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A Tale Of Heroes

Posted: Tue Feb 14, 2012 5:03 am
by zzDarkBladezz
A Tale Of Heroes: Awakening

In Awakening, the heroes (Micheal, Ashley, Peter, Leah, Chris, "Sarge", Hope and Indiana) each discover their powers. A Mysterious organisation called ZeroCorps gains military power, and its newly appointed "Face Of ZeroCorps" General Thomas Price begins the purge. An all out attack on people with powers, rounding them up and killing them.

Micheal, Ashley, Peter and Leah face off against ZeroCorps after they attempt to "Purge" them. Afterwards, they are contacted by "A Friend" who is revealed to be the other four heroes.

Eventually they team up, and attack a ZeroCorps controlled factory. After a heated battle, the heroes are all killed by a mysterious, and powerful person. As micheal lays dying, he is saved by "The Imperium" a group of immensly powerful people, reveal that the man is Marcus Lancaster, the true leader of zerocorps. The Imperium send micheal back in time, and gives him info on how to stop Marcus.

At the very end of Awakening, he is re-united with the other heroes, as they are about to attack the factory, and micheal warns them of what will happen.

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