of her cloak.

Posted By: Jade MoonStar Aug 07, 2004 - 11:48 am

Jade looked sternly at the shapeshifter, analyzed the girl, then quickly turned her head to face Jacatour, ignoring her comment, "Hai...Hai...*cough*...Hail!"


No longer able to speak, having been overcome with a massive fit of coughing, Jade gazed with her piercing yellow eyes at Jacatour in a pleading manner for help; then collapsed to onto the dirt road.

Posted By: Jade MoonStar Aug 07, 2004 - 11:55 am

(wish there was a way to edit..ugh...forgot the description)

As she fell, her crimson hood drew away from head, revealing tanned, wrinkled skin, long, flowing silver hair, those same large canary yellow, cat-like eyes, a huge rounded nose, a few yellow teeth here and there,(the rest of her teeth missing) and a pair of short, pointed ears...

Posted By: Neurolanis Aug 07, 2004 - 11:57 am

Hashin jumped down to her, placing his right hand softly upon the right temple of her forehead. He used his powers to pull her back to consciousness. He didn't understand her problem. Perhaps he was tired. "Are you feeling all right?" he asked her.

"Forget her," groaned Rathsarann. "She's not our problem."

Posted By: Magus Aug 07, 2004 - 11:58 am

Shabel-Grah moved over to her. He simultaneously pulled out a small vial filled with a thick red fluid. Unsatisfied he put it back and retrieved one that looked as if it was filled with ordinary drinking water. But it wasn't, he was sure that they all knew enough of him to know it was not water.

"Here," he said as he handed the frail little thing before him the vial. "This should help your coughing."

Jacatour looked at the skies. He didn't wish to linger for long, risking the rain and trying to climg the dangerously steep mountain during a slick rain. But he couldn't break away from this woman. Shabel-Grah wouldn't allow it, and neither would he, not now when his own kindness had been awakend. He would stay with the woman until she took her leave.

Posted By: Jade MoonStar Aug 07, 2004 - 12:23 pm

"Tha..Tha...*cough* thank...yo...yo...*cough*...you.." Jade muttered as she slowly drank the vial of what looked like drinking water.

Within a few moments of her ingesting the liquid, she felt instantly better.

Jade, with amazing speed, shot upward and stood up, totally revitalized.

Her eyes widened, full of amazement. "How did you do that?" she stammered.

"I never dreamed ANYONE could have cured this evil sickness..." she continued with awe.

Again, staring at the shapeshifter, then ignoring her, Jade began talking. "I heard you were headed to the mountains...Could I come with you? That's probably where my caravan is staying..."

Posted By: Magus Aug 07, 2004 - 12:32 pm

Shabel-Grah smiled warmly at Jade. It was almost as if she was a child who he had just cured her "boo boo". Her enthuseasm and excitement was refreshing and welcome. It was Jacatour, however; who spoke up before the necromancer.

"Aye, you could do that. The jaded wayfarer is always a welcome companion." He said, thinking of that old inn he had come to.

"Yes, it would be nice to have your company, milady." Shabel-Grah said. "I'm so glad you took to my elixer. You'd be surprised what you could make out of simple herbs alon the road."

Posted By: Jade MoonStar Aug 07, 2004 - 12:47 pm

"Huh...never knew herbs could cure sicknesses; my family always slammed hammers on to my head, and it worked!"

Pausing at the shocked looks on all of their faces, Jade simply smiled warmly, the smile of a child (a very toothless child, but the smile of a child, nonetheless).

After her private joke, Jade merely walked to the back of the group with surprising ease that astounded her. Then, remembering the potion, Jade continued her march to the end of the group; the same joy radiating from her that had been when she was dancing.

"I'm ready, lets go! Were off to see the mountains! The wonderful mountains of yore!" Jade sang, utterly content with her current circumstances.

Posted By: Magus Aug 07, 2004 - 01:11 pm

Shabel-Grah smiled at the little woman's chearful song. Jacatour actually chuckled now and again, at choice verses.

They ventured forth again towards the mountain. When they were further out Shabel-Grah spoke a wordless spell.

"alea, macea, rae, aldolso."

The corpses were fully out of sight, even Jacatour couldn't see or even catch their scent. The corpses awakened and slowly trudged the beaten path of the party. This time they stayed at a constant pace. They were always just out of sight of each member of this strange party of adventurers.

The skies darkened into a smoldery gray and then into a foreboding black. Lightning cracked in the distance. Once, twice thrice! It hailed the rain, which poured down heavy and relentless. Lightening cracked some more. Once, twice, thrice!

Posted By: Neurolanis Aug 07, 2004 - 01:55 pm

The Gate of Avanoor sat before them. It meant that they had arrived in Avanoor's land, yet the kingdom, and the Tombs of Orceth, were some distance away. It was a large land. Five guards simply stood tiredly by as fifty or so riders came slowly from the Land of Avanoor, and rode along the northern road. They all ready stared upon these travelers who journeyed west along the eastern road. The travelers didn't speak, stopping just as one of the guards raised his hand to them.

Rathsarann showed them his stone. "We wish to sell it, and maybe set up business in the city."

The guard looked bitterly at Rathsarann and the other Klundors. "I doubt KLUNDORS would be allowed in the city...but..." He looked into Hashin's eyes. Was the shaman manipulating him? "Yeah, sure, go ahead."

"Thank you," grinned Rathsarann with arrogance, not seeing Hashin's part in the decision. The travelers moved on, walking upon the old, rugged marble Road of Avanoor. A beautiful hilly country of fantastic waterfalls and mounts stood in spectacular view before them. Pine and red maple trees rose up on either side of them. The road branched off every now and again, leading to various towns and villages. Alongside the road was a grassy field covered with vibrant flowers, such as Blood Tulips and Sillydaisies -- daisies which looked rather like flat white jellyfish with long, drooping petals. Some large gray buildings were up ahead to the left of the road, and things were quite busy there. A large merchant market, booming with crowds of all ages, and a military base.

Posted By: SirJill Aug 07, 2004 - 02:03 pm

Rowena jerked her cloak closer around her and then rearranged it again so it was covering her sword. She felt uneasy, like they would have been better off with less people...but (she looked forward at Shabel-Grah) perhaps if he thinks they can help...maybe they can.

She awknowledged reluctantly that she trusted Shabel.

A great leap for you to be sure. And do trust Hashin the same?

Shut up Gregory.

She could hear his laughter. But I'm the little voice in the back of your head...you ought to listen to me.

If you think for a second...

Ah, there's no use, is there? Come, Rowena, you know just as well as I do that every single person in this party is hiding something. That little girl is just one more person to aggrivate your wounds. Perhaps...

He left off the thought at that leaving Rowena, cold, alone, and in the rain.

Posted By: Jade MoonStar Aug 07, 2004 - 02:15 pm

**Just to clarify, my character is an old woman with severely childish actions..and no, she is not mentally retarded, she simply wants to enjoy life**

Posted By: Magus Aug 07, 2004 - 03:06 pm

Jacatour walked through the gates and past them. He had been eyed suspiciously by the guard, but was eventually allowed to pass. He was not unused to such reactions. The overall ease of his entry did, however; surprise him indeed.

His stomach cramped slightly as they continued through. His back ached in its dull and monotonous way. He found his eyes shifting this way and that. From a begger in the street to a mother and her baby child. He gazed one moment at an elkderly shopkeep only to find him the next looking hard into a woman in a simple slip. Something filled him with unease, though he knew not what it was.

Posted By: Jade MoonStar Aug 07, 2004 - 04:16 pm

Jade's large eyes filled with excitement and wonder-lust as she entered this extravagent city. Looking at the gaurds, gazing at the commoners, analyzing the merchants...these things enthralled her; even though she had seen them many times before. It was just this feeling of safety, being with these adventurers, that seemed to melt away all her troubles, allowing her naturally childish attitude to take full control of her...

Escaping her reality with ease, the "wind walker" was in her own little world of candy clouds and ginger bread houses; naive to the ever-looming fact that danger was everywhere in this world...for now...

Posted By: Neurolanis Aug 07, 2004 - 05:00 pm

Rathsarann rode with a risen confidence. A faint grin slipped upon his face.

Hashin sensed something unsettling in Rathsarann. He didn't want to say anything outloud. He turned silently to Shabel-Grah to see if he sensed it also.

Posted By: SirJill Aug 07, 2004 - 05:41 pm

Rowena dropped her eyes as she rode past the guards, still a little nervous to be back in civilization again. She clutched at her reins, but followed the group, her eyes flicking from Rathsarann to Shabel-Grah and back again. She steered her horse as close behind him as she could get before being noticed. Looking around at the Klundors her uneasiness grew.

I don't like this. I really don't like this.

I know.

That worried her. Gregory sounded...anxious, and somewhat amused. Her horse shied nervously and she hastily steered it back into place. There was something brewing.
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Postby Neurolanis » Thu Apr 14, 2005 8:24 am

Posted By: Magus Aug 07, 2004 - 07:18 pm

Jacatour had grown increasingly nervous. He didn't show it, but he felt it in that deep place where even battle readied soldier's cry like newborns. He was jittery as a cat and then some. He had always much perfered the wilderness himself. He always felt cramped and penned up in cities and towns. He was something of a claustrophobic, although not even Aliandra was able to get that little bit of information out of him. He had surpressed it for his love of her. But now his side was bare and empty. He had never felt more alone.

Posted By: Esioul Aug 08, 2004 - 01:00 am

Judith had noticed that everyone was jittery. What a good way to draw attention to ourselves, she thought. She liked cities- she liked civilisation. She was going to live in a city when all this was over.

She glanced at the others. Only Rathsarann seemed happy. She supposed he had hidden plans of his own- but then, so had everyone, even she.

Posted By: SirJill Aug 08, 2004 - 05:23 am

Rowena dropped back to the very end of the party, her head down but her body humming with unused energy that fueled her nerves. She readjusted her cloak over her sword again and moved her eyes up to Rathsarann.

Something made her sit up straighter. Her hand clenched around the dirk she had retrieved and found her eyes locked on the back of his head. Slowly her mouth hardened and her hand clenched around the weapon. I can kill him, she thought. I can kill him right now.

Posted By: *_* fiery red *_* Aug 08, 2004 - 09:34 am

Aizlyn had noticed everyone grow nervous when entering the city, and when she saw Rowena grasp her dirk, staring intently at the back of Rathsarrann's head, she moved quickly to stay the attack. they didnt need to draw attention to themselves, not here, not now. as much as she disliked the klundor, Aizlyn knew it would be bad for all of their agendas if he died now.

Her long, slender, light olive fingers tightened around Rowena's wrist. she turned her amber eyes to lock into Rowena's.

" Not here, not now. One day soon, i promise. but not now." she whispered so only Rowena could hear.

" i want him dead as much as you, but we cant afford the attention it would cause. and perhaps, he could still be useful to us." the young shapesifter continued. she'd been planning to follow Rathsarann if he strayed from the company, no one ever notices the millions of insects buzzing here and there. sending a darting glance around, Aizlyn lowered her tone and explained her suspicions and plan to Rowena. something about this girl made her easier to trust than the others, even the noble Shabel-Grah. if her suspicions concerning the klundors and judith were correct, Rowena may be a welcome ally.

'thats your weakness, Aizlyn, you trust too easily.' she told herself but soon decided it may be worth it if she could have some part in getting rid of the klundor leader.

Posted By: SirJill Aug 08, 2004 - 11:08 am

Rowena startled slightly as Aizlyn grabbed her wrist. Her grip on the dirk loosened and her hand moved like water, slipping it back into her boot. Her eyes slid to Aizlyn's face for a moment and then pulled out of her grip. She put a finger against Aizlyn's lips before she got too into her plan.

"This is not a good place. Wait until we get to an Inn...something like that. I'll find you."

With that she rode off, not far enough so that she was ahead of Rathsarann but just a few feet behind. Her mouth was shut as her eyes cast around looking for any hint of danger.

I've got a lot of things to consider before I go into this.

Posted By: *_* fiery red *_* Aug 08, 2004 - 12:47 pm

Aizlyn had known as soon as Rowena hushed her from speaking her plan, that she was to be trusted. she knew that Rowena hid something, but didn't all of the members of the party?

her gaze slipped from member to member, acute and calculating their strengths and weaknesses. jade, now there was a curious creature. she looked old enough to have seen the birth of time, and yet she frolicked about like a child, without a care in the world, drawing smiles from her companions.

as she caught herself thinking condescendingly of the little woman, Aizlyn stopped herself. she supposed she was just as ridiculous to the seasoned warriors of the party. instead of being old and wizened, she appearred young and naive. instead of frolicking carelessly, she was overly serious, and decided to lighten her mood to seem less suspicious and ridiculous. 'a young woman acting old and an old one acting young, how peculiar' she thought as she beamed her prettiest smile toward a guard that glared at Rathsarann. the guard blushed and winked back, forgetting the klundor.

'perhaps it is not all that bad to be young after all...' aizlyn thought, smiling as she turned away from the guard, in awe of her new-found powerful charisma. slowly, then picking up speed, an idea began to take shape in her mind, and the shapeshifter grinned to herself.

Posted By: Neurolanis Aug 08, 2004 - 12:51 pm

They approached the merchant's trading center. There was a large sign reading DEALER's KEEP. It looked quite busy. The kind of place where things sold fast and cheap. The smell of freshly cooked food poured out over them like a tantalizing wave. There was a restaurant inside.

"Shall we go in?" inquired Hashin.

"No, i--it's not so good," said Rathsarann. "We should just keep going."

Posted By: Esioul Aug 08, 2004 - 12:59 pm

"Oh, come on. I'm hungry. I don't think I've eaten anything worth my stomach retaining it for days. Aizlyn, fancy a flirt with those guards? There was a nice one just back there....." said Judith.

Posted By: Magus Aug 08, 2004 - 01:04 pm

Jacatour was a half-orc, a Rolc. Well known they were for their appetites, and he was no different. He couldn't stand out here in indifference with the others. He barged through the oaken doors and heard it close behind him. It opened and closed again. The scent was SHabel-Grah's and Thomas'. The door opened again, allowing the others entry.

Posted By: SirJill Aug 08, 2004 - 01:37 pm

Rowena grinned and tossed her reins to a stable boy. She too walked inside, wondering just how pissed off Rathsarann would be.

Something else tickled at the back of her mind as well. Is there someone or something in here that Rathsarann doesn't want us to see--or know? She would have to inquire.

Posted By: Neurolanis Aug 08, 2004 - 01:55 pm

Hashin walked in and started walking around. The place was filled with little stores selling just about anything one could imagine, often for dirt-cheap. Rice, thatch, weaponry, exotic clothing, strange soaps and creams, collectables, hairbrushes, oatmeal, small Avanoor flags, and the list just went on.

Rathsarann entered nervously. His unders remained outside. He tried to look casual, but was obviously uptight. A bartender started wiping the counter, from a small bar in the far left side corner, when he raised his head to Rathsarann, who was standing in the doorway a fair distance away and with many people walking between them. The bartender squinted his eyes. Rathsarann turned his head sharply to the right and walked away, disappearing behind long lines of clothes racks.

The bald, rugged bartender thought for a moment, and then went back to cleaning his counter.

Posted By: SirJill Aug 08, 2004 - 02:01 pm

Rowena caught the puzzled look on the bartender's face. She paused a moment and then went over and ordered a drink.

Posted By: *_* fiery red *_* Aug 08, 2004 - 02:39 pm

Aizlyn glared down her nose at Judith, her noble blood surfacing as she followed Hashin closely. seeing Rathsarann evading the barkeep's glance, aizlyn's hand went to her dagger and she grabbed Hashin's arm with her other hand.

"did you see him do that?" she hissed, nodding toward Rathsarann's disappearing head behind the clothing racks.

Posted By: *_* fiery red *_* Aug 08, 2004 - 03:00 pm

Aizlyn pulled Hashin over to a table near where Rathsarann was hiding. she sat opposite him and her sparkling amber eyes glittered as she spoke in her quiet, lilting tones.

"Hashin, i think i trust you, i can tell you this. i suspect Rathsarann is up to something, Judith too. you've been with them longer than i, what can you tell me about them?"

Aizlyn had known the shaman was shy and quiet, and had sensed no evil in him. he seemed like a good ally, too. it was always good to have a backup plan.

Posted By: Jade MoonStar Aug 08, 2004 - 03:47 pm

Jade marched gleefully into the DEALER'S KEEP along with the rest of her "companions", if she could even call them that; after all, she barely knew them..

Great, Jade thought as she sat down at the bar next to Rowena and ordered a light drink, the euphoria of that wonderful storm has ended. Well, guess I'm back to being a "sincere old woman"...

