Touch (80's anime again)

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Touch (80's anime again)

Post by Loxley »

Tha's rite, boyos, your all-time eighti-ist, Loxley, has found another favorite among 80's anime. This is the romance-comedy, Touch. I DAMN, it's a great series! I've only watched about seventeen episodes, and I'm completely hooked!

And I love Harada, for those of you who's already seen it. He acts all tough, but in fact he's one of the greatest friends Takachan (that's his name, right? Man, these Japanese names are hard to remember) has, though Takachan don't seem to know it yet.

Anyway, I'll say it again: DAMN, this is a GREAT series! And I, who completely HATE baseball, say that. That should say something about how great this show is. :wink:

Hmm...mebbe I should'a written something about what the show's about, hm? Well, it's about these two bro's, Kacchan and Ta*coughcough*....think it's Takchan or something. Anyway, Kacchan, the younger of the two, is a great baseball pitcher, or whatever it's called. His bro is probably better than him, but he don't care enough to show it.

And then they love the same girl too. So, there's lots of interesting situations ensuing. Though, especially watch for the interaction between Takchan and Harada. That's just totally cool.

Meh... 'Nuff said. :P
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