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Monthly Writer's Challenge : September 2008

Posted: Tue Aug 19, 2008 10:06 pm
by Qray
September 2008 Writer's Challenge

The guidelines for the Challenge are as follows :
  • Write a story, poem, or song that somehow incorporates the monthly challenge image, challenge title, or both. The story, poem, or song doesn’t need to be a complete work. It can just be an excerpt, so long as it somehow incorporates the monthly challenge image, challenge title, or both.

    As with all posts, the content of the story, poem, or song must meet Speculative Vision Forumguidelines for appropriateness.

    Any genre may be used.

    You can write more than one story, poem, or song.

    The end of the challenge (the deadline) will be the end of the month.
This is a writing challenge, not a contest. It’s an opportunity to share our creativity and have fun!

If you want a critique of your writing, please say so in your post.

Let the authorial mayhem continue!

This month's story title:

Shadow Of Doubt.

This month's image:
Source : NASA.

Re: Monthly Writer's Challenge : September 2008

Posted: Sat Sep 06, 2008 4:34 am
by waytanblee
The eye, it searches,
searches for recognition;
painted by our desires,
recognised by our dreams.

elsewhere, it is nothing;

not an eye,
not an image,

Re: Monthly Writer's Challenge : September 2008

Posted: Sat Sep 06, 2008 7:40 am
by Bmat
Eye in the Sky?

Hanna shuffled to the window and lifted her hand to pull back on the curtain. She gave a quick, fearful glance outside, then she moved back to the kitchen table.

As she resumed her seat, she rubbed her hands up and down her face. Her stomach lurched uncomfortably, but she could not bring herself to eat the soup that she had heated a little while ago.

Hanna had a creepy feeling that she was being watched. She was not usually given to imagination. But then, she was not usually given to stealing from the job. Yes, Hanna had removed a pen from her workplace.

“But I did not mean to do it,” she thought in desperation. Deep down, though, she feared that maybe she did mean to do it after all. She had no pen at home that worked. Perhaps she meant to bring the pen home from the office.

She shuddered, and she tried to breathe calmly. She felt, though, as if all of creation were focused on her. Her mother’s old mantel clock ticked away Hanna’s existence. The cat watched Hanna suspiciously. Hanna just knew that the neighbors strolling by the house were looking toward the house with wary and hating eyes.

The weight of being watched was too much! Too much!

Mary Williams and her husband Bill, who lived next door to Hanna, glanced at one another after having watched the News Special on the television. Bill leaned back and picked up his newspaper again, but Mary commented, “Bill, I feel kind of creepy about this. What do you think that ‘Eye in the Sky’ thing is really? Don’t you think it is weird how it appeared so suddenly- just this afternoon? “

“Naw,” Bill murmured. “Just somethin’ those science-types have made up to get funding. You just wait and see. It’s just a hoax.”

Re: Monthly Writer's Challenge : September 2008

Posted: Fri Sep 12, 2008 10:26 pm
by Silvanus
Shadow of Doubt.

You walk down the old paths,
nothing more than certain.
Never going to face the wrath,
that hides behind that curtain.

That shadow on the wall,
where uncertain future lies.
Could be hiding the fall,
or maybe home to spies.

No you've gone beyond that place,
a budding branch in sprout.
You're out there setting record pace,
beyond a shadow of doubt.

Composite of a Forgotten Whisper.

Posted: Sun Sep 28, 2008 7:11 pm
by Qray
This story excerpt is designed to be read while this song is playing in the background.

Critiques and constructive criticism is welcome.

Composite of a Forgotten Whisper.

“It’s beautiful.”

High above and no longer washed out by the lights of the city, the colors of the nebula blurred together to form a small oval blot against the black background of sky. While bright dots of starlight speckled the tarp of night. Giving depth to the panorama.

“Yeah,” was all Quinn said as he let his head rest against the windshield while the heat of the hood kept the autumn chill away.

Alisa moved closer, chewing on her lower lip as her hand slid over his. “It’s much easier to see out here in the country,” her voice just as he always remembered it. “When you’re in the city it’s so easy to lose sight of the lose sight of a lot of things that are important.”

Quinn remained silent.

Alisa’s hand clung to Quinn’s and tears began to rim her eyes while a silence filled the clearing that seemed louder than a thousand shouted voices. Until finally, her voice cracked. “I’m sorry I couldn’t stay.”

Quinn inhaled air through his nostrils as his jaw muscles flexed and he stared silently up into the sky.

“I didn’t want to go, Quinn.”

“I would’ve went," the man said. Not looking at her. "So you could’ve stayed.”

Tears began to run freely down Alisa’s cheeks. Her voice a soft whisper. “I know you would've.”

The nebulas blot in the sky blurred as moisture began to rim Quinn’s eyes too and he shut them tight. Only to have hot tears cascade down his face. His free hand moving closer to the gun resting on the hood of the car.

“Don’t” Alisa pleaded. Her head resting against his chest as she clung to him. “It isn’t worth it. It’s not the answer.”