Darn, wish I could carry storms in a bottle...

Posted By: Neurolanis Aug 08, 2004 - 04:25 pm

Hashin stared at Aizlyn. "Rathsarann plans us no immediate harm...not that I sense...Judith has no ill will against us that I sense at all. I will keep your suspicion secret, of course, but I am not sure that it's grounded."

The bartender stopped cleaning the grime from the bar, staring into thin air. A bitterness grew upon him. Something...he rather wanted to forget.

Posted By: Magus Aug 08, 2004 - 05:18 pm

Shabel-Grah followed behind Jacatour and reached the bar tender.

"Hail, barkeep. I'll have a flagon of your finest ale and some stew, and indeed it smells like fine stew indeed, rabbit stew, if I'm not mistaken. We'll take enough for our party that just entered. My firend here," he said, motionng towards Shabel-Grah, who was scoping the place out slyly, "will take a bottle of your finest Claret and an empty glass."

Posted By: SirJill Aug 08, 2004 - 05:23 pm

Rowena inquired about it quietly. She seemed concerned. She also passed him a few extra coins for her drink.

Posted By: Neurolanis Aug 08, 2004 - 05:27 pm

The bartender slipped them their drinks. He gave them a rather odd look. "You, eh...came in with that Klundor fellow?"

Posted By: SirJill Aug 08, 2004 - 05:49 pm

Rowena watched him carefully, "Yes, we did. Do you know him?"
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Postby Neurolanis » Thu Apr 14, 2005 8:27 am

Posted By: Magus Aug 08, 2004 - 05:52 pm

Jacatour had taken his drink to the table with Shabel-Grah. they began their famous juggling act. One bowl of stew in each hand, one more in each arm.

Jacatour was the one to have to come back for more. When he heard Rowena talk about the Klundor. He listened very carefully, very carefully indeed.

Posted By: Neurolanis Aug 08, 2004 - 06:12 pm

The bartender turned away, grabbing his cloth. He continued trying to clean the dirt off his counter. He thought for a time, unsure what to say. "I've been working here for many years, and I never forget a face...and you get few Klundors round these parts. That fellow there...no way I can forget him. Nearly cost me mah bar. About, oh...three years ago now...he and his friends were in here on their way outta town. Then in comes Avanoor Security. The High Guard, no less. There was a battle. TWO of mah best customers were killed. Then...I was forced ta spill mah guts over what all he told me, which was little -- but round here it aint good fer business to squeal on customers. I had no choice. Lost nearly all mah regulars over the whole thing. Business...has never been the same. Thank goodness for all the tourists we've gotten lately.

"Know what he done? I got friends. I know. I heard he stole from a Noble. They had a business arrangement over some...lost scroll. Turns out, the scroll thing...just a hoax. Rathsarann, his name I won't forget either, stole a birthstone from the Lord. A right good one too. Worth a fortune, but not that much outside Avanoor compared to in. He was taken from mah bar, put on trial in the Royal Court, found guilty, and released. RELEASED! Do you have...any idea how UNUSUAL that is? Caught stealing from a Lord, a dear friend to the King, and goes free! He even kept the jewel. Yep. Waved it in mah face as he came ta see me one last time. I'll never forget that haughty grin as he left.

"And now here he is, in the building. I aught ta slug him one right now, but that wouldn't be good for business either. He's got gull to show his face in here again, I tell you, or in Avanoor at all. I'll tell you somethin' else, I wouldn't trust that fellar...as far as you can throw 'im. If I were you, I'd keep me eyes PEALED. If he's back here...you better believe, he's got a very good reason. You best also believes it involves you somehow. That's all I know." He went back to cleaning his counter. "That's all I wanna know."

Posted By: Esioul Aug 09, 2004 - 01:47 am

Judith was listening too. Odd- it was odd that Rathsarann had got away with so much. Obviously he had cash, and knew someone influencial. She glanced over at him; he was listening too, looking angry, but the anger was only hiding his pleasure. She supposed he thought it was rather clever of him to get off so lightly. She winked at him, bored, and ordered a drink.

Posted By: Magus Aug 09, 2004 - 03:40 am

Jacatour returned to the others with the drinks and remaining bowls of stew. He began eating sullenly, his thoughts inward. Shabel-Grah could sense something was wrong. He new Jacatour well. This was neither the time or place for asking, when he was brooding over the nature of what he meant to tell. He would repeat in in his own time. Shabel-Grah could rest easy, he would know soon enough what had troubled his friend.

Posted By: Jade MoonStar Aug 09, 2004 - 05:54 am

Leaning over the bar, also listening as intently as she could, Jade began to draw a rather intrigueing conclusion about that Klundor, Rathsaraan.

After the bartender handed her her drink, she passed a few coins to him from inside one of her many hidden pockets throughout her crimson robes, (by the way, sorry I didn't mention this earlier, the hood of Jade's cloak is again drawn up, shrouding her face in shadow, and again leaving two large canary yellow eyes in clear view; yellow speheres surrounded in darkness) and began sipping her ail.

Thanking Shabel-Grah for the soup in her usual whisper , she continued to contemplate the current circumstances...

Posted By: SirJill Aug 09, 2004 - 06:39 am

Rowena nodded and said quietly, "We'll have him dead soon enough." She took a sip of her drink and began eating quietly. When she was finished she looked over at Shabel-Grah and asked, "Are we staying here, Shabel? And for how long?"

Posted By: Magus Aug 09, 2004 - 09:35 am

"No." He responded. "We've just come to rest for a few hours and restock our supplies. We go before high noon."

He turn to the stew and began eating sullenly. It was not the patience of a man enjoying his meal or of disliking it. He had staedily, savoring it not.

Posted By: SirJill Aug 09, 2004 - 09:52 am

"Are you sure we couldn't stay the night? I'd like to sleep in an actual bed for once." She shot a sideways look to where Rathsarann had gone and a pleading look at Shabel-Grah.

Posted By: Neurolanis Aug 09, 2004 - 11:04 am

"That would be nice," commented Hashin, stepping in. He had purchased a fancy black ferret fur sheath, comfortable bearskin boots, and a pair of beaverskin gloves, and a stylish red elvin hanky. He seemed secretly proud of his finds.

Posted By: *_* fiery red *_* Aug 09, 2004 - 11:08 am

(oops, this was supposed to be before neurolanis's)

Aizlyn had barely heard strains of what the bartender was saying over Hashin's mumbling about sensing good and evil here and there. she shot him a look across the table and listened more intently. when the barkeep had finished she hissed across the table to Hashin.

"you shouldn't be so quick to trust. better suspicious and safe, than sorry and dead and rotting in a ditch somewhere. that klundor, he's up to something, and i want to know what it is." she drained her water glass and looked down at the watery, spicy rabbit soup in distaste. it may be fine for Shabel-Grah, Jacatour, Rowena, Hashin, Judith, and even that little thing ridiculously cloaked in red, but not Aizlyn. She had no qualms about eating things that were once alive, but not rabbit, no, she'd never eat rabbit. it had been her first shifted form. a jet black rabbit.

'no, not now...' she pleaded with her memory and mashed her palms against her temples. the recolection was gone in a second, and Hashin was watching her oddly.

"do you like the soup? Good, you can have mine, i need a fresh air." she pushed the soup across the table to Hashin and stood wobbily. the room swam and the colors blurred before her eyes. sinking to the chair again, she shuddered.

"maybe I'll just wait for the rest of you." she supplied weakly.

Posted By: Neurolanis Aug 09, 2004 - 11:42 am

"Thanks," said Hashin, taking the soup. "I haven't eaten for days." Was he joking? He looked fine.

Posted By: *_* fiery red *_* Aug 09, 2004 - 11:56 am

Aizlyn smiled weakly, unsure if the shaman was trying to joke or not. her mind had steadied once more, and she stood, walking over to the bar. the bartender came almost immediately, and Aizlyn asked for a loaf of warm bread and a shot of something, anything strong. she withdrew a few silvers from her pocket and presented them to the barkeep with a beaming, warm smile.

'rathsarann is up to something, but what? well, maybe rowena will want to talk tonight as the others sleep. perhaps between the two of us we can think of a way to stop him.' as she mused, an idea formed in her mind.

swallowing the shot gratefully, Aizlyn tore a piece of the bread and ate it. swallowing, she went back out into the sunlight, where Rathsarann's unders waited.

"hello boys." she said sweetly, sending them the brightest smile she could muster. after all, she was a shape-shifter, a master of deception. her voice was soft, musical, and alluring.

"are you hungry? i cant seem to finish this loaf of bread. im sure you lot could polish it off in a second." she handed the bread to one of the nearest klundors as the others eyed it hungrily.

Posted By: Neurolanis Aug 09, 2004 - 01:20 pm

"Thanks, Lady," said one of the Klundors.

"Where did your droogen leader skulk off to?" inquired Hashin.

"Gone for a walk," said the Klundor. "Said he needed some FRESH AIR."

Posted By: Esioul Aug 09, 2004 - 01:37 pm

" I won't eat it either. I've got a pet rabbit at home" said Judith, pushing it away and ordering some bread, too. She knew that Aizlyn and Rowena were plotting something, and that they were suspicious of her. Well, if she didn't give them any grounds for their suspicions until she really needed to...

Posted By: SirJill Aug 09, 2004 - 02:11 pm

Rowena, who was leaning against the Inn's doorframe scoffed. "I'll wager." She said and then looked at the other two. "Perhaps we can leave before he comes back."

Posted By: Magus Aug 09, 2004 - 02:24 pm

Shabel-Grah thought the question over in his mind. I think that we should move onward today. But I do not meen to test anyone's spirits here. I think we should leave it to a vote. You all know mine already."

"And mine to. I am all for leaving right now if we can. But I can wait till high noon for the rest." Jacatour piped in, lighting his own while saying it.

Posted By: *_* fiery red *_* Aug 09, 2004 - 03:12 pm

Aizlyn smiled to the Klundor who called her a lady. at least the scum was polite.

"you are quite welcome. what is your name, handsome klundor?" she asked sweetly, turning on all the charm she had. it was worth a try, maybe he knew what Rathsarann was plotting. hearing Shabel-Grah's suggestion of voting, she turned.

"I would like to wait, giving us at least a good night's rest. You forget, Sir Jacatour, that not all of us are as strong and hardy as you." she said, her charm still completely turned on, she needed to speak with Rowena to figure out the rest of what the bartender had said.

Posted By: Neurolanis Aug 09, 2004 - 05:44 pm

"Sythoth," murmured the Klundor. "And I am loyal to Rathsarann, as we all are."

"It would be rude to leave him behind," said Hashin. "Besides, I think we all need a good night's sleep in a real bed. Besides Jacatour, perhaps."

Posted By: SirJill Aug 09, 2004 - 05:56 pm

Rowena laughed harshly, "Of course. Just as it would be to stick one of them in the arm with an arrow, eh, Sythoth?" Shaking her head she turned and went back into the inn saying, "Give it up Aizlyn, you're better off not wasting your time on the scum."

Posted By: Jade MoonStar Aug 09, 2004 - 06:06 pm

After finsihing her so-so meal, Jade turned around in her chair and glanced around the area.

Eying a particularly beautiful sapphire gem with fascination in one of the many booths, she walked over to the vendor and asked its price.
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Postby Neurolanis » Thu Apr 14, 2005 8:29 am

Posted By: Neurolanis Aug 09, 2004 - 06:16 pm

"Sixteen silvers," said the man, appearing doubtful that this woman could afford such an item. It was for the UPPER class, afterall.

Posted By: Magus Aug 09, 2004 - 06:34 pm

"So it shall bve." Shabel-Grah stated plainly. "We stay. But we will away at break of the morrow's day. We still have much travellinh ahead of us here."

Posted By: Esioul Aug 10, 2004 - 01:06 am

"A lot of expensive shopping, too" muttered Judith.

Posted By: Magus Aug 10, 2004 - 03:40 am

Shabel-Grah gave an amused smile. "I'm sure you could find cheaper wares, if you only looked in the right places."

Posted By: SirJill Aug 10, 2004 - 05:58 pm

Rowena added, "with cheaper quality to match." She grabbed her statchel and moved towards the door, "I'll be back in a few hours, Shabel." She said, shouldering her pack. "Out to market."

Posted By: Jade MoonStar Aug 10, 2004 - 08:42 pm

Smiling at the apparently good price of the sapphire, Jade casually digged into one of her pockets and retrieved a hand full of coins.

Peering at the coins with slight confusion,(it has been awhile since she has used any currency other than nymphen) Jade asked the shopkeeper if that was enough to buy the gem.

Posted By: Esioul Aug 11, 2004 - 01:42 am

The shopkeeper scratched his head. "Well, maybe, just about enough."
But Judith laughed at him. "Not at all. It'll only cost her a quarter of that, you crook"

Posted By: Neurolanis Aug 11, 2004 - 05:34 am

Hashin sat down to a small food court. He had a plate of salad, deer meat, fresh rolls, and mashed taters. Mmmm he thought to himself. This...this looks good enough. His stomch grawled as he stabbed his fork into a sliver of juicy meat.

Posted By: SirJill Aug 11, 2004 - 07:26 am

Rowena's eyes darted everywhere in the market place as she walked through the stalls. She was curious, but watching served another purpose.

She was always looking.

He might have changed but she knew she would recognize him no matter what he did to himself. His face would never change and he could never get rid of--her hand clenched around her shirtsleeve, thinking of her own brand. One I find him the bastards that did this to us will pay. In her mind she could see them; together, burning the Compound the way they had been burned. She shuddered at the thought of so much fire, but there was a part of her that knew if the time came, she would deal with it.

And you think Artan and I won't do anything to stop you? You forget, Rowena, that I may call control at any time.

You think I've forgotten? No, I will never forget as long as you have control.

She dodged several people ballancing sacks and bowls full of food. Her stomach began to complain loudly and she looked around for a food stall. She found a suitable one and bought a small loaf of bread stuffed with meat and spices. She munched as she wandered--ever looking.

Posted By: Jade MoonStar Aug 11, 2004 - 07:46 am

"Thank you...eh...I don't believe I ever caught your name," Laurana replied to the advising woman as she paid for the gem and slipped it into her robes.

Posted By: *_* fiery red *_* Aug 11, 2004 - 11:18 am

Aizlyn watched the others dissolve once again into small groups, their attention turning back to their own agendas. Aizlyn smiled, she had an errand to run, it wouldnt take long. she looked back at the klundor called Slythoth.

"we control our own destinies, polite sir, remember that. perhaps it will aid you in the future." she turned her amber gaze to Slythoth but spoke as if directing her message to any one of the klundor men. she swept past, her heavy cloak whipping around the doorframe, and ventured down the busy streets. she was looking for somewhere she could purchase a messenger bird, and a fast one, she didnt have the time to deliver the message herself, even if she flew the distance.

Posted By: *_* fiery red *_* Aug 11, 2004 - 12:23 pm

As Aizlyn was inspecting the sorry assortment of messenger birds, a dark shape came hurtling downwards, straight at her. People screamed, but Aizlyn kept her cool. she knew what it was, her long time friend, queen of the Falcons, Chimaera. she swooped, landing on Aizlyn's slender shoulder in all her purpley, blueish black splendor.

"Ahh, how did you know, Chimaera?" the bird seemed to understand and speak a reply in it's own language. of course, Aizlyn understood. but people were watching, eyes everywhere. so Aizlyn walked to a bustling food court, ordered a grilled salmon (she never liked transforming into fish anyway) and split it with the bird.

Chimaera's sharp beak tore into the fish as Aizlyn quietly wrote her message on a miniscule scroll. the trusty falcon would deliver it to her friend, Rieze. Rieze would be looking for Deovhara and Aizlyn. when she'd finished, Aizlyn spoke in soft tones, in the falcon's language.

"Find Rieze. give her the message. tell her it is from me, and that i do not know where Deovhara is. i am traveling with a Klundor called Rathsarann and a necromancer called Shabel-Grah. ask her to follow as quickly as she can. she knows the way to the tomb of Orceth. that's our destination." when Aizlyn and the bird had finished, the shapeshifter bound the scroll to the falcon's leg and wished it good luck. chimaera took off siftly, flying faster than Aizllyn had seen anything move before. she smiled and rose to find her way back to the inn.

Posted By: Neurolanis Aug 11, 2004 - 12:44 pm

**Morning. Still in the DEALER's KEEP**

Hashin was the first to climb down the stairs. He was quite bright and aware all ready. His eyes set upon Rathsarann who, with his unders, appeared to have been having a heated discussion with the bartender. Hashin didn't know what problems could lie between them, yet as he approached, Rathsarann and the other Klundors backed away. Hashin turned to the barkeep. "Is everything all right, sir?"

