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ToWV: The Elven Rose

PostPosted: Wed Mar 29, 2017 8:24 pm
by Talon Sinnah
It never stops amazing me how much the security is lacking at these confounded get togethers. You would figure the Woodvale elite would want a guard at each of their's sides, but the guards at probably crooked as well. The invitation to the Sky Gala was easy enough to procure, a dark alley, a dagger, and a gentlemen's favorite drink was just the right key. Then it was a simple fact of buying a slick looking silk suit and a brimmed hat with the biggest feather I could find in it and this horse was off to the races well after a small fee to a lady of the night. A gentleman can't be showing up with a arm free and all alone after all. My escort did a good job of working the crowd so my attention could be on a way for me to get my mark.

The Elven Rose Diamond would be the largest heist I have had in a while since the Merchant King had rose to power. I had only seen the stone once ten years ago when a armed escort transported it through Woodvale then the King made sure it stayed in the shadows of the citizens' knowledge. But as always a bit of coin loosens even the tightest lips. After the gala was in full swing and all the elite good and liquored up I made me exit through a second floor door into the rest of the compound. I have to say the fat merchant had good taste. The compounds walls was only the finest mahogany with more oil paintings lining the halls then most museums. Large ferns and flowers added a touch of nature accented with the candle lit crystal sconces. The floors was covered with a plush royal red carpet which made my foot falls much more silent.

My trained sense of hearing picked up on the guards booted feet no doubt making his rounds and looking for a drunken party guest. Placing my back against the corner at a T intersection I held my breath as he got closer and closer. Judging by the boot sounds he was a big one possibly a Orc or very large human either way I had no interest in a scuffle with him.

With a holler I staggered out with a fool's smile on my lips. "Gud murnin big fellas!" To my dismay it was a six and a half foot tall Orc that looked like he lifted horses for fun. But they are known to mess up simple math to.

"What be your business here fork tongue." The comment made me wish I had my dagger with me.

"Ah ain't ya a sweet boy. Ta tells ya-" I faked a hiccup then a belch. "Ah secuse me ta much of tha red water. I was surpost ta have met a pertty hume someplace around hyere but furst nature calls if ya catch my words." I went to elbow him lighthearted and missed staggering by him.

"I know what ya mean but facilities have been added for guest in the lower levels." He caught me by the arm.

"I dunt know if I be able ta yuse them in my nermol state. Got a shy bladder I do."

The Orc bit his lower lip.

"Nut ta mentun wud ya want ta meet a lady reeking of a common latrine." The last comment got him on board.

"I see ya point." The Orc grasped me by the arm and led me down the hall.

"I like ya Orcy ya be my bestest friend." I smiled foolishly up at him as he led me away.

He led me to a plane looking door and opened it for me. "I will turn my back with the door open while you do your business."

"Tank you." I went to a small partitioned area where the stool was cut into a large stone. A cloth rack sat on the wall. Perfect I thought as I made a show of relieving myself. Whistling out of tune to a drinking song I stepped back and swayed. As I fell backwards yelling my favorite curse word I grabbed the wooden rack breaking it on my way to the floor.

Due to his training he rushed in, his lack of intelligence would cost him dearly. The rod entered through one side of his neck and out the other. I made a mockery of it as I stuck out my forked tongue. "I hope they didn't pay you too much for this night." As his life drained I pushed him back onto the stool and wiped my bloody hands on his tunic.

Looking myself over I stepped back out into the hall locking the door behind me. "Now back to finding my rose."

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PostPosted: Thu May 18, 2017 8:27 pm
by Talon Sinnah
I could hear the music take on a lively hum as no doubt even the musicians were partaking in the free drink flowing from the casks. Somewhere down the hall a window was open as a breeze brushed my face and rattled the tapestries hanging on the walls. At least it felt like a good night outside to make my getaway. One mission at a time I reminded myself as I got closer to the wall and began a slow cautious walk.

From memory I knew that the Rose was held on the top most level of the compound and most likely guarded tonight. To tell the truth I am banking on the fact they put more hands down at the party to watch over the art pieces being displayed during the gala. Just happy that the elite designed their compounds in similar fashion I slowly made my way toward the end of the hall to where no doubt the stairs were located.

