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ToWV: The Elven Rose

PostPosted: Wed Mar 29, 2017 8:24 pm
by Talon Sinnah
It never stops amazing me how much the security is lacking at these confounded get togethers. You would figure the Woodvale elite would want a guard at each of their's sides, but the guards at probably crooked as well. The invitation to the Sky Gala was easy enough to procure, a dark alley, a dagger, and a gentlemen's favorite drink was just the right key. Then it was a simple fact of buying a slick looking silk suit and a brimmed hat with the biggest feather I could find in it and this horse was off to the races well after a small fee to a lady of the night. A gentleman can't be showing up with a arm free and all alone after all. My escort did a good job of working the crowd so my attention could be on a way for me to get my mark.

The Elven Rose Diamond would be the largest heist I have had in a while since the Merchant King had rose to power. I had only seen the stone once ten years ago when a armed escort transported it through Woodvale then the King made sure it stayed in the shadows of the citizens' knowledge. But as always a bit of coin loosens even the tightest lips. After the gala was in full swing and all the elite good and liquored up I made me exit through a second floor door into the rest of the compound. I have to say the fat merchant had good taste. The compounds walls was only the finest mahogany with more oil paintings lining the halls then most museums. Large ferns and flowers added a touch of nature accented with the candle lit crystal sconces. The floors was covered with a plush royal red carpet which made my foot falls much more silent.

My trained sense of hearing picked up on the guards booted feet no doubt making his rounds and looking for a drunken party guest. Placing my back against the corner at a T intersection I held my breath as he got closer and closer. Judging by the boot sounds he was a big one possibly a Orc or very large human either way I had no interest in a scuffle with him.

With a holler I staggered out with a fool's smile on my lips. "Gud murnin big fellas!" To my dismay it was a six and a half foot tall Orc that looked like he lifted horses for fun. But they are known to mess up simple math to.

"What be your business here fork tongue." The comment made me wish I had my dagger with me.

"Ah ain't ya a sweet boy. Ta tells ya-" I faked a hiccup then a belch. "Ah secuse me ta much of tha red water. I was surpost ta have met a pertty hume someplace around hyere but furst nature calls if ya catch my words." I went to elbow him lighthearted and missed staggering by him.

"I know what ya mean but facilities have been added for guest in the lower levels." He caught me by the arm.

"I dunt know if I be able ta yuse them in my nermol state. Got a shy bladder I do."

The Orc bit his lower lip.

"Nut ta mentun wud ya want ta meet a lady reeking of a common latrine." The last comment got him on board.

"I see ya point." The Orc grasped me by the arm and led me down the hall.

"I like ya Orcy ya be my bestest friend." I smiled foolishly up at him as he led me away.

He led me to a plane looking door and opened it for me. "I will turn my back with the door open while you do your business."

"Tank you." I went to a small partitioned area where the stool was cut into a large stone. A cloth rack sat on the wall. Perfect I thought as I made a show of relieving myself. Whistling out of tune to a drinking song I stepped back and swayed. As I fell backwards yelling my favorite curse word I grabbed the wooden rack breaking it on my way to the floor.

Due to his training he rushed in, his lack of intelligence would cost him dearly. The rod entered through one side of his neck and out the other. I made a mockery of it as I stuck out my forked tongue. "I hope they didn't pay you too much for this night." As his life drained I pushed him back onto the stool and wiped my bloody hands on his tunic.

Looking myself over I stepped back out into the hall locking the door behind me. "Now back to finding my rose."

Re: ToWV: The Elven Rose

PostPosted: Thu May 18, 2017 8:27 pm
by Talon Sinnah
I could hear the music take on a lively hum as no doubt even the musicians were partaking in the free drink flowing from the casks. Somewhere down the hall a window was open as a breeze brushed my face and rattled the tapestries hanging on the walls. At least it felt like a good night outside to make my getaway. One mission at a time I reminded myself as I got closer to the wall and began a slow cautious walk.

From memory I knew that the Rose was held on the top most level of the compound and most likely guarded tonight. To tell the truth I am banking on the fact they put more hands down at the party to watch over the art pieces being displayed during the gala. Just happy that the elite designed their compounds in similar fashion I slowly made my way toward the end of the hall to where no doubt the stairs were located.

My compliments to my self were cut short as I got to the locked door who's rattling mocked me. Just as I reached for my lock-pick I could hear heavy booted foot falls and idle conversation coming down the stairs. Knowing I was not fast enough to make it down the long hall without being seen I turned to the window to my left and prayed it was open. Thanking whatever god was listening I crawled out onto the ledge and shut the window. I kept my back firmly against the wall and eyes pointed toward the sky as I had never been comfortable with heights. I heard the door open and I counted three different voices come out into the hall. As one reached up and locked the window he joked with another who had obviously for got to lock it on his last check. I cursed them all for breathing because now I was stuck out here on a ledge like some virgin cat burglar trying to get his first score. At least the temperature was perfect up here.