"Yeah. Fine." The bartender seemed to lower his eyes, almost in grim sorrow.

Hashin sat at the counter. "You're open kind of early."

"I'm not open," he said. "I had a meeting. Good night." The bartender walked out the door behind the bar, leading to his bedroom no doubt.

Odd man, thought Hashin.

Posted By: Magus Aug 11, 2004 - 02:52 pm

Jacatour awoke. He was outide the city. The woods near the entrance was his room, a pile of leaves his bed. He couldn't stand crowds or cities himself. The morn was cool and damp. Today they would leave this accursed gods-foresaken place.

Posted By: SirJill Aug 11, 2004 - 05:11 pm

Rowena came in through the door of the inn, looking grumpy. She had obviously gotten up early and wandered around the city; still looking. She had honestly not thought to find Digger here, but she hadn't found her other query either.
Scouring the back streets she still had not seen hide nor hair of the local thieves guild. Reluctantly she had given up her search and returned to the inn just in time to see the bartender leave for his bed. She eyed Rathsarann suspisciously and then sat next to Hashin.

"Looks like I walked in after something broke up. D'you know what happened?"

Posted By: Magus Aug 11, 2004 - 06:24 pm

Shabel-Grah ventured into the woods. Jacatour was a clever hunter and could hide his tracks well, but that did not deter the necromancer in the least. He new from experience what spot he would take, and there he was, as he should be.

He was in a small clearing covered with a bed of newly fell leaves of brilliant oranges, greens and yellows. The Half-Orc wasputting out a small camp fire and was carefully burying the remains of his breakfast, three rabbits, two groundhogs and a muskrat. Shabel-Grah had just finished his, two oranges and an apple.

As he approched, Jacatour turned slowly around. He knew his friend like his friend knew him. He could have made his scent out rom nearly a mile away and heard him from half that. He spoke his words in a light enough manner for him.

"It's time we gather the others, our time to leave draws nigh."

Posted By: Jade MoonStar Aug 11, 2004 - 07:09 pm

Waking up from a wonderful dream involving her late husband, her daughter (Laurana), and a field of wild flowers; Jade greeted this new day with surprising vigor.

"Must have stormed last night, I feel great..." Jade thought as she examined the sky just outside of the "KEEP" with glazed yellow eyes.

Jade thought this would be a wonderful time to see more of the city, so, that's what she did.

She spent about a half an hour wondering around the town, still under the effects of her evanescent wonder-lust. Then, as usual, her energy vanished without a trace, leaving Jade yet again as the frail old woman she was.

She then flew back to the inn, blessing both the wind and the Gods that she had the strength to do so, and the memory to even find the "KEEP" again.

Landing softly, Jade went back into her room and sat down on her bed, praying Laurana was thinking of her as much she was thinking of Laurana...

Posted By: Magus Aug 11, 2004 - 07:19 pm

Shabel-Grah and Jacatour ventured back into the city. The city obviously woke early, merchants staking their claims in the market or opening shop doors, inns and bars opening to the public and caravans began towing into the city.

They were both greeted with speculative and wandering eyes of judgemental minds. These they passed hurridly as they made their way back to the keep. Dawn was gray and low in the sky. They would rally the others and depart upon entering the inn.

Posted By: Neurolanis Aug 12, 2004 - 04:54 am

Hashin entered inside with an odd look. "Shadow and Phantom have left us," said Hashin to Shabel-Grah and Jacatour, who had entered before him. "They got carried away on some other venture. Shadow hinted that they might catch up with us some time. Any rate, we've lost a valuable duo."

Hashin seemed to have more dark news to share. "I've been warned. As I slept. Some danger awaits us on our journey. A hungry mouth that opens its jaws, and its tongue to lure us in. I question my own involvment now. I have no wish to die yet, not over some shiny metal especially."

Posted By: Jade MoonStar Aug 12, 2004 - 08:13 am

Jade left her room, shuffled down the stairs of the "KEEP", and glanced at Jacatuor, Shabel-Grah, and Hashin, who all seemed to be sharing a very dark conversation.

Not wishing to put any more bad thoughts then were neccesary into her mind, Jade merely swept by them and took a seat at the bar, roughly 10 feet away.
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Postby Neurolanis » Thu Apr 14, 2005 8:31 am

Posted By: SirJill Aug 12, 2004 - 08:35 am

Rowena was back out in the marketplace again; still restless. Cities like this one made her nervous; no thieves and no Digger. What kind of a city doesn't have a thieves guild? She wandered around the market a few times and then finally caved in a bought a couple loaves of travelers bread, the inn's food not suiting her. She at one and put the others into her pack, wandering back into the inn.

Now would be a good time to find Aizlyn....

As she walked in she scanned the room for any sign of the shapeshifter.

Posted By: Neurolanis Aug 12, 2004 - 09:27 am

"I sense no danger," mumbled one of the Klundors. Rathsarann and his unders walked over to them.

"You," said Hashin, suspiciously. "I saw you having an odd conversation with the bartender this morning. A 'meeting'. He seemed rather spooked by it. I havn't seen him sense."

This obviously made Rathsarann unfomfortable. He passed off, "Oh, ah, it was about nothin' concerning you."

Posted By: Magus Aug 12, 2004 - 01:44 pm

Shabel-Grah eyed the Klundor. He was obviously lying. It was also obvious that this deception with Rathsarann and his posse was getting too out of hand. The waybread, fresh fruits and vegetables, cheese and meat were now forgoten in his pack. This matter needed dressing direly.

"I think," he began, "that it's about time you and your 'master' come clean and confess. What is it you are up to. And don;t you think that I won't be able to tell a lie or half-truth from a full truth. Wag your tongues the proper ways and ye may find me as merciful as I b=have shown myself to be."

Posted By: SirJill Aug 12, 2004 - 02:34 pm

Rowena smiled slyly and took a seat at a nearby table. So Shabel finally grew a back bone, eh? This ought to be interesting.

She watched the Klundors and Rathsarann with interest almost...an air of 'I win' but...not quite. Not yet, anyway.

Posted By: Neurolanis Aug 12, 2004 - 03:22 pm

Rathsarann turned round, facing Shabel-Grah. There was no sign of restraint or mystery upon his face. There was a time of silence, however.

"You have spoken to the barkeep, I trust? Yes. He has addressed some wild concerns. There was a misunderstanding. A gemstone was stolen, and confused for my own. I knew not why the High Guard came for us, but one does not tangle with the Avanoor Empire and live to brag about it. We naturally defended ourselves, but were out-numbered. The whole mess was cleared up. I returned here to...EXPLAIN it to the barkeep, but he was boiling with anger. I simply grinned, and left."

"And the meeting this morning?" asked Hashin.

"Setting things strait," said Rathsarann. "Explaining the situation. I even repaid him for the damages. Ask him if you don't believe me. I may be many things, but I am a man of my word. Lies and deceit are very bad for business. The scrolls are real, and I will show you them myself when we get there if you wish. Country folk have a way of...misinterpreting things."

Rathsarann then turned back to his friends. The Klundor was either telling the truth, or he was a far more gifted liar than Hashin had realized. There was no sign of deceit upon his face, in his words, or behind his manner. Being a shaman, he did pick up on something...but that was far too abstract to hold against Rathsarann. Yet.

Posted By: *_* fiery red *_* Aug 12, 2004 - 04:01 pm

Hearing Rathsarann's speech from a stairwell that was hidden around the corner, Aizlyn steeped forward and passed unnoticed behind the party. they were too focused on Rathsarann's twisted pack of lies to sense her. in one swift, fluid movement, she drew one of her frosty knives and pulled slythoth around another corner. in an instant, she had his arms pinned behind him and her knive-point at his throat.

"now listen here, sweetie," she spoke acidly, her tone sarcastic. "i took a liking to your blunt honesty before, dont disappoint me now. what is the truth behind your master's squabble with the barkeep? i you wont tell me the whole big secret he's gaurding, so i made it easy for you. what is the true story between Rathsarann and the bartender?"

she added almost as an afterthought. "i'll know if you twist the truth, i have a sixth sense for these things, and i'd hate to slit your handsome throat."

Posted By: Neurolanis Aug 12, 2004 - 04:16 pm

"AKHH--," gasped the Klundor, shocked by the woman's strength. He could struggle little, with that knife placed to his throat. He said little. Perhaps Aizlyn forgot that Klundors didn't fear death like Humans.

"Hey there!" came Rathsarann, taking a bold stand. His unders came quickly to his side. He widthdrew his gentleman's longsword. "RELEASE him, foul WOMAN!"

Hashin jumped between them, his hands out-stretched. "Hold on! Everyone! There's no need--"

"OUT OF THE WAY, BOY -- or I'll CUT you down to size!"

Posted By: *_* fiery red *_* Aug 12, 2004 - 04:34 pm

Aizlyn grinned wickedly and shed her thick cloak. Her amber eyes flashed boldly and dangerously. her knives flicked quickly to her hands. teasingly, she ran the edge of her blade down the length of Rathsarann's, all the while blowing sarcastic kisses the way of her opponent. she'd been a klundor before, there was no fear of death, but they were proud. aizlyn played on the pride, aiming to humiliate the klundor, if not kill him, after all, she didn't want to step in Rowena's territory.

Posted By: SirJill Aug 12, 2004 - 04:44 pm

The second Rathsarann had drawn his blade Rowena pulled her dirk from her side. She watched with level eyes the action between Rathsarann, Hashin and Aizlyn. She would, without a doubt, move if Rathsarann made to hurt either of her companions. She was not involved yet, because her dirk was not visible, nor any of her motions to retrive it, but it was better Rathsarann knew nothing of it.

She stepped forward, behind Hashin and caught Rathsarann's eyes, smiling condescendingly, "Protective, aren't we? I thought Klundors weren't afraid of death. You seem most anxious NOT to loose him, eh, Rathsarann?"

Posted By: Jade MoonStar Aug 12, 2004 - 05:37 pm

Hearing insults being thrown and eyeing the glistening of blades being drawn, Jade, however frail, went to the ready.

She stood up with elegance and raised her hands to the ceiling, palms upward.

Her eyes were now whirlpools of green, the call of nature was surrounding her.

With a brilliant flash of green light, Jade was yet again the very incarnate of Wind.

Mother Gaia was alive and thriving in that very room, pulsating with radiance.

Posted By: Magus Aug 12, 2004 - 06:36 pm

Shabel-Grah had expected as much to happen. Old hostilities, even new hostilities, die hard. These had done nothing but mature since they have met. Now, as if on cue, he sprung his plan.

The doors slammed open, bathing the common in dazzaling light. Several figures, shaded and obscured by the dynamic contrast of light stood in the doorway. There were eight of them. They were eight of the undead orcs. They stood in the doorway as if frozen and cast into stone. The intent was obvious.

The Klundors would stop their hostilities or they would do battle with the powers of a true necromancer; something so fearful that surviving victims grow mad with nightmares and are riddled with recurring images for the rest of their lives. When they sleep they become the dead and live out their lives as such. Thus is the fate known to befall the victims, thus is the true sorce of the rumors of the evil that they are. Behold and fear it; respect and adhere to it. It comes nigh and is the very construct of darkness.

Posted By: Esioul Aug 13, 2004 - 06:38 am

Oh dear, thought Judith. It looks as if everything is exposed. She decided to disappear; she knew that Rowena, if not anyone else, was suspicious of her. She didn't want to die. Rathsarann could die if he wanted to, but she wasn't so keen. While everyone was glaring at each other she slipped between some tables and out of the door. She wandered into the stables, looking bored- a few drunk stablehands were playing cards near the doorway, so absorbed in their game that they didn't notice her leading out a rather fine horse. She wondered for a moment who it belonged to, curiously, but shrugged, mounted, and left the city at a canter.

Posted By: SirJill Aug 13, 2004 - 07:56 am

Rowena noticed her go. She caught Aizlyn's eyes for a second and then jerked her head toward the door. Within seconds, she was out it.

There was only one place one goes with a guilty conscience; the stables. She skidded to a halt and scanned the stables. There were a few horses missing. Her eyes also fell on the stable boys playing cards.

"You lot missing something?" She asked, sprinting to the far side and checking the stables. She found the stall where Judith had taken the horse and took the horse next to it. There was obvious protest from the stable hands until, "Listen! You want that other horse back and I want the woman who's on it. It's a deal."

With that she rode the horse out to the nearest city gate and reined up in front of the guards. She quickly described Judith and asked if they'd seen her.

Posted By: Magus Aug 13, 2004 - 08:08 am

The living dead stood in the doorway like statues. The two women ran past them but they didn't make a move. They wouldn't move unless they were told.

Shabel-Grah stared down on the rest with his steely glare in his eye and a frozen glaze over that.

Jacatour stood likewise, he was used to the necromancer's abilities. He did not fear death nor was he phased by the dead. He would act if it came to that, but not before. The room was quite.

Posted By: Jade MoonStar Aug 13, 2004 - 09:41 am

Green light pulsing from her entire body, Jade was ready to fight if she had to...

Posted By: Magus Aug 13, 2004 - 09:47 am

"I think that all of our tempers have run high." Shabel-Grah said in a comforting tone. "But I think if you'd just tell us the truth you can save us any... unpleasentness. We may still have a peaceful parting, if only we have ourselves a peaceful palever."

Posted By: SirJill Aug 13, 2004 - 10:33 am

The guards shook their heads, "No Ma'am, no one like that through this gate."

Rowena sighed and tossed the men a few coins, "If you see her stop her and send word to Rowena MaLain or Shabel-Grah."

With that she rode off. All the other cities gates hadn't seen her. Rowena pulled up her horse in the marketplace, in the middle of going back to the inn. However, she changed her mind.

Judith is a smart woman. She probably hasn't left the city.

She sighed, ----, I hate her kind. Too smart for her own good. Reluctantly she brought the horse back to the inn and gave the stable boys a few coins in consolation. She went through a back entrace into the inn and came in just in time to hear the tail of Shabel-Grah's words.

Posted By: Neurolanis Aug 13, 2004 - 12:28 pm

"Lets just take it easy," said Hashin.

"I will let it drop," said Rathsarann. "Lets end all the madness. We have to work together..."

Posted By: Magus Aug 13, 2004 - 01:31 pm

Shabel-Grah smiled a sinister little grin that was so unlike him normally. "I don't know wether to lagh or cry after hearing those words come out of your mouth. But the peaceful solution is the best one. Now, tell us what we wanted to know and tell it honestly."

Posted By: Esioul Aug 13, 2004 - 01:34 pm

Judith rode fast, and came to a small village Inn. Safely hidden in her room, she realeased another moth from the tin; it fluttered in front of her while she whispered to it.
"What shall I do? They seem to suspect. If I'm to continue, I need reinforcements not too far behind- and watch out for their army of corpses. I need instructions, please?" she blew on the moth, and it fluttered out of the open window.

The next morning, she received a reply. She wrenched open the stiff window, letting in a cold wind and a large green moth. It hovered close to her ear; she strained to hear its high pitched whisper.
"reinforcements waiting hidden outside Avenoor. Unit of a hundred soldiers. This must suffice. Continue. Rejoin when leave Avenoor." The tiny voice faded, and the moth drifted, dying, onto the floor, disintegrating into geenish dust.

"I suppose I'll be waiting for those idiots outside Avenoor" she muttered, gathering her things. She admitted to herself, as she seldom did, that she was scared. They were suspicious of her; and she didn't doubt that Rowena would hesitate in removing her. This was no time to be scared- if she did this peoperly, she would get a promotion. She'd been waiting all her life to be important, and working all her life to be something more than just a scruffy plebien on the streets of K'Larkh's city, scorned by the likes of Aizlyn's Rajanis. She sighed and left the room.
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Postby Neurolanis » Thu Apr 14, 2005 8:32 am

Posted By: Neurolanis Aug 13, 2004 - 01:36 pm

"I've all ready told you," said Rathsarann. "Believe what you choose. I'll wait outside." He left for the door, stepping out as if he had left this building for the last time.

Posted By: *_* fiery red *_* Aug 13, 2004 - 04:06 pm

Aizlyn grinned impishly as Rathsarann left, and mumbled an apology to the others, racing after Rowena who had been hot on Judith's tail. perhaps her instincts were wrong, perhaps Rathsarann wasnt the one to watch, perhaps it was judith. the shapeshifter skidded into the stables in time to hear the stable hand tell Rowena they didn't notice Judith leave. Aizlyn announced her prescence by releasing a strong string of invectives. the stable hands turned, gaping at her, the youngest one's ears flaming a bright red.

"well. . . what do you suggest now, Rowena?"

Posted By: SirJill Aug 13, 2004 - 04:22 pm

Rowena didn't hesitate with her reply, "Can you do a tracking spell?"