My compliments to my self were cut short as I got to the locked door who's rattling mocked me. Just as I reached for my lock-pick I could hear heavy booted foot falls and idle conversation coming down the stairs. Knowing I was not fast enough to make it down the long hall without being seen I turned to the window to my left and prayed it was open. Thanking whatever god was listening I crawled out onto the ledge and shut the window. I kept my back firmly against the wall and eyes pointed toward the sky as I had never been comfortable with heights. I heard the door open and I counted three different voices come out into the hall. As one reached up and locked the window he joked with another who had obviously for got to lock it on his last check. I cursed them all for breathing because now I was stuck out here on a ledge like some virgin cat burglar trying to get his first score. At least the temperature was perfect up here.

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 28, 2017 8:19 pm
by Talon Sinnah
The stars and occasional cool breeze did little for my mood and uncomfortableness as I contemplated my next move. My first one was gathering enough strength to pull my eyes from the stars, which was a bad idea for it sent a image of the ground rushing into my imagination. Closing my eyes tightly I fought to catch my breath and still my racing heart.

As my breaths raced through my nostrils the strong sent of honeysuckle brought my attention to something other then falling. Holding my breath I opened my right eye and slightly turned my head. A large vine of dragon honeysuckle was growing up the building. The large flower like blooms rivaled the roses in the garden and had a forked tongue like stem protruding from the center. Depending on the environment dictated the flowers color and how spicy the nectar was. Lucky for me the vines it grew on was known for their strength and durability even known to be used as ties by the barbaric tribes in the wilderness.

Deciding my next course I reached out a gloved hand and tested its strength. Satisfied it would hold my weight I eased my feet onto the vine and held my breath hoping not to fall. Thankful for my Yuan-Ti body type I began a slow ascent. Lucky for me the compound only had two more stories and the vine ended on a balcony. The elite never thought like a thief when it came to planting their flora around the walls, but at least it looked pretty I thought.

The balcony held a large arched French door in the middle of a ten foot section of wall. A small outdoor sitting area was in the right side of the balcony opposite of me. On the table was a unlit candle and empty clear glass tea pot with a matching cup. Large fans leaned against the wall next to a upside down umbrella. "Gods help them if the bright sun is too hot for them." I said aloud as I climbed over the stone railing.

Peering through the glass panes the only illumination the room had was from the full moon in the sky. Through the soft glow I could see a very large comfortable looking bed with transparent white lace drapes hanging down from a support system on the ceiling. At the foot of the bed was a small love seat with a red cushion and a wooden night stand built on the left hand side. A large wardrobe was in front of it with a mirror in the doors. A door on the far wall was most likely the exit while a plain looking door next to the bed was most likely the bathing room.

Satisfied that the room was empty I tested the door and was almost giddy as it opened with ease. "Oh they will never learn." The soft carpet kept my boots silent as I slinked into the dark room. Not loosing sight of my ultimate goal the thief got the better of me and I opened the wardrobe and found a two foot by two foot jewelry box. With a smile I opened it and relieved the occupant of her jewelry. "Well don't look like old Teir-Lan isn't leaving empty handed."

My elation was short lived as the tell tell noise of a door knob rattling jolted me to my senses. My only reaction was to jump in the wardrobe and shut the door. Even with my small frame it was a tight fit with dresses and other clothing inside.

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 01, 2017 7:13 am
by Ariel
Really enjoying your story Talon and hope to see more of it soon!

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 10, 2017 10:32 pm
by Talon Sinnah
The overwhelming scent of a sweet female perfume assaulted my nose as the door opened. My ears picked up two sets of foot falls and the sickening sound of two individuals beginning what could only mean a long night of heated coupling. With a huff I tried to make myself comfortable in the cramped space as I contemplated my next move. The easy route would probably be killing both of them but I never one was for bloodshed and I already had one body to my count tonight anymore and I would be pushing my luck. The long path would be waiting for the two to fall asleep but who knows when that would be? If I lucked out maybe they would be loud enough they would not hear me sneak out of my hiding spot and into the door. It seemed like my only other option other then incapacitating them some how even then I would need to be stealthy that way so neither one of them screamed. Maybe my mother was right, I should have become a florist or baker instead of searching for money the easy way. I nearly chuckled out loud as my mother thought that thieving was a easy occupation. The activity seemed to come to a intermission as a few muffled words were said and a door was opened then shut. Judging by the echo it was the other door in the room. Listening carefully I could hear soft foot steps coming my way and the scent of perfume getting stronger. Putting the equation together the woman must be looking for something to get the man's blood pumping.

