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Heroes - Movie Idea

Posted: Sun Feb 26, 2012 10:12 am
by zzDarkBladezz
Five Years After the events of the tv series, the heroes are now recognised throughout the world as ordinary. Allowed to go about their day to day lives as "Normal", the heroes are no longer special.

At the 5th Anniversary event of "The Awakening" (The day the public found out about heroes), a "Hero" with a very different idea about being normal attacks the event. Clearly much stronger than anyone the government has faced before, they ask the heroes to track the attacker down and bring him to justice. Sylar, now fighting for good, joins the rest of the heroes on the journey.

Noah researches through the companies files and finds that the attacker is David Milton, a man obsessed with Sylar, with the ability to take the abilities of others. Two days later, several people are found dead, with their head mysteriously cut open.

With Sylar in the public frame, and the other heroes as well for aiding him, they must hunt down the mysterious David Milton, but is his connection to Sylar greater than just being a fanitical copycat?

Re: Heroes - Movie Idea

Posted: Mon Feb 27, 2012 1:13 pm
by zzDarkBladezz
Character List (Subject to Change)

Current Characters:

Peter Petrelli
Nathan Petrelli (Flashback)
Angela Petrelli
Claire Bennett
Noah Bennett
Gabriel Gray/Sylar
Mohinder Suresh
Chandra Suresh (Flashback)
Charles Devoaux (Flashback)
Isaac Mendez (Flashback)
Adam Monroe (Flashback)
Matt Parkman
The President

New Characters:

David Milton

All Subject to Change

Re: Heroes - Movie Idea

Posted: Fri Mar 02, 2012 5:30 am
by zzDarkBladezz
The Heroes Trilogy

Heroes: 5 Years after "The awakening" (the world found out about heroes) The world watches as the petrelli family give a speech on The 5th Anniversary of The Awakening. For 5 years the world has lived in peace with people with abilities. The speech details plans to form a Alliance between the world and those with powers. Almost everyone backs the idea. However, one person despises the idea, and attacks the petrelli's during the speech. The man was clearly more powerful than any one the heroes have ever faced. The heroes are ordered to find the man before he can stop the formation of the alliance. However, sylar, now good, begins to remember a dark and dangerous past with the man. During the investigation, they track the man to london, who seems to indoctrinated most of the population to serve him. The Attacker sends a powerful follower to kill the heroes, Seth Hill.

Villian: Seth Hill, The Attacker

Part 2 and 3 to come

Re: Heroes - Movie Idea

Posted: Tue Mar 06, 2012 3:33 pm
by zzDarkBladezz
Heroes: London's Burning

Same as before, except the attacker is traced to London, and is revealed to be Seth Hill, who was given powers by unknown person. Once in London, the heroes become attacked by Seth, and after a long duel which leaves half of London in ruins, reveals that he was hired by the same person who gave him powers, David Milton. Seth tells the heroes that David is more powerful than anyone Seth knows, and likely anyone the heroes has ever met. With his last breath, he tells the heroes that David has gathered a small army and is now more powerful than ever.

Heroes: The Brotherhood

3 Months after the events of the first film, the heroes have returned to America, and find that it is engulfed in terror by The Brotherhood, those opposing the Alliance; which are led by David Milton. David is revealed to have a strange obsession with Sylar. David attacks Angela Petrelli, leaving her in critical condition, Peter begins a hunt to find and kill David Milton.

Heroes: End of Days

As more and more people join The Brotherhood, David launches an all out attack on The Alliance's HQ. The Alliance asks the heroes for help, although most of them have joined the brotherhood, only Peter, Sylar, Hiro, Ando, Matt, Mohinder and Noah agree to help The Alliance. Peter and Sylar face of against David, while the others battle his army of followers.

Re: Heroes - Movie Idea

Posted: Tue Mar 20, 2012 2:15 pm
by zzDarkBladezz
Heroes Movie Trilogy

Movie 1

Mostly Explained. After the attack, The Mysterious Attacker sends a powerful, evil Hero to kill the other heroes. Peter, Gabriel and Hiro go in search of heroes to fight the Evil hero, known as Seth Hill, and eventually The Mysterious Attacker.

Movie 2: The Brotherhood

After Seth's defeat, the Heroes learn the Identity of the attacker, David Milton, an incredibly powerful, ageless hero who has gathered a brotherhood of people similar to Seth, and has spreads throughout the world. Returning to Manhattan, they find a member of the brotherhood destroying Peter's home. After fighting him, he reveals that the brotherhood is planning an attack on The Alliance Head Quarters. The heroes prepare to face the brotherhood and save the Alliance.

Movie 3: End Of Days

After realising that only a handful of "brothers" attacked the HQ, the heroes search America for David Milton and the brotherhood. After finding him, and Finally meeting him, the heroes learn his plan, Total Extinction of all humans without powers. David explains that he is in fact the very first person to ever have powers, and is as old as the human race itself. HE explains that through the lifetimes he has gathered countless powers, including the ability to see the future, and had a vision of the future where Non-Powered Humans led a war to completely eradicate all those with Powers. In order to prevent this, David plans to kill all on Non-Powered Humans in order to save the lives of those with Powers. After giving a display of his powers, leaving Matt Parkman in hospital, David leaves for The Alliance Headquaters, with the full force of The Brotherhood, to begin The Purge. The other heroes follow, and enter into a full-scale battle with the brotherhood. Peter and Gabriel battle against David, seemingly immortal by sharing claire's power, a battle which leaves half of Washington DC destroyed, and countless deaths.