Posted By: Jade MoonStar Aug 13, 2004 - 04:49 pm

"It is not your time to act..." a voice told Jade in her mind, as she felt the power of the Goddess leaving her.

The radiant hue of green vanished from Jade's appearance as she floated softly back to the floor of the "KEEP".

Immediately after her reversal, Jade again felt the bonds of time latch their life-stealing tentacles onto her.

Gasping for breath like she always did after any of her temporary possesions, Jade stumbled to a stool and quickly sat down.

After a few moments of needed reviviscence, her stamina thankfully returned to her.

Posted By: Neurolanis Aug 13, 2004 - 05:52 pm

"Lets be logical," suggested Hashin. "Perhaps we should have a secret council regaurding Rathsarann and his friends, otherwise just move on."

Posted By: Magus Aug 13, 2004 - 06:31 pm

"I say we wash our hands of that whole klundorian lot." Jacatour started, "They've been nothing but trouble for us and will only worsen the further out we get, the more we come to rely upon them. I say we leave them here! They will certainly kill us given chance and I'm not taking that chance. What say you?"

Posted By: Neurolanis Aug 13, 2004 - 06:44 pm

"Not easy," said Hashin, nodding towards the Klundors, who were laughing at the bar. "Rathsarann has five under him, all keen warriors. Besides, it's best to keep your enemies close. I don't know about YOU, but I don't want them lurking in the bushes while we sleep, following behind us in the dark. With us, I can keep one eye on them at all times."

Posted By: Magus Aug 13, 2004 - 06:54 pm

"Ah, eye. I see where ye come from." The Half-Orc responded. "But ye forget Shabel-Grah here. He can keep a dozen sets at least on them whether they be here or there. I prefer the idea of having foreknowledge of their aggressions to simply finding myself in the fray."

Shabel-Grah was standing back calmly at all of this, absorbing the conversation. The conversation became a monotonous drone which turned into silence. The potion he drank would keep him out for only ten minuts, but that was ten minutes to check on his scouts.

Posted By: Magus Aug 13, 2004 - 06:58 pm

Their backtrail was covered well, the undead had seen to that. The clouds had parted into a small haven a few miles wide. In an hour they would be back in the storm, but for now it was clear skies. Most of the trail had been washed away in the storm's furocity.

They were still half a day's journey from the inn. No one had passed any of the scouts, but still they kept their eyes peeled.

In the distance thunder struck; once, twice, thrice. And now Shabel-Grah awoke.

Posted By: Neurolanis Aug 14, 2004 - 05:28 am

"Red lightning," reported Hashin, looking out the window. This lightning caught the gasps and gaping eyes of everyone in the building. It was a very bad sign. It spoke of unnautural energy, ignighted from the confliction between the forces of good and evil. The gods were at war. Somehow, Hashin suspected that it involved their mission in some way. Perhaps there was far more at stake here than mere gold. Perhaps... Had Shabel-Grah told them all he knew? Maybe... Hashin kept that thought to himself, for now.

The thunder rolled like a crackling of giant iron egg shells he invisioned, ripping out over the land like grinding teeth. It was a most choatic thunder, echoing the dark power of the lightning in sound -- the likes none of them would EVER forget.

Posted By: SirJill Aug 14, 2004 - 07:31 am

Rowena, still outside took shelter under the eaves of the stable with Aizlyn. She waited for a few more seconds and then apporoched one of the stable boys. There was a quiet transaction and she mounted a horse, nodding to Aizlyn, "I'm going after Judith. I'm beginning to think that SHE's the one we should have been after, not Rathsarann--if nothing has come from the meeting inside, which it seems." She smiled grimly, "I'll return with her in tow."

And with that, she rode off, the sky boiling above her.

Posted By: Neurolanis Aug 14, 2004 - 12:55 pm

"Rowena is riding off," said Hashin, stepping back in. "It's a bad time to wonder off. But then again, I don't know where Rathsarann has gone off to either."

"We'll give them a while to see if they return," said Shabel-Grah.

"We could just LEAVE the Klundor," groaned Jacatour, sitting at the bar. The bartender came out, setting up for business. It seemed rather early, and he seemed edgy.

"I want to speak to you," Shabel-Grah said, approaching the barkeep.

"No, no," said the Bartender. "I had it wrong before. I won't talk anymore about--"

"If you're in danger--"

"No," said the bartender. "I had Rathsarann wrong. Leave it at that.

Shabel-Grah and Hashin looked at eachother.

Posted By: *_* fiery red *_* Aug 14, 2004 - 03:01 pm

Aizlyn smiled, seeing the storm. she loved storms, such unbridled energy. but the judith situation bothered her. rowena would be fine, she'd find judith. aizlyn told herself again and again. she went into the inn, passed through the middle of the group, throwing her cloak onto a table, shedding her weapons, piling them on the cloak, removing her boots, and grinning as she climbed atop the table. in the blink of an eye, she was gone, her clothes remaining. a tiny spider scuttled from the sleeve of her silver shirt. the spider was a loose form, more spirit than being. fluidly, it changed to a powerful golden eagle and the eagle looked at Hashin and Shabel-Grah who stood by the door. it slowly cocked its head to the side and screeched. Together, the two opened the door and the eagle bobbed its head in gratitude and soared out into the stormy night, graceful and golden.

Posted By: Jade MoonStar Aug 14, 2004 - 07:52 pm

Jade shivered with fear from the current inclement weather. Normally, storms of any kind invigored her spirit, giving her tremendous power. However, this one seemed so evil...it sent chills down her spin.

Posted By: *_* fiery red *_* Aug 15, 2004 - 11:11 am

Aizlyn circled the town, trying to pinpoint Judith or the Klundors. she didn't stay out long, though, the inclimate weather threw her this way and that. At one point she was thrown into a tree, her golden head slamming into the trunk, dead twigs tearing at her wings. Aizlyn laboriusly fought her way back to the inn, her torn wing throbbing and hindering her flying. the inn was in her sights when a large black bird, twice her size dove at her, it's sharp beak and talons raking across her wings and face, Aizlyn screeched in pain, sumersaulted over and over, spiraling downwards. the bird dove at her again and she twisted painfully, scratching it's face with her talons. She left the bird, diving in through an open window.

she changed to a small, black rabbit, then slipped back into her clothes, her true form once again. her arm was raked with gashes and claw marks, blood running down it, so Aizlyn rolled up her sleeve, exposing the entire wound. her cheek also had a few scratches on it. The others were still there, conversing quietly, so Aizlyn went over to them. she saw Hashin's eyes widen at her wounds and she gave a weak smile. she turned instead to the one called the windwalker.

"you sense it too, dont you? this storm is no ordinary storm, its evil." she spoke quietly to the nymph, already knowing the answer. out of the corner of her eye, she saw the Rolc, the necromancer, and the shaman all eyeing her wounds with various degrees of curiousity.

"I was attacked by. . . ." her voice shook s the vision of the bird flew through her head. she closed her eyes, took a deep breath and steadied herself.

"could someone help me with this?" she motioned to her bloody arm, the golden-red blood of the shape-shifter was starting to drip onto the floor.

Posted By: Magus Aug 15, 2004 - 01:06 pm

"MACHEA VOLTOR RAEE!" Chanted Shabel-Grah in a zeleous overtone. The wound glowed a soft and soothing shade of cream and subsided. The blood was dried and the wound was healed without a scar or blemish to show for it. Clerical talets were not wasted with him. Necromancers had long since learned the art of healing which was invented prior to their invention of reanimation spells. This was not their true power, but rather their true nature. They were healers in times of crisis and protecters of those who needed protection. Surey they could see it now.

Posted By: Esioul Aug 15, 2004 - 02:20 pm

Judith stood in the bushes and shivered, waiting for her reinforcements to report. Her coat was letting in the wind and the water and the misery- why ever had she spent so much money on it? She wondered, too, why she was shivering in bushes in the middle of nowhere, but a a small group of heavily armed cavalry was clattering into the clearing in front of her. She pushed her way out.
"Be quick! I'm frozen" she said.

The rider in front, she recognised; she always recalled Gudrun's rather hard, lined, stupid face and swaggering attitude. Gudrun.
"What's there to be so cheerful about?" Judith asked, annoyed.
"You're not supposed to speak to your superior's like that" said Gudrun, joyfully.
"I know. I only speak to my inferior's like that."
"Then speak properly. I've been promoted, and I've got your orders"

Gudrun casually handed Judith a piece of paper wrapped in leather to keep it dry, and she snatched it away. Why had Gudrun been promoted, when Judith had been waiting so long? But of course- Gudrun had a few distant, influencial relatives, and all Judith had was a few fourth-cousins-twice removed, doing their best to earn enough money to live and sleeping rough in K'Larkh's streets.

The orders were breif; she understood that she was to continue with Shabel's expedition, keeping her cover, and to find some means of killing them all when the expedition was complete. She was also reprimanded for taking such a long time to send for reinforcements, and informed that she would no longer, as a result of this, be eligable for promotion.

Judith made her face look hard and bored, and crammed the paper into her pocket, and pretended to be sorting out her coat as the cavalry left, so that she couldn't see the triumpahnt look on Gudrun's face, and so that Gudrun couldn't see the anger and tears on her own fac.

Posted By: Neurolanis Aug 15, 2004 - 03:55 pm

"How do you feel?" Hashin asked Aizlyn.

Posted By: Jade MoonStar Aug 15, 2004 - 04:21 pm

"Yes, child," Jade replied to Aizlyn in her usual piercing whisper, "this weather...it is unnatural...evil..."

She then turned to the necromancer, "May I stay with you for a while more? My daughter is meeting me in Avanoor..."

Posted By: *_* fiery red *_* Aug 16, 2004 - 11:54 am

Aizlyn looked at Hashin and shivered. the shaman was a good man, so was the necromancer, she felt guilty to have brought such danger to them.

"better, i think, thanks to Shabel-Grah." she sent the necromancer the brightest smile she could muster, but it was clouded by the shadows that churned in her heart. she tried to block the black thoughts from her head, but seeing HIM again had opened doors she'd long kept shut. Her eyelids fluttered but stayed open, her memories reflected in her amber eyes.

HE knew where she was, HE was getting closer. she'd loved him once, but not any more. too many times had he tried to kill her, too many times had she narrowly escaped as she had today. one day she may not be as lucky. . .

As her memories and thoughts overcame her, Aizlyn slummped into a nearby chair, her slender body shaking in fright.
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Postby Neurolanis » Thu Apr 14, 2005 8:35 am

Posted By: Magus Aug 16, 2004 - 01:49 pm

Jacatour gave a knowing smile of his own. Maybe now, he thought, they would treat him as an equal. Maybe now they see him as something other then gutter trash. Or maybe, they rather see him like others before him; as an equal when his services need to be rendered and as gutter trash, something to be washed away, when they are not. He had been treated such by many a party, but never by Shabel-Grah. He would see how they act. He would look for it.

Posted By: Neurolanis Aug 16, 2004 - 06:57 pm

Hashin half-turned to Jacatour with what appeared to be a helf-thought. "Your brother is close by," he said quietly, his eyes rolling strangely up in his head as he spoke. "He follows us still. He comes with more servants...something...different. Their form his hidden in shadow to me. I don't understand..."

Posted By: *_* fiery red *_* Aug 17, 2004 - 10:14 am

Aizlyn shivered, her memories relenting.

"its all this d--- evilness!" she expoded, surprising herself. she turned to the others.

"we need to keep going, we need to press onward. if we linger, they'll catch us! I for one wish to keep moving, inclimate weather, or not!" she looked to the others, Hashin was looking several shades whiter, but Jacatour looked stronger than ever, and the necromancer seemed neutral as usual. She looked at Hashin and thought maybe he could use advice on cleansing his mind after seeing evil.

"focus on one thought, your happiest one, or someone who makes you happy, it works for me." she whispered. she turned to the Rolc and knew he had a deadly enemy, much deadlier than her own. she found a new respect for him, wondering how such an enemy had affected his life. he would be interesting conversation if only he talked more. perhaps he could even lend her a few tips regarding her own. . . problem. she just had to earn his trust, and somehow, she knew it would not be easy.

Posted By: Neurolanis Aug 17, 2004 - 12:53 pm

**Outside the TRADER'S KEEP, in the land of Avanoor...**

Hashin road out upon his horse, looking about. He felt that some danger awaited them near by. But what was it?

Rathsarann stepped out from a bush. He held a yellow squirrel clutched in his hands. "A Klundor's favorite," he drooled. Rathsarann stuck the entire squirrel, alive, into his mouth. He chewed it dead, into pieces, and swallowed it whole. It seemed a rather crude act for someone so dignified, but then Klundors were known for their oddities.

Posted By: Magus Aug 17, 2004 - 02:00 pm

Jacatour gave a hearty laugh at the Klundor's display. He had heard of such things but had certainly never believed them true. Who in their right minds would swallow a poisonous maze squirrel? This stood as silent testimony in his mind, both grim and foreboding despite his laughing exterior. What powers could this Klundor possess to allow him such a feet. This proved only to foreshadow the things to come, the events to transpire.

Posted By: *_* fiery red *_* Aug 18, 2004 - 01:39 pm

Aizlyn wrinkled her nose in disgust, pointedly directing her actions toward the klundor, but sparing him no words. she looked at the others who were watching Rathsarann with various degrees of disgust, confusion and amaze. the shapeshifter wondered if Rathsarann was quite alright in the head. perhaps the storm had affected him. she smiled at the thought of a lightning bolt cleaving Rathsarann in two.

Aizlyn was sitting atop a small silver mare she'd bought sometime after parting company with Chimaera. she could have easily changed to a horse herself, but she knew the others would be more at ease if she kept to one form. there was no reason to alarm them by exposing her full range of powers, yet.

Posted By: Magus Aug 18, 2004 - 06:24 pm

So, thought Jacatour, she stays human. To comfort us? Console us? Put us at ease?

Shabel-Grah mounted his plow-horse and Jacatour his fiery steed. Shabel-Grah had restocked his supplies of potion ingredients while in the town. Powdered worm-tongue and pickled mice feet were difficult to come by in the wilds.

He thought back to why he sought the tomb, back to how all of this had started. It was innocent enough, for him at least. Sabal-Gah had never been gifted with innocence. You had to have a soul for that. Sabal-Gah, quite literally, was without one. Coupled with his powers of illusion it made him a lethal foe, one with no conscience or remorse.

Posted By: *_* fiery red *_* Aug 19, 2004 - 10:03 am

As the small party wove in and out and around the traffic of peole in the streets, Aizlyn heard a bird's shriek high above her. she looked up to see the black eagle circling, just circling innocently high above her. HE was taunting her, she knew it. she knew it was him, she just knew. perhaps she could hit him with a longbow from where she was. the problem was that she didnt have one.

"just wait, I'll have my revenge. Patience. thats what I need. patience." she mumbled, not realizing she spoke aloud. "I'll kill him, just wait, one day I will." she mumbled again, and turned her gaze from the sky, her knuckles turning white against the reins of her horse. the poor thing snorted and balked at being nearly strangled. Aizlyn hushed the horse in her soothing, low whisper, convincing it to stay with the others.

Posted By: Neurolanis Aug 19, 2004 - 11:52 am

**Mid-afternoon, far down the main road of Avanoor. The City of Avanoor isn't far away.**

"Hold," spoke a guard. A dozen soldiers were taveling by him. He rode strait up to Shabel-Grah, looking strangely over the Klundors, and even more strangely upon Jacatour, of whom he seemed a bit intimidated. "Ah, where exactly will you be headed?"

"To the city. Busniess," spoke Rathsarann, simply.

"Err, is that right. And you really THINK that they'll let you pass, eh?" He turned to Shabel-Grah. "If I were you, sir, I'd plan to leave some of these at the GATE, if the business is that important to you. Rolcs are rarely allowed to enter the city, and certainly Klundors are not being permitted these days."

Posted By: Magus Aug 19, 2004 - 01:50 pm

"Well then," Shabel-Grah began, "we'll have to deal with that when we get to the great city. I understand it is still a day away. I also understand that our company and cause are our own business. So please, kind sir, make way and we shall rid you of our unwholesme presence."

Shabel-Grah rode on. He motioned with his fingers for the others to follow.