The wardrobe began to open as the woman began to whistle. Her eyes widened as she opened the piece of furniture wide and saw my snake like features and markings in the moonlight. My right handed cupped over her mouth stopping the scream. Not wasting a second I pulled her close and sunk my fangs into her neck biting her sharply. Within seconds my poison paralyzed her and I stepped out of the wardrobe and let her fall in. "Don't worry lady it will wear off in a hour or two." I quickly and quietly hustled over to the wash room door and waited for her partner to come out. The door opened outwards toward me, I waited for it to pause then put all my strength into it shoving it back on the young man. Already off balance it was easy for me to get around the door and grab his head. His skull made a loud thud as I slammed it on the hard wooden door causing him to fall limp in the floor. Searching the man I was elated to find a signet ring decorated with a hawk on it and put it in my pocket. Turning my attention to the female I thanked the serpent god Ek'anser for my snake heritage and searched the woman. Deciding not to press my luck on her jewelry I retrieved the room key and went toward the door.

Opening it slightly I stuck my head out and looked down both ways of the hall. Satisfied it was empty I shut the door behind me and locked the door. With a smile I dug around my hip pack and pulled out a tie and hung it over the door latch. "Hopefully the ignorant guards don't decide to think too hard on it."

The floor was hard mahogany wood which offered little cushion for my foot falls. Straightening up my clothing and my walk I picked a leisurely pace as I strolled down the hall. I calmly looked from one piece of art to the other feigning interest in them as I made my way to my final set of stairs that led up to the vault that housed the Elven Rose. The vault itself was no doubt going to be guarded and I had yet to figure out a plan for handling that problem if it arises. "Flying solo definitely has its disadvantages."

The next corner came and I stuck my head around it to see what I could spy. Just my luck two very large very warlike humans stood armed with crossbows and a array of bladed weapons. What was worse they had an intelligent look to them. Deciding not to press my luck I went back around the corner and placed my back around it. Thinking hard I tried to put a plan together that would not lead to confronting these two gorillas. No strategy came to mind until my hand reached into my pocket and touched my flint stick and I smiled as I looked at the tapestry depicting a burning fire in a hearth as a family sat around it celebrating. "Well that's ironic. Well so much for keeping a low profile."

Looking around I tried to find a good energy source to start my fire with. Just down the a small table held a thin laced cover on top of it. I quickly retrieved the lace and went back to the tapestry. I made quick work if tiring the lace to the frills at the bottom of the work of art, in the past I remembered lace made a good tinder for fires and hoped the wooden walls would not take to long to catch. The more heat and smoke that was generated the more likely the pink apes would come running.

As I hoped the lace wasted no time catching and neither did the tapestry. Rushing to the corner I kneeled down and waited. It wasn't long before I covered my nose and mouth with my hand as the ceiling and walls began to catch fire and begin to smolder. Cursing was followed by two sets of heavy boots running for the commotion. Lucky for me their attention was on the blaze and not lower towards the floor as they rounded the corner.

Quickly I turned the corner and found a clear path to the stairs. At a dead sprint I took the steps two at a time not wanting to waste any time that I had just bought myself. For a vault door it was very plane looking in its oak finish and the lock even more so as my experienced hands made quick work of it with my lockpick.

I was not ready for the scene in front of me. The vault was little more then another bedroom with a bed on the far wall a few shelves here and there and a desk in the right wall. A pedestal was in the center that looked to have held a fist sized jewel of some sort but was empty with a rope hanging down from a shattered glass ceiling. A small black turtle dove sculpture sat on the pedestal. "A glass ceiling, should have done more research. Well guess my quest for the rose is not over." Deciding my exit was already in front of me I climbed up the rope and into the night air.

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 09, 2017 8:22 pm
by Talon Sinnah
I awoke in my bed after an estimated four hours of sleep. Still frustrated with the whole situation last night I stared emptily at the ceiling going through the whole set of events. The black turtle dove trinket was new even to Woodvale and was no doubt the calling card of some new thief on the scene. I will have to keep my ears out for more information I thought to myself. I went through a mental layout of the vault room to see if I may have missed something but only led me to more frustration. No blueprint I had seen of the building mentioned a living quarter but neither did they mention a glass ceiling.

I swung my legs over the edge of the bed uncovering my naked body. I stretched my arms wide and placed my feet on the cold hard wood floor. With a slight chill in the air my plain brown trousers offered a little comfort. The thonged sandales I had placed near my pants the night before offered a good shield against the floor. The cold water in my basin sparked my mind awake and made me more alert. After drying my face and chest I pulled on my plain cotton white shirt and put the stringy black hair of mine back into a loose pony tail.

