Anyone watch G4TechTv's Anime Unleashed block?

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Anyone watch G4TechTv's Anime Unleashed block?

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With all the hoopla going to Cartoon Network's Adult Swim anime lineup, I was wondering if there is anyone else here who also watches G4TechTv's Anime Unleashed block? Their Anime lineup is just as good as Adult Swim's lineup.

Here's some of the Anime that G4TechTv airs (sorry about having to quote from websites, but with my ADD, I have trouble remembering which series is about):

Gad Guard:

Plot Summary: Several hundred years in the future, the resources of the Earth runs out, and the progression of the human race has stagnated. The world is now divided into "Units". A boy named Hajiki Sanada lives with his mother and sister in Unit 74, in a place called "Night Town", in which all electricity is shut down at midnight. The key in this story is an object called the GAD. GADs have the ability to reconstruct materials while reacting to feelings of an organic life. The size and shape of the resulting product seem to be different depending on the kinds of feelings that the life possesses. When Hajiki comes in contact with one by accident, it transforms into a huge robot--a Tekkoudo, or "Iron Giant"--which Hajiki names Lightning. And soon he realizes that he isn't the only one with a Tekkoudo, and must find out how to deal with those others who he feels are the "same" as himself.

R.O.D. the Tv:

Plot Summary: Three girls named Anita, Michelle and Maggie are hired to protect Japanese author Nenene Sumiregawa during her stay in Hong Kong. In an incident where the "Paper Sisters" save Nenene from a disgruntled author, Nenene discovers that the sisters have the capability to control paper at their own will - an ability once used by her long-lost friend Yomiko "The Paper" Readman. Arriving in Japan after an airliner incident, the Paper Sisters move into Nenene's apartment and become her freeloading bodyguards.

R.O.D. the Tv is actually a sequel to the R.O.D. OAV (Original Animated Video) that aired on Cartoon Network's adult swim on both Thanksgiving and Christmas.


Plot Summary:
Brandon Heat, a silent and passive man, is living a laid back life with his friends. He's got his eyes on Maria, but her uncle forbids their relationship. After the brutal murder of his friends and Maria's father, Brandon is on the run together with the only friend he has left; Harry McDowell. When he finds out custody over Maria has been taken by Millennion, the largest mafia syndicate in town, he and Harry decide to join the syndicate. He goes through many hardships after joining the syndicate but he is willing to risk everything as long as he can be close to Maria.
Brandon Heat, and Harry McDowell were best friends and partners in crime until Harry betrayed and killed Brandon in his quest to become leader of the crime syndicate Milleneon. When a doctor finds a way to bring the murdered youth back to Life, Brandon, now known as Beyond the Grave-returns from dead to pursue the destruction of Milleneon and bring vengeance upon the man who betrayed him.

Last Exile:

Plot Summary: In a world that looks like the 19th century with anti-gravity devices, Claus and Lavie are pilot and co-pilot of a Vanship and act as messengers for the Guild. The pilots become involved with a mysterous mission after rescuing a little girl from a strange star-shaped killing machine. Not willing to let the girl die, they complete the mission to deliver her to the mysterious mercenary ship Sylvania, only to become part of the crew as fighter pilots.

Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi:

Plot Summary: Imamiya Satoshi, "Sasshi" to his friends, has grown up in the Abenobashi Shopping Arcade in Osaka, along with his childhood friend, Asahina Arumi. Now, all that was stable in his life is in ruins. His family's bath house has closed and been torn down, and Arumi's family is moving to Hokkaido - and taking her with them. In the midst of all this, something happens to the framework of reality, and Sasshi and Arumi slip into a weird parallel world. It's still Abenobashi, but not their Abenobashi. Strange things are afoot, and Sasshi must find out their meaning, in order to reach a goal that he barely understands.

Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi is the funniest anime I have seen since Excel Saga
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