Posted By: *_* fiery red *_* Aug 20, 2004 - 09:36 am

Aizlyn smiled at the necromancer having put the guards in their places. she loved toying with lesser beings, seeing them squirm. as she passed the guard who had spoken, she allowed her form to slip, changing suddenly to a golden, swirling light, thousands of possible forms, all in one soul. it was slight, happening only in the blink of an eye, but she saw the guard pale and take a step back. she looked over to Jacatour and grinned widely, shrugging her shoulders innocently.

the man's words resonated in her head, spinning round and round. she couldnt care less if they barred Rathsarann and the Klundors, but knew that the Rolc was a nessesity to their 'business'. if need be, she could gain entrance for the party, one way or another. the guards were almost always human, so if Aizlyn could muster the strength she knew she had, she might just be able to pull off a transformation she'd only dreamed of. she smiled, thinking of how the guards would cope with a fire-breathing dragon. deep down, in the depths of her soul, Aizlyn knew she could pull off the feat.

Posted By: Magus Aug 20, 2004 - 10:09 am

Jacatour gave a musing smile. This was turning into quite the day. He had seen Aizlyn spout her stuff. He knew she would be a formidable foe, if it ever would come to that. Fortunately for them all, she was their ally. Jacatour saw many things in they instant of radiant splendor. He saw jaguars and leaperds and lions and hyenas. He saw mighty giant eagles and small scurrying mice. He saw ogres and goblins and tiger and bears; salmon and sea bass, ants and grasshoppers. He even saw an awsome godly sight that set some fear into him. Not even Jacatour had yet been successful in slaying a giant fire breathing dragon.

Posted By: Neurolanis Aug 20, 2004 - 10:28 am

"Our timing is good," commented Rathsarann. "The season for Lionflys has just ended. •••••• things take a BITE out of you. That's why I avoid the south. They can keep all their •••• flys."

Was Rathsarann actually trying to make conversation. He hadn't yet noticed Aizlyn.

Posted By: *_* fiery red *_* Aug 20, 2004 - 10:47 am

Aizlyn turned around in her saddle, fearing she may have exposed too much of her power, too many secrets. it was time for damage control.

"lionflys, sir klundor?" she asked, as if she'd never heard of them before. she was from the south, she knew how to dissuade the flys from biting, she'd been one once. it was an. . . interesting expirience. she hoped her wide-eyed innocence would push her back, just off the radar of any who had felt threatened by her glimpse of power.

just as she finished speaking, the scream of an eagle rent the air. Aizlyn looked up to the familiar shape circling, ever circling. she turned to the klundor leader in masked desperation. "those are a rare delicacy here, see if you can shoot it down, its been following us." the klundors had archery equipment, the only ones. perhaps she would have to wait until HE changed forms, until HE was grounded. then, then HE was no match for a Rajani, any Rajani.

Posted By: Magus Aug 20, 2004 - 11:02 am

Jacatour lookerd up and spotted the eagle clearly. He had never seen one exactly like that one before. It was mighty with a great wingspan. It's beak shone like brass in the sunlight and it's talons were razors. He had never left the plains of his people prior to his coming of age. Every place he went he viewed new wonders and sights he had never dreamed of.

He wished he did have a bow, he sensed the unease in the shapeshifter's voice. It was clearly a threat from above. He had heard of birds being used as spies before, but never actually having been the target of one, he couldn't assess the danger on his own. He could only guess that it had to be bad.

It was all as well, he thought. Even with a bow he'd be useless. His people had taken an oath to forever act as the knights of old. In the undertaking they swore never to use ranged weapons, potions or magic. It was an oath he could not break. Sacred oaths are like that.

He still wished he had one, if only to put his mind at ease. Oh, well. If it swooped in attack he could at least use his sword then. His body tensed and his muscles flexed. He was prepared for battle.

Posted By: *_* fiery red *_* Aug 20, 2004 - 11:08 am

Aizlyn noticed the Rolc's tenseness, and almost laughed. she turned to him, lowering her voice.

"Dont worry, HE means harm to only me. HE wont swoop and attack here, not now while I'm in true form and he is not. especially if there are companions. we would squash him. HE isnt dumb, not by a long shot. perhaps Shabel-grah could strike him down by magic?" she asked, raising her voice for just the necromancer to hear, knowing now that the Klundors wouldnt act to help her.

Posted By: Magus Aug 20, 2004 - 11:20 am

"Perhaps I could." Shabel-Grah answered plainly.

He freed his arms from the confines of his cloak. he began moving them around in a circular pattern. Jacatour looked and thought the movements a dizzying marage, but knew after that they weren't. It was the same wavy effect in the air that one would find in the extreme heat of the desert.

"MACHEA MACHEA BRAE!" Tongues of blue and white flames jetted out of the necromancer's hands. They raced up the air and into the sky, where the distant sillouette of a great eagle could be seen against the sun, undoubtably to help hide him from the group.

The flames raced by to the right of the eagle. His head turned back to the group. His screech echoed piercingly in the vastness of the wilds.

"MACHEA MACHEA BRAE!" More flames erupted from his hands. Shabel-Grah had to squint his eyes nearly shut to shield his eyes from the mourning's golden rays. This time he did hit the bird, but too far to the left. The wing was singed and it began to descend a littl in the air and veered sharply to the right.

"MACHEA MACHEA BRAE!" Third time's the charm, or so they say. Shabel-Grah's spell hit the bird full in the right wing and partly in the chest. The feathers were aflame and the bird began to free fall to the earth. Half-way down the right wing severed from its body. The bird crashed into the earth not fifty yards from the group, the wing twenty yards further to the South. It was still alive, but badly injurred. Even as they ran to it they could hear the shallow rasping of its breath and the screeches of its pain.

Posted By: Neurolanis Aug 20, 2004 - 05:45 pm

"Leave me ALONE!" it screamed, being a half Human and half bird creature now. It struggled to its abstract feet. "I mean you no harm, I was only passing by."

"Is that so?" came the shaman, doubtfully. Hashin had his suspicious eye.

"I swear it!"

"You are working for someone. Who is it?"

The creature turned to Rathsarann. The Klundor clearly didn't know him, yet the Shape-shifter seemed curious about him. It turned then to Shabek-Grah. "Why did you shoot me down like that? Just WHO do you think you are?"

Posted By: Magus Aug 20, 2004 - 07:37 pm

"I do not think you are in such a good position to ask the questions here. Answer my questions and I may yet reattach your wing. Refuse and you may die. Do you understand me? What say you?" The necromancer inquired harshly. Even Jacatour was surprised with that grating tone.

Posted By: Neurolanis Aug 21, 2004 - 06:27 am

The creature laughed, turing into a snake which crawled between Jacatour's legs, becoming a blue jay before Aizlyn, and flying up over Shabel-Grah's shoulder.
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Postby Neurolanis » Thu Apr 14, 2005 8:38 am

Posted By: Magus Aug 21, 2004 - 06:55 am

The bluejay was small and swift, gaining a considerable head start on them all. Shabel-Grah was surprised, to say the least. He thought he had hit the shapeshifter much harder then that. But it's no matter. He had just the thing.

He reached in his cloak and pulled out a vile of putrid green liquid. With expert ease he threw it at the jay and hit it strait in the back.

It's body began to bubble and slowly mutate. It shrank and grew almost at random. Finally the form settled on a fat black squirrel.

It was fortunate that Shabel-Grah kept a potion of ploymorph with him. He never knew for sure what the victim would change to, but it was usually a fat squirrel or a fat snake. Either way they are forced into the form for at least a day.

"Now," he began again as he strolled over to the *beep* new form. "Let's try this again. I am the necromancer Shabel-Grah. I can either take the information from you alive, or I could kill you, resserect you and then force you're corpse to reveal everything to me in exact detail. But that would be a waste of both my time and energy and your life. Why don't we do this the easy way. Tell me your name and we can go on from their. Just remember that's there's always an alternative to life and there are curses far worse then death."

Posted By: Neurolanis Aug 21, 2004 - 04:28 pm

The form changed into a man, rather grotesque, with thick black hair all over his body. And, he was naked. "Jack Lun is my Human name," said the man. "I was following Aizlyn. We used to be friends, but we ended on bad terms. I was hired by a stranger to track her path. A man known only as Shael. I know nothing much about him, only that he's payed me a fortune. Aizlyn might know more about this than me."

Posted By: Magus Aug 21, 2004 - 05:08 pm

"That's a good start, Master Lun. Since you're so inclined to keep your life and maybe allow me to... give you a hand, maybe you could continue on for me. In what manner were you paid? How far have you been folowing us? And have you reporteed back to this... Shael, yet?"

Posted By: *_* fiery red *_* Aug 21, 2004 - 05:52 pm

Aizlyn snorted, drew her knives, recognizing the man.

"you LIAR!" she screached, lurching forward. to her surprise, someone grabbed her around the waist, stopping her attack. she didnt know who it was, nor did she care. she pushed them away, sheathed her knives and turned to Shabel-Grah

"His human name may well be Jack Lun, aye, but in our world, he is known as Raziz Nacht, he is an ally of my father. And we were more than friends before he betrayed me. I believe the wedding was even scheduled, was it not, Raziz?" she asked coldly, turning to the pitiful squirrel on the ground. her eyes were cold and emotionless, her face a stony mask.

"kill him." she said coldly, turning her back from him, and stalking back to her horse. funny, she didnt remember getting off of it. but she always forgot things when Raziz was around, perhaps she wasnt as healed as she thought she was.

Posted By: Magus Aug 21, 2004 - 06:22 pm

"Every betrayal begins with trust." Jacatour recited the mantra of his people solomly. He had grabbed Aizlyn, if only to have Shabel-Grah keep his promise to not have him killed. He had not lied, merely chose not to reveal more then was asked.

"My patience runs thin, Shapeshifter." Shabel-Grah hissed. "I suggest you tell me what I want to know, or you'll find yourself lacking even more then your right arm."

Posted By: *_* fiery red *_* Aug 22, 2004 - 03:19 pm

Aizlyn snarled at Raziz, and coldly pointed out the inadvertant insult to her race that Shabel-grah had made.

"I hope you keep in mind, Sir Shabel-Grah, that not all shapeshifters are scum from the dirt and dust."

Aizlyn looked at the rolc, she'd expected him to be on her side in this conflict. she didnt know why she was stopped in her attack, but she realized the necromancer had promised to spare Raziz if he revealed information. Aizlyn, however, had not. she road slowly past him, looking down.

"I will kill you yet, Nacht. you will die by my hand. i swear it. she pricked her finger with her dagger to seal her oath.

Posted By: Neurolanis Aug 22, 2004 - 05:49 pm

"Please don't kill me!" bagged Raziz. "I LOVE you, Aizlyn! THAT'S why I've been following you! Please, marry me!" He seemed sinsere.

"TOUCHING," said Rathsarann with sarcasm. "Why can't afford this FOOLISHNESS. Kill him, or I will."

Posted By: Magus Aug 23, 2004 - 03:39 am

"An oath was made for his life." Jacatour began, "Oaths are not easily broken. He will answer our questions and for that his life is not forfeight."

Posted By: *_* fiery red *_* Aug 23, 2004 - 07:53 am

Aizlyn turned to Rathsarann and smiled at the klundor, for possibly the first time.

"my thoughts exactly sir Klundor." she said, plainly.

as she spoke, the man shimmered a bluish gold and dissappeared completely, his detached arm dissappearing too. Aizlyn knew what was happening, and shrieked, sliding from her horse.

"you FOOLS! you let him get away!" it was the first trick in the books for shapeshifters. he'd taken a chance when his captours were distracted, and transformed to something small, almost invisible, like a flea or a gnat. and there were so many where they were, it would be impossible to pick him out. he would find someone to heal him, and then he'd be back.

'and i'll kill him' Aizlyn thought, gripping her knives, her knuckles going white.

"lets go then, we cant waste any time in getting to orceth, if he knows my father, he could also know your brother." she spoke quietly, her wide gold eyes fixing themselves on the necromancer.

Posted By: Magus Aug 23, 2004 - 08:51 am

"Let's go then." Shabel-Grah said sullenly, he had wanted to kill him. But an oath was an oath and it was fulfilled. Even so, he doubted that he would have remembered that in the heat of the moment.

Jacatour gave a secret smile. His oath was fulfilled. His honor was undiminished. He had endurred the test. Indeed he too had wanted the shapeshifter to die. But an oath was an oath was an oath. He could not have killed him and betray that oath.

Posted By: *_* fiery red *_* Aug 23, 2004 - 10:48 am

as they rode, Aizlyn's mind did strange things, replaying the good times she'd had with Raziz, and then his painful betrayal. she reminded herself that he was as good as dead now, but he would be back.

the necromancer and the rolc, for all their balking, seemed disappointed that they could not kill Raziz, and Aizlyn was confused. she wanted to be the one to drive her icy knife through his cold stone heart.

Posted By: Magus Aug 23, 2004 - 11:17 am

Aizlyn had her thoughts focussed inward, that much both Shabel-Grah and Jacatour could see. She was to be left alone. They both knew the look of one who wanted to keep their secrets and affairs private... or maybe their past. It was a look tht both of them wore frequently.

The land drew from a wider plane to a bottle neck canyion. The slopes were composed primarily of dusty red snadstone. Although quite a few deposites of green limestone and black onyx sediment could easily.

The walls had to be nearly a hundred feet high, streatching like hands in prayer to the celestial gods. The sides, while rocky, were well worn from age and weather.

The path was little more than a pit. It was a foul smelling trail of red mud. The gunk slopped onto their horse's hooves and slowed their pace. They had to keep moving so as not to be drawn into a muddy grave. Gnats and mosquitoes bread in good stock in the mud, and greeted them well, in their own way.

Posted By: Jade MoonStar Aug 23, 2004 - 11:24 am

Jade, having fallen forward and asleep on top of her bronze pony, awoke with a start. "Geez," she thought as she streched her arms and legs the best she could, "I think I've been sleeping all day..."

Her suspicions were confirmed as her brain registered the sun above her head, revealing the time to be mid-afternoon.

"I feel much better...I guess that snooze was a good thing..." she thought.

Then, realizing that she HAD been sleeping all day, Jade quickly looked around for her companions.

Thanking the Gods for their kindness, Jade sighed with relief; her pony had followed the group...

Wondering what must have happened when she was snoring in dream land, Jade chuckled to herself.

"What COULD have happened?" she thought with glee, "I would have woken up if something important occured..."

Jade, in her old age, had forgotten she was a deep, deep sleeper...

Posted By: Magus Aug 23, 2004 - 11:32 am

Shabel-Grah smiled, despite the itching biting of the mosquitoes and the irritating visits of the gnats. She had slept through it all. She actually slept through all of it. She would need to be brought up to speed, but not now. This most certainly was not the spot. At the camp tonight, or maybe in an inn if the group so inclined, she would be told all.

"Enjoy you're sleeping, wise one?" Jacatour asked respectfully, musing the situation to himself. He was having thoughts similer to that of Shabel-Grah.

Posted By: Jade MoonStar Aug 23, 2004 - 11:50 am

"Why, yes, I did!" Jade yawned warmly to the Rolc.

Jade's eyes mechanically gravitated toward the horizon; dark clouds were forming, a storm was yet again brewing.

Jade smiled at her inner thoughts, again showing her practically toothless mouth.

Posted By: Magus Aug 23, 2004 - 11:54 am

"That's good." Shabel-Grah chimed in. "We'll need all of our strength for what lies ahead."

"Indeed," Jacatour interjected. "loe in the distance. Storm clouds gather. The journey grows darker and ever more perilous."

Posted By: Esioul Aug 24, 2004 - 02:41 am

Judith swore as her horse stumbled on the narrow path at the edge of the cliff, kicking loose scree, so she pulled on the reins sharply and forced the mare back into the trees.

She was tired of watching strange things, and wanted to be involved, but she had not quite yet decided how she was going to explain herself. Gudrun and the soldiers were some way behind, waiting for her signal if she needed them; and she was doing her best not to humiliate herself by needing them.

What is the point? She thought, for a moment. Surely it would be better to give up on the whole thing, get far away from K'Larkh and his stupid, dangerous plans and get a new job. But she knew that K'Larkh made it very difficult to get away, and that Holofernes would be eager in coming after her. A branch scraped over her as the mare wodnered towards some grass, so she dragged it around again. She was bored, and tired, and humilitated, so she thought it might be time to get away from Gudrun and rejoin Shabel's party.

Posted By: Neurolanis Aug 24, 2004 - 12:24 pm

"Something stirs in the east," said Hashin. "We ride into some kind of disturbance. It's as if some delicate balance had been disrupted. The dead are fleeing."

"Too bad," grinned Rathsarann sharply. "Who are yah gonna talk with now?" The other Klundors laughed.

"Voices of the dead are always interesting," said Hashin. "Unlike SOME of those of the living."

"No kidding."

Red lightning stroke, and the clouds became quite grim in form. Hashin looked about the sky. One cloud behind them took on the shape of a knife. This intrigued Hashin. Was it a coincidence, or a warning?