Ready to start my day, well almost I thought, I headed down stairs from the apartment I rented to my 'day job'. The records shop was always quite this time of day giving me time to gather my thoughts and possibly cover any of my tracks from any endeavor the night before. I always counted myself lucky that I had worked hard in gaining Kelson's trust early on in my employment so the old man would let me work the first few hours by myself.

My first order of business was going to the guards over night drop box so I could read over the reports of the night, today specifically anything to do with the gala. Taking my key I opened the box and got the stacks of envelopes and went right to the crimson one from the Merchant Kings's Compound and walked over to the sectioned off cubicle so I could read it in private. In my line of worked it always helped to train my eyes to pick out key details in any document to waste as less time as possible. There was only one count of a guards death ruled to foul play and a fuzzy description of a yuan-ti poisoning one of the merchant's family members. Last time I checked I was slightly green not a pinkish color. "Oh the wanders of alcohol and lust. Unknown arsonist, dove statue, broken window and missing diamond, and a kidnapping,well no mention or good detail of the suspect so ongoing file." I sealed the envelope and placed it to the side. The rest of the stack dealt with robberies one or two back alley stabbings, a brawl over at the Muscled Lunk, and a few couples being caught with their pants down in some pretty compromising positions. "Just a normal night in Woodvale." I placed the diamond heist on the center left of my desk in case someone came inquiring about it then took the others to the twenty four hour waiting box to file them tomorrow.

Turning to the door I saw the usual first visiter, a Aerial with the facial and wing features of a blue jay and a fur like feathered skin that ranged from light blue to dark black that went by the name Corpus, waited very impatiently with a clawed hand on one hip. He dressed the way his demeanor usually presented as a self absorbed wannabe elitist in department shops finest and always looked down his jade pierced beak at everyone.

I smiled and waved, an empty polite gesture. I walked to the door at my leisure and waited for my over night candle to burn out then opened the door to the impatient Corpus who shouldered past me.

"You really need to open earlier."

I bit my lip at the snide remark. "I've talked to Kelsin about it," Lying off my forked tongue. "He said he has not opened up earlier in the last twenty years and does not plan to change for anyone."

"The earlier he opens the more money he is likely he gets more money."

"Not all birds get up as early as you to get the worm." The snide remark was not lost on him as he sneered at me as I got behind my desk. "How may I be of service to you?"

Corpus handed me a stack of documents related to his crossbow business as well as his side endeavor of the Woodvale forest exploration, a few other documents scattered about the pile. "As usual I will be paying an extra six gold pieces so you can bury them in whatever hole you slither them down."

"I wouldn't expect anything different from you." I took the documents and the payment. "Thank you for your seeds, anything else you need?"

Corpus clicked his beak at me. "Do you have any documents related to the Rose heist lastnight?"

"Only the guards that has yet to be released. The Merchant King's document envoy hasn't made their rounds yet."

Corpus slid me a ten piece cold coin. "Can you make sure you send a pigeon when I am able to look at them. I would like to be the first one."

"For you Corpus anything. " I flicked the coin up and then pocketed it as the Aerial walked out.

Immediately my gears started turning. Why was this Aerial so invested in a large pink diamond. Unless something of his was stolen out of that vault. I would have to really back track and reread the documents to see if anything stood out.

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 07, 2017 12:07 am
by Talon Sinnah
So the old bird did have something I thought as I read the phrase 'Jewel of the Vale', he even left me a crudely drawn map of the area he found it in. "He really needs to invest in a halfling cartographer." Referencing to the race with the most nimble fingers. I couldn't find the location in any of the maps Kelsin has in the office and I had only set foot outside the gates only a handful of times in my life. "So this is pretty much useless to me." I said aloud just as another patron came in.

Taking their documents and payment my mind was in the map as I ran in autopilot to complete the task. Thanking the customer I turned my thoughts once again to my next course to find the Elven Rose and this new jewel Corpus had given me a lead too. If my luck would hold up today a cartographer would waltz in through the doors today but unfortunately that was almost as likely as one of the guards being clean in this city. "Damn those half pint map makers." I placed the money in the lockbox then went about filing the point of sales papers from the last patron.

As I shut the file drawer I turned to the left and was nearly knocked to the floor as my eyes locked on the history section of the office. "Time to brush up on my lore." Just as I began walking towards the section the front door slammed open. I instinctively went for the knife but remembered I was not allowed to carry one in the office. Kelsin came in with his usually boisterous flare. The tall obese man looked like a joyous infant with his thinning hair combed to the side and his drunken smile that was now permanently painted on his pale face. Jade rings matched the finest blue silk robe he wore with a gold chain around the waste. Fur lined horse hide saddles engulfed his feet and a matching hat was held in his right hand. Kelsin always believed on taking ones hat off when entering an establishment even his own. A gold feather resting on a open book pendent hung from a silver chain around his large neck showing his station as information broker.