Quinn swallowed hard. His arms wrapping around the woman and he swore he could feel the fabric of her shirt in his grasp. Could feel the heat of her body against his. Could smell her scent. “You don’t know how hard it is.”

Alisa clung even harder to the man. Her tears wetting the skin of his neck. “I know,” she whispered.

Quinn laughed as his eyes opened, but all he saw was a tear stained blur. “You know? Of course you know. I’m talking to myself.”

Alisa sniffled. “I’m here, Quinn.”

“You’re dead,” the man spat. “You’ve been dead for years.”

“But I’m still here, darling.”

Quinn swallowed again. Sniffling and swallowing his tears as he shook his head to try and clear his vision.

“I’ve always been here when you’ve needed me the most.”

Quinn again closed his eyes. His head continuing to move back and forth. “Just my imagination.”

“Does it matter? Whether is me coming back to be with you for just a few extra moments, or your own inner voice. You know this is wrong. Please, Quinn...don’t do this.”

The man’s fingers closed around the grip of the gun.

“Please, Quinn,” Alisa pleaded. “I only ever asked you to do one thing for me...”

“Yeah,” Quinn’s voice was choked. “To save you. I failed.”

Alisa gripped the man’s shirt even tighter. Wanted to tell him he hadn’t failed. That it hadn’t been his fault, but knew he wouldn’t listen. “I’m asking for one more thing. Don’t do this.”



Re: Monthly Writer's Challenge : September 2008

Posted: Thu Oct 09, 2008 9:22 pm
by waytanblee
I like the bit where we find out she's dead. Good work,Q.

Re: Monthly Writer's Challenge : September 2008

Posted: Fri Nov 14, 2008 10:19 am
by berry
This inspired me a little further than I fisrt thought so i might continue and make it a longer story. This is what I have so far, no title as yet.

‘You are not an individual snowflake even if you are special you will still fall with the rest. The next seasons sun will shine and you will melt away, unexamined and undone.’
That’s what my father used to say to me and what his father said to him and he truly believed it. A philosophy that dulled the desires of several generations of my family. As a result they had failed to embrace happy, optimistic or ambitious lifestyles. I don’t know whether he really thought that I was special and used this saying to make my transition into the many disillusionments of adulthood easier. Maybe he was just scared of anyone breaking out of our small world. Maybe he didn’t believe that, there was anything waiting to escape the quiet and studious shell I had come to reside in.

When the anomaly appeared in the sky I knew that he was wrong. It appeared at 2.00pm on Thursday 22nd July 2048. The date now as familiar to me as my own birthday, in some fashion it was a new birthday. A meteor shower that lasted over 2 hours preceded the Eye's appearance by then the devastation of large amounts of the Eastern hemisphere had the world’s attention. Then it happened, it blurred into view shimmering with light and subtle colours before settling into the thing that hung above us for 6 months before anyone had any idea what it may be. By then its own magnetic pull had begun to affect the earth, it had begun to affect me. That day, that first moment that I looked up and saw the new addition to the Earths sky, I knew I had a purpose. I could almost see my fate being laid out in front of me as if I was watching it being knitted together forming an intricate pattern that had at its centre The Eye.

As my father had predicted I was nothing then, I had no ambitions and few desires. I had always lacked the imagination for either, I lived a life so quiet I was barely a part of the world but after the Eye’s appearance that changed. The heavy self-imposed fog that had settled all around my imagination dissipated. I emerged feeling as though I had awoken from a very long dull dream.

To say I was a new person would be an understatement, only the very loosest of definitions of the word person could describe who I used to be. What I was becoming wasn’t new it was like an injection of a history degree. It came to me not as a set of dates and facts but emotionally, I could feel the earth, every detail of its existence. Not that I didn’t begin to feel as though I knew things, as though I had information about the universe that I had no recollection of learning. My family at first listened to my ideas about the Eye with vague interest and amusement. When I begun to write to the government their amusement turned into irritation, my father began to berate me for being foolish.
“What do you know about such things, the government have clever people for that, ones that are trained for space and such like? They don’t need you wasting their time with your half baked ideas.”
Strange that his disapproval had no effect as it once had; as he would rant about my behaviour I would simply gaze out of the window, look into the sky and feel my destiny. For once in my life, I didn’t require approval or acceptance.
When the government began to write back my family fell silent. I would catch them staring at me sometimes, their expressions a mixture of suspicion and fear. When one day a limousine pulled up outside our little terraced house, it caused a stir , neighbours twitched curtains, some stood openly on doorsteps staring as non descript men in dark suits came to call for me. I packed a bag as my family snapped and snarled reasons why I shouldn’t leave. I packed in under 15 minutes and there was not a moment of sadness as I watched them from the window, the car moved away from my front door, taking me further away from my old life and closer to my destiny.

Re: Monthly Writer's Challenge : September 2008

Posted: Mon Nov 17, 2008 11:26 pm
by Ariel
Wow! Wonderful guys!