Posted By: Magus Aug 24, 2004 - 03:06 pm

"I can't be sure," Shabel-Grah began. "But it may be a dead magic zone ahead."

"Like the one in the desert?" Jacatour asked, reffereing to their past exploit together, searching for the second jewel of Orceth. That one they had failed, Sabal-Gah had taken the gem.

"Yes. It will neutralize all magic. Fortunately weapons seem immune to these effects, but my magical powers will avail us not. The dead flee because my controll wanes of them. They sense the disturbence and my weakening state. They have enough control now to leave on their own. They won;t get far though. Without my sustaining magic they won't last the night. We've got another nine miles to go, ere I lose all of my magic. But worry not, I can still hold my own without my art's aid. It's not as if I haven't done so before. It's not as if this will be the last time that I must do it."

Posted By: Esioul Aug 25, 2004 - 01:34 am

Judith dismounted and picked up a large rock. It sounded as if things were going to get interesting, and she wanted to see how they would cope without magic- that was one of the things K'Larkh had casually wanted her to find out, anyway. Giving up the battle with her mare, which was already eating, she flung the rock down the cliff towards the people below. It landed on another rock with a clatter and a thud, and they looked up. She grinned down at them.
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Postby Neurolanis » Thu Apr 14, 2005 8:41 am

Posted By: SirJill Aug 25, 2004 - 01:08 pm

Rowena was a few feet behind Judith and her 'reinforcements' as they were. She thought about tossing a rock in turn at Judith--possibly giving her a good smack on the back of the head...

But no. She would not give away her position. She was well hidden in the rocks, and only a hawk's eyes could descern her movements. She didn't know for sure if it was her party below, but it was a good guess.


What? She pulled away from her peephole suddenly, feeling disconcerted by Gregory's sudden presence.

Give me control, now. You know our bargain.



Her body shuddered and convulsed for less than a second before she was shoved back into the dormant position.

There was a mild expression on Rowena's face as she walked along the cliff wall, out of sight to the riders below, but just in front of Judith.

"Perhaps you would walk with me?" She asked, raising and eyebrow. "I have a proposal."

Posted By: Esioul Aug 25, 2004 - 01:26 pm

Judith had been laughing quietly at the confused faces below, and because of the noises made by falling rocks, her mare eating, and her own breathing she didn't hear Rowena.

"I have a proposal" Rowena said, and Judith made herself turn around casually, as if she'd known Rowena had been there all the time.

I wonder if she knows Gudrun is here? She thought.
"Yes? What is it?" She asked, pulling back into the trees, following Rowena. The party below the cliff were now out of sight.

Posted By: SirJill Aug 25, 2004 - 01:33 pm

"There is one that has joined our party that I am especially interested in." She said, smiling slightly, "Perhaps you are as anxious as I am to be rid of those who are--extraneious? I have a plan as to how this could happen. If you are willing to join me, and spare the person I choose I can reward you richly."

Posted By: Esioul Aug 25, 2004 - 01:47 pm

Well, now this is a surprise, thought Judith. I would have thought I'd be the extraeneous one here.
"I never turn down rewards. Now, explain" said Judith.

Posted By: SirJill Aug 25, 2004 - 01:54 pm

Rowena smiled craftily, "I am especially interested in Hashin. Let me take you down there as my pretend captive--your men can follow seperately, then, when the time is right, we will attack."

Posted By: Esioul Aug 25, 2004 - 02:07 pm

"What's going on, Rowena? This is a bit... sudden. I didn't realise you had any, um, other motives. All right, all right, but you'd better not be tricking me" said Judith.

Posted By: SirJill Aug 25, 2004 - 02:47 pm

Rowena chuckled and there could only be one word to describe it: malice.
"Of course your reluctance is to be expected. I assume you know about our--defect?" She smiled again. "I am in control now and will hold her for--an extended peroid of time." She shut her eyes, fighting back Rowena's screams of rage.

You *beep*!!! I'll kill you, wipe you out--stop this!

He replied calmly, You knew I had the power to do this when we decided. You did not have to make that oath.

I had to and you know it!

It is not your fault Jacatour was injured.

That's a lie! That is a downright lie!

He ignored her and continued on, "An ally on the outside would be most useful. I should tell you, though, that if by some miracle she breaks through, there is a way to stop her--or at least force her back. Something Rowena dislikes highly, to the point of phobia is fire. Bonfires to be specific. Force a torch on her and immediately the wind is taken out of her sails." She smiled grimly. "The game is set. Shall we prepare?"

Posted By: Esioul Aug 25, 2004 - 02:59 pm

"All right. What are we going to do? That lot are inclined to be suspicious, you know." She tried not to feel too disturbed by the rather obviously unwelcome prescence of Gregory- surely she should try to stop him- but what business of it was hers, anyway? She'd never be taught to bother about things like that, so she shrugged to herself.

Posted By: SirJill Aug 25, 2004 - 04:09 pm

"Let me tie your hands--I realize that this will take some trust...but then, trust is needed in this case. I will handle it from there. You need only play along--struggle, that sort of thing. I believe that I can pull Rowena off convincingly enough." She blinked and a legnth of leather tie apeared in her hand. She held it out to Judith, "If you would?"

Posted By: Neurolanis Aug 25, 2004 - 04:27 pm

"Count us out of any trouble," said Rathsarann. "We've come for profit, not to die."

Posted By: SirJill Aug 25, 2004 - 04:43 pm

Rowena looked angrily over at him, afraid the others might hear or see them in the rocks. "Then keep your trap shut." She proffered the tie to Judith again.

Posted By: Esioul Aug 26, 2004 - 12:15 am

Judith crossly tied her hands. Perhaps I'm only helping Gregory to do whatever horrible thing it is he's planning to do, she thought. Not that she would normally care about what happened to Rowena and the others, but she didn't feel very happy about this whole thing. Still, it might help to give her the upper hand over the party, which would annoy Gudrun because Gudrun had intended to take control.

They approached the others, Judith tied and trailing behind Rowena.
"Hello" she said, biting her lip so as not to laugh at their surprised expressions.

Posted By: SirJill Aug 26, 2004 - 01:29 pm

Rowena smiled grimly as she entered into the company of the others, quickly moving behind Judith and making sure she was digging one of her knives into the other's back.

"I found her." She said simply, giving Judith a little push forward.

Hashin, who had dismounted and was attending to his mount looked over at them in surprise. No doubt he had felt them approch, but it seemed as if he had not expected them in this fashion. He stepped away from his horse saying, "Untie her, Rowena, she's done no harm."

Rowena forced Judith a few more steps forward. "She ran--that's enough reason for me to be suspiscious." She looked over at Shabel-Grah, past Rathsarann and his cronies. Her face darkened as she saw them. "Shabel?" She asked questioningly, nodding to Rathsarann.

Rathsarann grinned smugly, "You expected me to leave?"

Posted By: Magus Aug 26, 2004 - 03:18 pm

"Untie her, please, Rowena. No oath nor bond was laid. No malice has been shown on her behalf. Please, untie her." Spoke Shabel-Grah coaxingly.

Jacatour stared hard in the eyes of the two women. Something was wrong. A flicker in their eyes, a twing in their lips, or was it the scent. Yes, it was the scent. They were not alone.

"Shabel, listen to me. Something is wrong. It's a scent, I smell it in the air. I say-"

He never got to finish that thought, although he was later able to ponder how everything had gotten so far out of hand before he truely realised what had happened.

Posted By: SirJill Aug 26, 2004 - 05:22 pm

Rowena deftly slit the tie binding Judith and drew away, her sword drawn. Magic fanned out from her in an arch that would bring all but the strongest warriors to their knees in a deep slumber.

Hashin crumpled to the ground along with Rathsarann and all of his men. Rowena chuckled and waited to see what would happen to Shabel-Grah and Jacatour--as well as the others.

(Ich. Sorry if I was too forward about this guys--if you don't like it tell me and I'll repost. I wasn't sure how to do this. SJ.)

Posted By: Esioul Aug 27, 2004 - 03:36 am

Judith glanced at Rowena, and frowned- this whole thing really was unpleasant. But she accepted the sword which Rowena returned to her, and held it, looking as aggressive as she could. She wondered how she was going to get out of this one.
"Um, Rowena, I'm not so sure about this...." she muttered.

Posted By: SirJill Aug 27, 2004 - 11:58 am

"Then why did you agree to it?" Rowena shot back. She drew her own sword and prepared to cut down the remaining foes. She was also waiting for Judith to call her reinforcements.

Posted By: Magus Aug 27, 2004 - 12:01 pm

Jacatour unsheathed his twin swords, The Brothers' Fury were they're names. He bore his teeth at the two women. Fury lit his face as he took his stance. "Hags! I renounce thee! Let death take yee both!"

Shabel-Grah drew his dagger and neon green flames erupted around his body. The area seemed to dim a little and his form grew ever so slightly. If not for the Dead Magic Zone so near the skies would have blackened out and the area would be ablaze with the magical flames. He drew his dagger as one would expect a mage to draw a wand. Indeed, he now needed it as a magical focus in order to maintain his powers near what they would be normally. "I took ye wrong, both of thee. Death indeed shall take yee. But not before shadows engulf your blackened souls and fire takes your flesh!" Growled the Necromancer.

Posted By: SirJill Aug 27, 2004 - 12:25 pm

Rowena laughed and twirled her sword idly, and somewhat smugly, "I'm surprised--you two didn't see this coming. I was bound to betray you at some point." Her smile widened and she moved forward a few steps toward Shabel-Grah.

Posted By: Jade MoonStar Aug 27, 2004 - 12:27 pm

Jade felt I slight twinge throughout her body as the woman flowed an arc of magic, but nothing else.

The Goddess was calling; Jade could feel it in her heart.

Jade let go of her mind, body, and soul, allowing Mother Nature to incarnate.

Jade closed her eyes and lifted her small, frail hands to the shadowy sky.

Her head fell forward the next intstant as a large, smooth column of grass-green light fell from the heavens and engulfed her.

Her eyes still closed, and her head still down, Jade accepted the Goddess into her being. The column of light dissipated as Jade threw her head upward and opened her eyes. Her face was two whirlpools of green light, surrounded by darkness.

"I am ready, let me do your will, Goddeses." came a powerful, yet calm voice from inside of the old nymph.

Jade stared with intent at the two women, knowing a fight would soon erupt.
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Postby Neurolanis » Thu Apr 14, 2005 8:43 am

Posted By: SirJill Aug 27, 2004 - 12:34 pm

After Jade's 'performance' a shield wound it's way around Rowena's legs, moving lazily up her torso. It was obvious the magic was almost--unexpected. She shut her eyes for a moment and then reopened them--to the others it might have looked like a moment of internal centering but that was probably the last thing she would be doing.

Don't do this! Gregory! Rowena tried her very best to break out but to no avail. She could wait until he had expeled most of his magic in the fight, but what good would that do Shabel, Jacatour, Jade or the rest? She flung herself against his internal shields again and again forcing the body to shut it's eyes and force her back. There was a little shutter this time and she felt a small measure of grim satisfaction manifest. He was weakening.

Posted By: Magus Aug 27, 2004 - 01:12 pm

"FERRO FERRO! VIRRA VIRRA! ANYA ANYA! VERRO VERRO!" Shabel-Grah chanted. Thomas' normally docile furry form grew and changed. His small herbavorous teeth turned long and sharp as sword. His wee muscles enlarged and forced themselves outward. What was left was a fearsom beast. Those who looked upon his form now would think him some mi of a Jackle, tiger and rabbit. His body was long and musacular, and his ears long and rabbit-like. His fur changed from white to pich black. His eyes glowed with a fierce red light.

A thunderous growl escaped his gaping jaw and echoed in the empty lands. He bore his teeth, in like fasion to Jacatour, and began slowly advancing on Rowena. Shabel-Grah wasn't an Abjurer by trade, but he was skilled enough in the arts.

Shabel-Grah pointed the blade of his long knife at Rowena, clearly the bigger threat of the two.

"CARAE ANYA SERCAH!" Darts of poisonous green flame erupted out of the point of his blade like bees from a hive, like arrows from the bow.

Jacatour bore his teeth all the more, a low growl escaped him. In ratio to his furies rise his blades glowed brighter with an inner silver light. Bright beams of light fled the blade in sharp streaks. His muscles writhed beneath his form and they rippled on the surface.

They wi0ll PAY! He thought. They think me a fool and a cretin! I will tear their lungs from their chest and their hearts from the bodies. They will see me and know pain! They will see me and know fury! They will see me and see their deaths!

Posted By: *_* fiery red *_* Aug 27, 2004 - 01:30 pm

Aizlyn had traveled silently, somewhat at ease in the dead magic zone. after all, she was no magician, she was naught but a warrior, a simple ranger, if that. she'd thought she knew rowena, but cursed herself for not seeing how dangerous judith could be. however, of the two women, Aizlyn saw hesitation in the latter's eyes. perhaps she was not all that bad.

shabel grah and jacatour seemed to be handling rowena for the moment, but she needed to waste no time. jade seemed to be preparing herself, but Aizlyn worried over those who had collapsed. beside her, Hashin had fallen to the ground in a deep sleep and the klundors gently snored on the ground as well. Aizlyn knelt, nudging Hashin desperately trying to wake him. she changed form quickly and fluidly to a dryad, a type of water nymph. the dead magic only affected her marginally, changing shape wasnt magic to her, but a way of life, it was what she did and what she'd always done. she didnt have the strong magic powers, but it didnt matter. she summoned water from the ground and splashed it across the shaman's face.

"Hashin! Hashin!" she urged. seeing him move slightly, growning softly, she moved on to the klundors. she dug the tip of her boot into Rathsarann's ribs and granted each klundor the same. if they didnt wake, it was their problem. Aizlyn slipped silently into her true form, shedding her cloak, letting it drop to the dusty earth for better mobility. She shook her hair from her face, and drew her knives, ready for almost anything.

Posted By: SirJill Aug 27, 2004 - 02:11 pm

Rowena dodged several of the acid darts but one hit her in the shoulder. She flinched a little; her shield was not as strong as she'd thought.

Thomas's change surprised her, but she didn't show it; instead she concentrated on her sorcery and her sword. With her slightly injured shoulder she drew a dagger and flung it at Aizlyn, aiming for the girl's solar plexis--not an easy place to miss. Meanwile magic crackled around her and spikes shot toward Shabel-Grah, encasing him in a sort of net, or cage made of lighting magic. She smiled grimly and twirled her sword, her eyes turning to Jacatour.

"You seem agitated." She said, "But no matter, it will all be over and you shall return to whence you came."

Posted By: Esioul Aug 27, 2004 - 02:46 pm

Judith swore. She should have expected this display- some of K'Larkh's more unusual followers were alwasy showing off with bright lights and coloured flames. They'd obviously decided she was no threat- typical. She slid off behind some rocks, retreating into the trees, laughing a little to herself. She'd be tricked, she was sure of it, but she wasn't taking any chances, so she sent off a message to Gudrun.

After a while, a sneering Gudrun arrived, with the group of soldiers, all wearing magic-shields around their wrists. They were scratching at them nervously, but Judith knew they would need them. If the stupid things even lasted five minutes.
"All right. Hurry up." She said.
"Take us there, then- and watch your mouth" said Gudrun, and Judith clenched her fists and toes.

The battle was still going on when they arrived, and Gudrun lost no time in joining in, snapping out orders. Shabel's little group looked surprised, and some of them looked upset, and the soldiers didn't look too happy about the magic. Judith wasn't whether the discomfort of the soldiers or the dismay of the party amused her more.

Gudrun was still roaring, an irritating noise that had always got to Judith.
"Try and remove that one there!"
"Get a move on!"
And then,
"Arrest Judith- K'Larkh's orders. She's due for execution-"

Judith screamed in anger, feeling her careful image of confidance and carelessness breaking, and lashed out with her sword at the soldiers who appoached her.

Posted By: SirJill Aug 27, 2004 - 03:06 pm

Rowena was too busy dealing with Jacatour to notice. She knew he was dangerous, and was not about to spare any of her attention or power on anyone else.

Posted By: Magus Aug 28, 2004 - 10:28 am

Jacatour howeled in an unearthly roar that seemed to shake the very foundations of the Earth. White light danced around in long strips around his body. He flew into the air and seemed t swoop down upon Rowena like a fierce bird of prey. His swords were beginning to slice through the air, the bright light trailing behind. As he came closer to Rowena and the Earth he drew his blades forward in an X shaped cut.

"VAE MOLTAR VERRO VIA!" Shabel-Grah shouted in chant. A tornado of magical energies flew from the dagger as he pointed it at the sky. The sky turned from its normal color to an eerie crimson. From there it shifted to a pale blue and from their to a charcoal grey. It stayed there and clouds of dust picked up from the ground.