"Teir my boy how is things going?" Kelsin yelled across the office.

"Slow today, strange considering all that happened last night." I said as I went to retrieve the guard reports.

"Yes nasty business with the Rose. But you advertise a jewel like that it's a wander no one had stolen it before now." Kelsin laughed.

I brought the documents over to the large shop owner. "Very true it would attract the attention of some shady individuals."

"Yeah we all know Woodvale be full of those." Kelsin began looking over the documents over the heist. "A black dove statuette that's new to the area." I could already see his wheels turning. "This could be a gold mine with the guards."

"Too bad no info has came through our door."

"Not yet." Kelsin eyed me under his brow. "Do you feel like some sandwichs today Teir?"

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 27, 2017 8:06 pm
by Talon Sinnah
Sandwichs, I never understood why the old man used code when no one would worry about scrying on his info shop. Everyone knew for the right price the broker would give them any tidbit they want. Kinda think about it i was getting kinda hungry. Too bad the Soused Pig wasn't known for their food. The establishment was stuffed in between two buildings in a alley off a alley off of the business district's Main Street. Two house windows and a rickety old door did little to invite people in and I knew the inside was even less so as I walked in.

The common room was dimly lit with a few unsavory characters dotting the room at unwashed tables. The room smelled like booze and sweat mixed with a musky wood scent. My eyes fell on the bartender which also owned the business. A half breed between a orc and a human made for a ugly combination. His skin was yellow with black spots scattered throughout. He had a misshaped nose a that one of his bottom teeth almost touched the other broken half way up. Beneath a protruding brow red eyes looked back framed black stringed unkept hair. His grey shirt was dirty matching his apron and he wore a pair of shorts with a worn out pair of sandals. As un assuming as old Grout looked his 6'5 300 lbs of pure muscular frame usually kept anyone especially me from picking a fight with him.

"Ah ole Teir Lan whut are ya doin in these parts?" Grout attempted to smile once twisting his face more.

"The food obviously."

"Now I know ya liein." Grout grabbed a tankard and filled it full of ale. "Dunt wury it be on the house."

"Thank you. It's business once again today." I said accepting the drink.

"As always. Whut be it today?"

I passed him to gold coins. "Apparently a noble is all up in the air about someone stilling a rose from his secret garden."

"Isn't that a job fur his florist ta work out?"

"It would be but no evidence has turned up other then a black stone dove that was perched on the bush." Grout's face went serious. "You hear about it?"

"Aye tha story been around fer ahwhile."


"Yeh but I need a refresher." With a sigh I took another drink and passed him two more gold. "Way back win befure Woodvale be the cesspool it be now a order of thieves wur gittin started. They called themselves the Order of Vale."

I thought through all the documents I had read at the office and no reference to them popped into my mind.

"Their leader called himself tha Shadow Dove. He always be leaving a small black figure of a dove at his heist. Rumurs says he be a evil codger."

"Why haven't I heard his name before?"

"It only be whispered in tha shadahs. Supposedly tha merchant king tried hard ta wipe the name from the history books."

"Why is that?"

"Dunt know fer sure only heard gossip. Most common is they used ta be partners but tha king got greedy and did away wit him." He said drawing his right finger over his neck. "Another be the Merchant King be the Shadow Dove himself but retired."

"Really that obese slug?"

"Yeah I don't see it to likely either. I tink he just be a story fur thieves who fumble on a heist and want something ta blame it on to their comrades."

"They are a prideful sort."

"That they are. Why the interest in this subject?"

"You know Kelsin, any little tidbit that will make him half a coin he is going after."

"Understood but what has happened to bring up this subject?"

Sometimes Grout seems smarter then he lets on. "All this info has showed up in the guard's reports and Kelsin would like to get a head of all parties involved."

"Ah greed be a powerful motivator. Some words of advice," I nodded my head. "He need to drop it. If tha Order truly be involved Kelsin don't need ta be. It be best ta stay away as fur as possible."

"Thanks for the warning Grout I will be sure to warn the old man." I gave the half orc a extra coin for his trouble. "By the way the ale taste like vomit." I added as I walked to the door.

"Aye but ya still come back for it." Grout laughed lightheartedly as I shut the door waving at him.

