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Sins of the Wyrm

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Re: Sins of the Wyrm

Postby Talon Sinnah » Fri May 12, 2017 4:18 am

Lynx finished his meal and sat in the common room listening to bard tales and harp music. He was relieved to see that the establishment was a calm place even as the night progressed. After another pot of tea with another weary traveler Lynx bid the patrons a good night and made his way up the stairs.

The room was lightly furnished to say the least but the few extra coin he paid for the large window overlooking a courtyard was worth it as he opened the double window and let the breeze flow in. The twin sized bed offered little room but was comfortable. (Lets face it it sure beats the ship) Lynx thought as he placed his staff and blade down near the nightstand. After a hour of meditation Lynx climbed into bed in hopes of a good nights rest. His hopes were dashed as he dreamed of rocking back and forth on the open ocean once again on the blasted ship.

Morning seemed to come to early as Lynx fought to wake up. The hot shower jolted his body but did nothing for his mental exhaustion. Dressed once again Lynx strapped on his sword and picked up his staff and left his room.

The common room was quite and calm. Few patrons sat around the tables and the morning waitresses went about their morning routines of preparing the tea house for the rest of the day.
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Re: Sins of the Wyrm

Postby Ariel » Sat May 20, 2017 10:12 pm

Night stretched her slender limbs and yawned before sitting up. She rubbed her eyes and peered over at Pixie still deep in slumber on the pink flower in the vase. "Pesky, wake up, we have to meet Lynx downstairs and have something to eat before our journey." The sleepy pixie slowly opened her bright little eyes. Looking at the Elven maiden she replied. "Don't you think you should get dressed first? I mean, it is only proper." They both giggled.

Night quickly dressed and brushed her silken blond hair, braiding just the sides while the rest fell freely cascading from her back. Her bracelets jingled as she moved about. Gathering her belongings, she and the pixie made their way to the common room. It must have been quite early as there weren't many people about. "There!" cried Pesky. "I see Lynx." Making their way to his side, they greeted him cheerily and sat beside him.
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