Lightening struck in front of the Necromancer. It's flash blinding.

Dead Magic Zones were the result of a negative balance of life and magical energies, from which mages draw upon to cast spells. They are usually graves of betrayed souls and powerful mages. While these spirits could not be summoned to do a necromancer's bidding, they could be released as a phantasmic force, creating a chaotic magical storm. The wind picked up, and more lightening began to strike. A rain began to fall from the sky. But it was not raining water, it was raining thick drops of blood.

Thomas roared again. He lept and ran to where a familier scent hungin the air. While he couldn't be sure, he could swear it was Judith. He caught the scent of others too. He realised what this was. This was a gods-•••••• trap!

Posted By: SirJill Aug 28, 2004 - 11:46 am

Rowena nimbly blocked both blades with her own sword, somehow managing to find a spare moment to grab her dirk. She laughed and swung the sword at Jacatour's left, at the same time aiming a stab with her dirk to his right side.

Posted By: Magus Aug 28, 2004 - 11:54 am

Jacatour saw a flash of movement in the dim changing light. He couldn't move his blade to meet the sword in time, but he was not too slow to do something about. Still gripping his sword he punched Rowena's hand with his right fist, nocking it far to her right. He took his left fist and connected it with Rowena's cheek.

Shabel-Grah felt the weight of Rowena's spell upon him. While his magic and own will had prevented its full effects, he still was open to it. He felt his strength slowly fade from him. His magical powers dimmed a bit, but the phantismal storm, disconnected from him now, raged on all the same.

Sullenly he took a knee to the ground. He couldn't move. But he could take the offensive if it came to. For now he would just have to content with watching.

Posted By: SirJill Aug 28, 2004 - 12:19 pm

Rowena collapsed under the weight of Jacatour's blow. She fell to the ground, stunned for a moment--and then realizing that her hand still clasped the dirk. She swung it in a semi-circle at Jacatour's legs.

Inside Gregory was wary. Rowena was saving up for something. She was no long throwing herself against his barriers with such force. She was planning.

You do get through and they'll kill you anyway.

She gave no answer. Gregory froze in a moment of fear--something he'd not felt in a long time. Where is she? Where is she?

Rowena shuddered violently and then looked around. Her eyes were opened wide in shock as she found Shabel-Grah's eyes. Her mouth opened slightly and she dropped her weapons, her breath coming in sharp gasps. "Goddess....Goddess, what has he done?" she whispered.

NO! NO,YOU *beep*! NO! Rowena screamed.

Posted By: *_* fiery red *_* Aug 28, 2004 - 12:58 pm

Aizlyn had only had time enough to quickly twist to the side in a show of her unearthly agility. the dirk Rowena had flung at her embeded itself in her side, just abouve her hipbone. Aizlyn swore angrily, and in pain, at least it hadnt hit her solar plexus, where it was ment to. that would have surely killed her. Instead, the shapeshifter pulled the dagger from her side and flung it back at Rowena, still covered in her own goldish red blood. it clattered helplessly to the ground several feet away from Rowena, just out of her grasp. Aizlyn saw the world spinning, spinning, slowly and lazily, the colors blurring together in a whirlwind that grew darker and darker until it was the blackest black. she felt herself hit the ground with a painful thud. and all was still.

Posted By: Jade MoonStar Aug 28, 2004 - 12:58 pm

Jade raised her wrinkled right hand, palm facing the sky. "We shall be protected..." the powerful voice from inside her called.

A single, light green rose danced to the ground in a column of light identical to the previous.
The rose touched the ground with a serene note, landing at Jade's feet.

The heavenly rose glowed with a faint, dark green aura. Jade whispered in unintelligible prayer as she lifted the rose in front of her, a trail of deep green light following the flower.

Posted By: Magus Aug 28, 2004 - 04:13 pm

Jacatour saw the momentary hesitation in Rowena's eyes. Something was distracting her. This was a fortunate turn of events. It does not pose well for one to split their thoughts when fighting an opponent such as he.

He drew back his blades and bore them down upon her with unbridled swiftness. Each aimed for a seperate side of her lower torso. The blades shone a bright silver and the runes an even brighter gold.

Shabel-Grah felt the weight of the spell grow on him. He was finding it harder and harder to draw breath into his lungs. What he did manage was shallow and quickly expelled. He knew he needed to get up; HAD to. He put his weight on is kneeling knee. He slowly pushed up on it, barely managing. He made sluggish progress, but began to up himself none-the-less.

Posted By: SirJill Aug 29, 2004 - 07:46 am

Gregory jerked his magic out of the spell he'd put on Shabel-Grah, the empty shell falling down around the necromancer. He looked up just to see Jacatour thrust down upon her. She blocked half-heartedly, deflecting his blade with her arm. The metal sunk deep into her forearm, grating along the bone and making her cry out in pain. Something else exploded on her other side--the other sword, pinning her to the ground. Her mouth opened wide in shock and pain and she lay on the ground, gasping like a fish out of water.

She looked up at Jacatour through glazed eyes and whispered, "He got away, I'm sorry, Jacatour, I never..." but she couldn't finish. Her eyes flew shut--and although she still breathed, her body was motionless.

Posted By: Esioul Aug 29, 2004 - 08:10 am

While the battle was still continuing, Gudrun's soldiers had dragged her off, into the woods, where Gudrun was waiting. They left the scene of the battle quickly.

Posted By: *_* fiery red *_* Aug 29, 2004 - 08:52 am

Aizlyn lay on the ground, her golden-red blood pooling around her still body. she was still alive, but only just. she may not last through the night if her wounds were not bound or treated. her breath shook her body in shuddering convulsions and her amber eyes were wide open, but unseeing.

from the woods came a man clad in dark, royal blue and black. it was Raziz, but much different than before. his wild black hair was somewhat tamed, his arm reattached, and his beard shaved off. He leaned over Aizlyn, holding one hand over her head, palm down, and the other over her heart in the same fashion. a halo of gold surrounded Aizlyn and a wisp of iridecent light lifted from her body. it was her soul, letting go, ready to leave her body. blue bolts of light slid snakily from Raziz's fingers, binding Aizlyn's soul to her body. her wound closed itself, naught but a small, pale scar. she woke with a jolt and gasped the air around her hungrily. Raziz smiled, touched her forhead in silent parting, and walked off into the forest once more. Aizlyn sprung to her feet, confused at her enemy's sudden change of heart. her clothes were bloodstained, and her blood still soaked the ground but she felt as though she could run for miles. she stretched slowly and luxoriously then looked around her. where did judith go?

Posted By: Jade MoonStar Aug 29, 2004 - 01:00 pm

"This battle is over, child." the powerful voice whispered in Jade's mind; "Keep my gift, it will protect you..."

The Goddess' presence in her evanesced instantly after those words. Her eyes morphed from green to yellow as she collapsed to ground. Jade lay, face up, on the cold stone, holding the rose serenely, whispering to herself, "It will protect us..." as Rowena eyes flew shut.

(I used the term "witch" in Jade's description for lack of a better word. Her powers come from a divine source, in this case, a Goddess, so she is more of a druid. She has moderate control over the Wind, and over botanical things. If that's ok...)

Posted By: SirJill Aug 29, 2004 - 01:23 pm

The magic faded from Hashin and Rathsarann, releasing both from their torpor. They blinked and sat up, Rathsarann's men still being out cold. Hashin looked around with startled eyes and asked one question; "What happened?"

Posted By: Magus Aug 29, 2004 - 03:16 pm

"No..." Jcatour managed out weakly. Hot tears fell down his face in a steady flow. Her face... it was Aliandra. It was just like Aliandra's. When he held his wife in his arms and life escaped her... after Yissam Snizwatt murdered her... she looked just the same. "No... it can't be." It bowed his head and held it in her fair hair. He wept, unaware of anything beyond this woman he had killed. He knew now that she hadn't been in control before... he should of known then, too. He had sworn to protect the innocent, here he went and killed one. This was twice he had failed... twice he had failed to save somebody that he cared about... somebody that he loved.

Posted By: Magus Aug 29, 2004 - 03:21 pm

Shabel-Grah felt his strength return to him in one quick flush of energy. He was up at once. He had seen it all, he had had a front row seet to Rowena's death. He could do nothing for her now. There were other matters to attend to.

"THOMAS!" He shouted into the wind. "TO ME!"

A roar belowed in the distance. Quick and powerful Thomas was. He tore through the foliage of the land as he rushed to his Wizard's call. He jumped out of the East and halted in fron of the Necromancer.

Shabel-Grah lost no time at all. He had to find Judith, and fast. Who knows how much of a threat she would pose to them, now most of all. He mounted Thomas quick as a flash. He leaned down and whispered into his ear.

"Find her, Thomas. Find Jusith."

And off they went, into the raging storm of lost souls. They were off to find Judith, the betrayer. He would kill her for what she had done.
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Postby Neurolanis » Thu Apr 14, 2005 8:47 am

Posted By: SirJill Aug 30, 2004 - 12:10 pm

Pain. Rowena was in so much pain that she couldn't move. To do so would be an unspeakable, unpardonable sin, it would take effort and with effort, her pain would increase. And she was afraid, so afraid.

Aizlyn, what happened to Aizlyn?

She remembered a silent flash of silver as the knife flew from her hand towards the girl and then there was only Jacatour, and the challanges and threats he posed. Gregory was thinking of one thing, and one thing only; just kill the rolc. She could not pull his mind away even for a second to see where her friend had fallen. And now...

We're dying. I feel it. Gregory's voice echoed around her. If we're not healed soon, both of us will perish. If the boy could--

Shut up Gregory. You useless piece of ----.

She was trying so hard to pull back the dark curtain that covered her eyes but it was no use. She could not pull away from the spiritual state Gregory held her in. And he could only withdraw it in a conscious state. If their body wasn't healed they were doomed.

Posted By: *_* fiery red *_* Aug 30, 2004 - 12:39 pm

Aizlyn knew what she must do, she knew Rowena would die if she couldnt conquer her own pride. she pulled a single flower from her pocket and crushed it between her fingers.

'it is time your debt is repaid.' she whispered and let go of the flower, its crippled form blowing in the wind.

a powerful wind swept through, and Aizlyn had to grab Hashin's arm to keep from staggering to the side. when the turmoil the wind had inspired had died down, there was Raziz, powerful and magestic in the dark blue and black. a thin silver circlet rested on his dark brow. he withdrew his sword and placed it at her feet, bowing before her.

"milady?" he inquired softly.

"help her. my friend, help her, she is dying." Aizlyn almost choked on her pride, saying that was so hard, but it must be done. she turned away from Raziz to her scorn, and caught sight of a weeping Jacatour. Sympathy stirred in her heart and she left Raziz with a stern look. Jacatour was crouched near Rowena's body, looking bent and broken. aizlyn hesitently reached a hand out to place on his back in what she hoped was a comforting fashion.

"hal ay otho (have faith)" she spoke quietly. it was the sacred language of the Sharah clan, a clan the Rajanis had massacred. her friend, Rieze was the only surviving member.

Posted By: SirJill Aug 30, 2004 - 01:13 pm

Rowena--you know there's no way to break out of this. We must rely on outside sources to save us.

I have never laid my life in the care of others and I don't intend to do that now. They think I betrayed them--no thanks to you. Why should they heal me? Well? Go on, answer that, Gregory.

She could hear him give a sort of sigh. You are right--they have no reason to. I suppose I thought...

Rowena began cursing. Harshly.

Please--curb your tongue.

And why should I, you sniveling son of a ----bag jackal?

Posted By: Jade MoonStar Aug 30, 2004 - 01:26 pm

Jade still lay on her back, holding the divine rose as firmly, yet somehow soothingly, as if it were a baby; she would never drop it.

A revelation occured in Jade's mind. "I am no longer a 'wind walker'. My purpose is to serve the Goddess..." she whispered loosely. Jade dropped the rose to the ground, letting go of her previous life.

Jade got up from the ground in an instant. Her stamina was amazing, it was as if she had drinken from the very Spring of Life itself.

She felt the emotional bondage her cloak had upon her for the first time; she wore it to hide her wrinkled and time-worn features. With one quick swipe of her now smooth and almost albino white hand, her crimson cloak was gone, revealing a sparkling, light green veil that had no hood.

Jade now had shoulder length, flowing black, with several streaks of firey red, hair, a smooth, long, and very white face, and deep violet, with speckles of canary yellow, eyes. (she is still very short)She appeared to be in her mid to late 20's.

Jade, of the Blue Moon Nymph Clan, was given the gift of druidry and life from the Goddess to serve her,(the Goddess'), purpose.

She is now a devout cleric of the Goddess, and will do the Goddess' will over all others.

(I'm looking up the Goddess that she worships right now, I forget it off the top of my head )
EDIT: She reveres the Goddess of Life, Healing, and Positive Actions; Ellan.

Posted By: Neurolanis Aug 30, 2004 - 02:05 pm

Hashin was inspired by Jade's transformation. He smiled, but said nothing.

Posted By: Magus Aug 30, 2004 - 05:53 pm

Jacatour didn't hear anything of the battle or events beyond this woman lying in front of him. His vision was blurred with tears. His ears deafened by grief. His mind blank and body convulsing.

And then- a breath. He could hear it now. It sounded faint, but it was indeed there. She was alive. She was alive!

He could still save her, if only he acted immediately. Where was Shabel-Grah. His senses told him that his comrade was not with him at the moment. He couldn't hear or catch scent of him. Hashin- he could heal.


Posted By: Jade MoonStar Aug 30, 2004 - 06:33 pm

The thin veil that Jade wore shifted from green to white as a purple flower sprang from the ground and bloomed, showing a brilliant sapphire interior, next to the dieing woman. The flower spored a large pink cloud that quickly drifted to, and then hovered over Rowena's body.

"Breathe, child" called Jade soothingly, "that fragrance will keep you alive."

Jade turned to Jacatour and calmy replied, "You will find the Gods, if you would only seek..."

Jade closed her eyes in prayer for a few moments.

Posted By: Magus Aug 30, 2004 - 06:51 pm

"What have the god's ever done for me?" Jacatour asked defensively, leaning over Rowena with bated breathe. "The story of my life has been the story of one doomed. My mother was raped by an orc as her fellow villagers were burned alive in their homes. She gave burth to me a threw me into the river before hanging herself. I grew up as a restless nomad and, when I came of age, left them to uncover the thruths of my past. I came to two warring nations of human and orc. The humans used me and the orcs shunned me from them. I was an outcast, belonginf neither to the humans nor the orcs. I belonged to myself. Then I met Aliandra... I married her. Then comes along my 'dear' half-brother. He kills her and any chance I ever had for true happyness. I live now only to exact my vengeance. I ask yee again, what have the gods ever done for me?"

Posted By: Jade MoonStar Aug 31, 2004 - 11:44 am

Jade's veil shifted back to its original light green as her serene eyes met the Rolc's.

"The Gods breathed life into all of us, gave us a beutiful world in which to live, and provided us with the greatest gift: free will," she seemed to stare into his very soul,"for those things, Wanderer, you should be eternally grateful."

"Again, Wanderer," Jade said with finality, "if you seek the Gods, you will find them..."

Jade realized the immense suffering Jacatour had sruggled through. She only prayed that he would find his path.

Posted By: *_* fiery red *_* Aug 31, 2004 - 12:09 pm

Aizlyn grinned, seeing Raziz approach Rowena's still form. Jacatour recognized him and his face grew cloudy, but Aizlyn held a hand out to him, signaling that he wait a few moments.

Raziz leaned over Rowena, examining her wounds with close scrutiny. he looked up to Hashin and motioned for him to help. the two bandaged the wounds, healing them with hashin's words and Raziz's odd magic. when rowena's wounds had been bound, Raziz saluted the four winds, the general direction of the sea, the fiery sun, and the earth. there was a blinding purple light and Raziz was gone. on the ground, Rowena gasped, much more alive than before.

Aizlyn smiled widely, silently thanking Raziz, her enemy, and expressing her thanks to the shy shaman.

"we are lucky to have you with us, great shaman." she intoned almost dutifully and turned away to see how Rowena fared.

Posted By: SirJill Aug 31, 2004 - 12:40 pm

Rowena's eyes flew open and the first thing she saw was the grief stricken face of Jacatour. Her eyes clouded for a moment, in either pain or--something else. A ragged breath was torn out of her body and suddenly she made a mad scramble to turn herself over; she was just in time. Just as she got to her hands and knees she began vomiting. After she had emptied out the contents of her stomach her arms shook, realizing the full weight of her body rested on them. Without warning she collapsed onto the ground and began coughing violently.