The alley was empty as usual and the coolness of the air and darker clouds rolling in was evidence of a storm moving in. Pulling a rolled piece of tobacco from my pouch I used my flint and steel to light it all the while cursing myself for the habit. The smoking always helped me focus, at least that is what I told everyone. Sticking my hands in my cloak pockets I made my way towards the end of the alley lost in thought.

As I took a long drag of my smoke stick I felt something hard hit the back of my head and star burst patterns cloud my vision. The pain settled in as the cobblestone walkway rushed up to meet me. Warm blood mixed with hot ash made my face burn and throb at the same time. I could feel a large leather boot get acquainted with my ribs then the side of my already sore face. My reflexes told me to turn to the side which was an immediate mistake as my soft torso was open for another kick. Grasping the foot on its way out only momentarily tripped up my opponent forcing them to bend down and punch me in my face. Fighting to stay conscious I tried to bring one of my legs up to wrap tit around their chest but the fighter was quicker dodging my leg by twisting. The attackers opposite foot came around meeting the right side of my face. As the blackness settled in I could feel the hands rummaging through my pockets as I cursed my carelessness.

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 20, 2017 10:34 pm
by Talon Sinnah
My head was groggy and I could smell the scent of dried blood mixed with the sickening stench of skunk oil, spearmint, and crushed lady bugs as the guards used the concoction, commonly known as "Devil Breath", to wake me. I was still laying in the cobblestone alley in a fluid I probably naively thought was water looking up at the dark clouds as a light sprinkle signaled the storms arrival.

A young wide eyed blonde human female looked down at me through her brand new polished steel helmet in all the wander of a fresh new rookie. Across from her was a grey scruff bearded middle aged human with a whitened scar running above his left eyebrow who was looking at me critically with his dark brown eyes. His salt and pepper hair cut at the ears blew slightly in the wind making me wander where was his helmet was at. I shook the last thought out of my head to try and focus my mind on sitting up.

"Now you don't need to do that just yet." The man's strong hand pushed me back down.

"We still don't know the extent of your injuries." The woman knelt down beside me and began feeling around my ribs.

"At least buy me a drink first." I grimaced as she pushed down harder.

"Well at least one rib is bruised if you are lucky."

"If you want to call it lucky." Her blue eyes began scanning me up and down.

"You are lucky your assailant did not kill you."

"They were not a murderer. If they wanted to kill me they would have used a dagger instead of a club." I said aggravated as she tried to touch my head.


"What?" I turned my attention to the man.

"They used this." He held up a red cobblestone. My eyes rolled at the barbaric tool a sure sign the attacker was new to the shadows.

"Either way I got the point they were trying to make."

"What were they after?" The blonde guard asked.

"Haven't a clue I was to busy napping to search my belongings."

"Do you have a description?"

"Dark cloak and soft hands don't worry they were gentle with me."

The woman smiled but the older gent was not amused. "Always the smart ones you Yuan-Ti."

"Not always we tend to just expect to have darkness run up to us."

"Just not in a back alley apparently." It was my turn to smile. "Are you able to stand?"

"You said no a second ago." I reached out and grabbed the females slender gloved hand and she helped me to my the world tilted I knew it wasn't the best idea but was still able to keep my balance.

"Is there anyone who has a grudge against your scaly rear?" I let the slightly racist comment go chalking it up to his age.

"Only about twenty handfuls of names." I joked as I gingerly rubbed my head.

"Can you write them down?" These questions were really getting annoying.

"No, no one comes to mind. I came here for business not for a fight to lose." The two noticed my patience running thin.

"Would you like a medic?" The woman butted in. I shook my head. "Would you like to come down to the guard's offices to file a report?"

"I will get the proper paper work in order at Kelsin's if I feel the need." With that the older gentlemen turned and left his business considered through.

"Ok mister?"

"Teir Lan."

"Teir Lan. If you think of anything come to the offices and ask for Keyla. I will be happy to help in anyway possible." With that she turned and hurried after her trainer.

"Rookie." I shook my head as I rubbed it. Gritting my teeth I began searching my pockets for any missing items. I gritted my teeth as I reached into a hidden pocket inside of one of my pants pockets where I kept the office key finding it missing. "Damned snake." I cursed. "Perhaps you're not as green as I thought."

My eyes started scanning the scene of my attack for any evidence left behind. My anger flared every time my eyes caught sight of my blood. A small silvered boot rivet decorated with a wolf's head lay in the gutter next to the wall. It may be small but it's a trail head I thought as I picked it up.