But she was breathing--it was evident to all in the clearing--she was pulling in great gasps of air, like she was trying to choke herself on it. After a few minutes she had calmed down enough to speak, or at least gasp out a question to Jacatour and Jade*. "Aizlyn?"

(*I'm assuming she Aizlyn is on the other side and Rowena didn't notice her.)

Posted By: Jade MoonStar Aug 31, 2004 - 01:11 pm

Jade smiled at Rowena, showing a completely full set of pearly white teeth (it's kind of a joke; see a bunch of my previous posts to learn more).

She was glad that Rowena had survived, and thanked Hashin, along with Raziz and Aizlyn, for their help.

The exotic, deep purple and sapphire flower that was next to Rowena faded away into the stone ground as the healing cloud, that had covered Rowena, evaporated into the stormy sky.

Jade swiftly walked to Rowena.

"Are you alright, child?" she spoke smoothly to the woman.

Posted By: SirJill Aug 31, 2004 - 01:35 pm

Rowena turned her head to one side, looking for Aizlyn, she caught sight of her for a second and then her vision caught up with her, she shut her eyes for a second and then lay back, "I...don't know." She managed.

They'll figure you out. I know they will. Just wait until you slip up.

She could hear him chuckle; Oh, but I've been watching, Rowena, and I know you so well.

Posted By: Magus Aug 31, 2004 - 03:13 pm

Jacatour felt warm relief surge through his body.

She's alive! By the gods at long last she is alive!

But why did she need saving in the first place? A nagging thought crept into his subconcious. She needed to be saved because you killed her!

The voice was right. Jacatour began to quiver and quake. Tears, hot as ever, fell from his face. He brore his teeth at this sign of weekness.

"I thought I lost you..." He began, voice quivering in shame and fear. "I was afraid... that..."

He was up and walking away. His walk became a jog which, in turn, became an al out run. He couldn't face Rowena after what he did. But he could at least make somebody pay, the one who started this whole mess. He could kill Judith. That would ease his suffering. He could kill the one who set this •••••• trap!

Posted By: Bmat Aug 31, 2004 - 04:08 pm

test message

Posted By: SirJill Aug 31, 2004 - 04:57 pm

Rowena looked up a Jacatour, her mouth open slightly. She tried to push herself up to call after him but her arms failed her and she collapsed onto the ground. Her mouth was still open slightly as she looked around at the others.
"Whats...?" Her eyes followed the path he'd taken and she tried to sit up again, only to be too weak to manage it.

Posted By: Neurolanis Aug 31, 2004 - 06:46 pm

Hashin was still rather out of it after being knocked unconsious. He had used much of his strength to heal her, and now pity took hold again. He placed his hand to Rowena's forehead. Closed is eyes. Then said with a quiet hush, "I take your pain. Your tiredness. You are...revived."

With that, Hashin fell unconscious.

Rathsrann laughed. His unders laughed with him. "We'll never get ANYWHERE like this! Very well!" He appraoched the Shaman, placing his hands to his head and chanting. A strange force overtook him then, and he fell unconscious. His unders gathered round him.

Hashin came to his knees, weakly looking over to Rathsarann. "He's...taken in something...from me...he shouldn't have. I would have recovered shortly. He's possessed by a terrible Demon. I haven't..the strength...to help him."

Posted By: Jade MoonStar Sep 01, 2004 - 11:42 am

Jade watched, amazed, as in turn, Hashin, then Rathsaraan, slumped to the ground.

She sensed a flash of evil; a twinge in reality; a wrinkle in time in Rathsaraan as he brought Hashin back to consciousness.

Oh no, Jade thought, Rathsaraan doesn't have the strength to keep a Demon controlled...

Jade closed her eyes and prayed for peace as she made her way to a possessed Rathsaraan. "Move" Jade commanded to his underlings with a wave of her hand.

Posted By: Magus Sep 01, 2004 - 11:54 am

Shabel-Grah rode Thomas up the pass and toward the scent of Judith. She would pay for her crimes. Jacatour may not be in the mind for it now, but he will be. Shabel-Grah was in the mind for it himself. She would indeed pay.

The storm of spirits grew to a new volume of ferosity. Ahead of him boulders flew like bubbles in the wind. Trees flew like twigs and crimson lightening flashed and thunder bashed. All was in chaos. It was a miracle Thomas was making headway in this storm at all, let alone staying on this woman's sceent. they were getting closer. Shabel-Grah couyld feel it. Thomas could smell it.

Behind them lightening cracked again. Jacatour was a distance off, but closing the gap quickly. Shabel-Grah couldn't see him, but that was ok. Shabel-Grah didn't need to see him. Jacatour imagined he already knew of his presence.

Posted By: SirJill Sep 01, 2004 - 01:39 pm

Rowena looked up wide eyed and then sat up. She moved over to Hashin and sat next to him, her hand creeping up to his shoulder.
"Hashin? Are you alright? What happened?" She asked quietly.
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Postby Neurolanis » Thu Apr 14, 2005 8:49 am

Posted By: Jade MoonStar Sep 01, 2004 - 01:56 pm

(! I forgot about the spirit storm! woops...)

The phantasmal forces that plunged from the sky came to intolerable numbers. Jade saw the gray apparitions twirl and dance, reaking havoc on whatever they wanted.

Jade felt the wind surge, nearly knocking her off of her small feet. She wrapped her hands around her veil, which was turning midnight black, and came closer to Hashin and Rathsaraan.

"Protect us, Mother of Life!" Jade prayed in a strong call to Ellan.

Seven exremely thick, brown roots erupted from the ground around Jade, Hashin, Rowena, Rathsaraan, and his minions. The roots, as large as tree trunks, snaked into the air and joined 10 feet above the center of the group. The roots, shimmering black, formed a woodland dome around Jade and her companions.

"Thank you," Jade whispered as she plumped to the stone floor, exhausted.

Posted By: Neurolanis Sep 01, 2004 - 02:13 pm

"I...am...tired," said Hashin, lying down. "I require rest. Rathsaran... Shabel...Grah...can you...help him?"

Rathsarann's body twisted violently, rolling from side to side. He was unconscious, but the thing inside him was struggling for control.

"SHAMAN!" hissed one of the Klundors, drawing out his sword. "What have you DONE?"

"He...not me," replied Hashin.

"What powrful Devil is inside him? How did this happen?"

Hashin was barely awake, exhausted. "It...comes from...my past. Only I...can stop it. It will not harm you...as long as Rathsarann does not awaken. If he does...the Demon will control him. Shabel...please, help him...do not...let him come awake." With that, Hashin fell into a deep sleep.

Posted By: SirJill Sep 01, 2004 - 03:45 pm

Rowena's eyes grew wide with a malicious sparkle as inside her, Gregory realized what Hashin had done.
He took Hashin's Demon. He's taken Hashin's demon.

Gregory fought back his laughter and quickly turned it into a hacking cough. These fools--and their pity. He 'coughed' again. It would cost them their lives. This time.

Posted By: *_* fiery red *_* Sep 02, 2004 - 12:18 pm

aizlyn looked around her. shabel grah was nowhere to be seen. hashin must have been too exhausted to notice. she sent a grateful glance jade's way for shutting out the storm so they were not harmed. she knew what she must do. she had to reveal her secret, but would they understand? would they still accept her? she stepped forward slowly, appealing to jade, who seemed the maternal force of the party.

"let me take it. let it posess me. i can reach an equilibria, a middle ground with it. i. . . ive been trained as an exorcist. i cannot banish it if it truly is from hashin's past. only he can. but i can neutralize it until he awakens. it will not be able to posess me due to, err. . . . . . . past expiriences on my part." she glanced at the ground, wondering what the others were thinking.

jade looked surprised and seemed to give a sort of half nod, so aizlyn stepped forward, placing her index fingers at rathsarann's temples. as he woke, a strange light seemed to lift from him and go into her. aizlyn shuddered and sat down, her back to a tree. her eyes were wide and glassy, her face like a mask. a silent whisper escaped her lips.

'pray for me. . . '

Posted By: SirJill Sep 02, 2004 - 01:26 pm

Rowena made a wild break--she herself was too weak to hold Gregory back for long; but she had been saving her energy for a desperate burst of warning. She forced him out and lunged forward, knocking Aizlyn away. "No! Don't!" her voice held plain desperation and concern, oddly unlike the way she'd spoken before.

But with that it was too much. Gregory forced her back into silence and quickly pulled away from Aizlyn. Her face showed a nervous expression for a moment and then she sort of shrugged, "I'm sorry, Aizlyn, Gregory...just sort of..." She shrugged again.

Posted By: Jade MoonStar Sep 02, 2004 - 02:30 pm

Jade responded with a whispered prayer for the shapeshifting exorcist:

Mother of Life
Healer of Souls
Bringer of Happiness
I evoke you

Draw near this woman
Keep her safe
Let her live
From your loving embrace

Thank you, Ellan...

While there was no physical manifestation of this clerical duty, all those around Jade could feel her unparalled devotion to the Goddess.

Posted By: Jade MoonStar Sep 02, 2004 - 03:53 pm

Jade, still feeling the tireing effects of her "woodland dome" prayer, glanced at the snow-white statue that was now Aizlyn.

Jade placed a finger to her head in confusion.

The statue...it reminds her of something from a dream. Pictures of a pantheon of Gods standing on a single, huge cloud flooded her mind...

Her fantastic visions were rudely interrupted as Ellan, in the form of her "inner voice", shocked her tranquil thoughts with feelings of danger. Jade looked up: those Klundors were there, and they looked menacing.

She rose to her feet elegantly, and calmly acknowledged Rathsaraan's minions with her serene purple stare.

Posted By: Neurolanis Sep 02, 2004 - 05:23 pm

The Klundors stared back at her. Their attention shifted as Rathsarann groaned. They helped him to his knees. "what..." came Rathsarann. "Ah...I... yes, I remember. That darn Shaman! This...demon, the likes of which I have ever known...came at me. Darn creap." Rathsarann layed back for comfort. "I'll need some rest."

Hashin was still unconscious.

The demon was inside Aizlyn, frozen by some dark magic like stone.

Posted By: Jade MoonStar Sep 02, 2004 - 05:38 pm

Jade dismissed Rathsaraan's minions as she slowly sat down and withdrew her stare from them; she needed to regain her strength. Besides, she had a feeling that the Klundors wouldn't attack unless their leader told them to.

Jade crossed her legs and placed her white hands on the sides of her hips. Jade's veil morphed back to light green as she closed her eyes and began clearing her mind of all thought, both focusing her emotions and sharpening her senses*.

*Jade is meditating, for those of you don't know what I'm talking about.

Posted By: Magus Sep 03, 2004 - 03:56 am

Jacatour lept with a strength and fury he had only known once before... in times that were similer to this. When Aliandra... when she...

He ran to and met with Shabel-Grah.

"Hail, friend Jacatour!" Shabel-Grha shouted over his uncontrollable storm of the spirits.

Jacatour didn't respond. This was a rare moment indeed when he was cold to his good friend.

Shabel-Grah looked at him as he was carried by Judith's scent via Thomas. Jacatour was in a furious and yet purposeful anger. The way he was acting earlier...

Shabel-Grah could only imagine what happened... the worst most likely. Rowena was probably dead. He dare say nothing on the matter tp Jacatour, though. If it truely was the case then he himself would not be beyond the reach of the Half-Orc's sword.

Posted By: Jade MoonStar Sep 03, 2004 - 11:58 am

Jade, her eyes still closed, raised her hand to the ceiling, causing the cracks in between the rooted walls to slowly seal, and a slender green vine to protrude from the top of the dome. The vine coiled around and around, foroming a small circle of green.

Jade pointed her index finger at the coil, causing the circle to dully glow.

She smoothly lowered her hand back to her hip as everything in the dome was tinted sapphire blue.

Jade grinned, praising the Goddess for this gift.

Posted By: *_* fiery red *_* Sep 03, 2004 - 12:17 pm

as time passed, aizlyn sat serenly by a tree trunk, white as a statue. her eyes were wide open, everyso often a cloud of darkness passed over them. the slow rise of her chest was the only indicator that she was not a statue but a living being.

Posted By: SirJill Sep 03, 2004 - 12:52 pm

Rowena sat back, watching Rathsarann with narrowed eyes. Occasionally her eyes would move to Aizlyn, looking slightly worried, but she was oddly quiet.

Posted By: Neurolanis Sep 03, 2004 - 01:37 pm

"What's the matter, Rowena?" spoke Rathsarann. "You look...divided, or something." This was the first time he spoke to Rowena by using her name, and not 'Human' or 'Female'.

Posted By: SirJill Sep 03, 2004 - 02:25 pm

Rowena seemed to 'snap out of it' and turned her head jerkily to Rathsarann, "Pardon?" She said, "Since when were you concerned about me?"

Posted By: Jade MoonStar Sep 03, 2004 - 07:50 pm

The wind howled with the cries of millions of souls as Jade laid back onto a trunk. She sighed, thanking Ellan that they would not have to deal with those phantoms...for now.

Jade examined her now sapphire hand with repugnance. She wriggled her nose, causing the illumination of the optical source above them to change to natural sunlight.

She breathed deeply in satifaction as she streched her limbs out. Jade was a cat, purring as she sun bathed in luxury.

Posted By: *_* fiery red *_* Sep 04, 2004 - 10:03 am

for hours it seemed, Aizlyn had been frozen and still as a statue, but as the wind outside seemed to pick up speed, howling louder and more melancholy than before, she shuddered, her eyes rolling back in her head. her body shook in rigid convulsions as she slumped to the floor. her hair fanned out around her, her limbs sprawled, twitching violently. then, the same iridecent light that had come from Rathsarann, lifted from her, seeming to glide through the air, searching for its next victim.

aizlyn had not been beaten though, not yet. a long golden tendril of light and power lassoed the essence that had escaped from her, and pulled it back to the shapeshifter's body. once again, Aizlyn was as still as a statue, frozen wide-eyed on the floor.

Posted By: Magus Sep 04, 2004 - 10:24 am

Shabel-Grah rode Thomas further on, Jacatour keeping up the pace next to the changed familier. The night's phantasms howled and grew in numbers. It was far more powerful then Shabel-Grah could have possably predicted.

Jacatour still held his fury in his heart. He would let it go however, when he bashed in Judith's skull.

A scent hung in the air, it was faint due to the storm, but there it lingered.

What is it? Jacatour wondered. What could it be? It's almost like- HIM!

Jacatour lept off to the left and ran even faster now. He raced out of Shabel-Grah's sight.

"WAIT! JACATOUR!" He shouted, but to no avail. His friend was worlds away by now.

Shabel-Grah turned Thomas around. Jacatour was far more important than Judith right now. He would have to follow him. What could have caused him to act as he did?

Lightening cracked and came down in frint of Thomas. Thomas lept back to avoid the lightening. He cracked into a stoney wall.

Shabel-Grah lost conciousness. His head began to bleed profusely.

Thomas looked down at his broen master. He had to do something! Shabel-Grah could die! He had to go back! He had to get some help!

But the way was treachurous. He couldn't make out which way was back to the others. even his sense of smell was useless now. All he ever got a wiff of was the stink of death. He would have to choose a way, and fast. He would have to hope it was the right way.

Thomas ran in what he hoped was back to the others. Jacatour ran to what he knew was Yissam Snizwatt.

Posted By: Jade MoonStar Sep 04, 2004 - 10:51 am

After her very rejuvinative meditation and relaxation, Jade felt much better. She stood up solemnly, her thoughts still lingering on whether Aizlyn could keep that Demon in check.

"Ellan", Jade prayed in her mind as she concentrated on the white statue that was still Aizlyn, "keep her safe...protect her..."

Just as Jade finished her firm clerical words, she heard and felt the pounding of feet on the ground.

The thudding came closer and closer, louder and louder, until Jade could hear the ragged and short breath of a beast next to the dome.

Jade waved her hand, both causing the sunlight circle to diminish and open a small space between two of the roots. Jade, praying for protection, slowly walked out into that night of terrors, sealing the crack behind her.

"Hello," Jade called with conviction. She suddenly heard a squirrel-like chatter of some sort of animal, then turned to face it.

"Thomas!" breathed Jade with relief as she saw the huge black beast before her.

(I hope this isn't over stepping my boundaries, Magus. If it is, please inform me in the Discussion and I will edit this post)

Posted By: Magus Sep 04, 2004 - 10:54 am

Thomas came upon the dome erected by Jade. He didn't know how he knew, he just did. It couldn't be anything else, certainly the spirits didn;t have this sort of power.

He shouted up in his clicking language what he hoped would come across as a plea for help. But he knew it very well may not. Only shapeshifters and Shabel-Grah ever understood him. It was the nature of his language.
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