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A Heroes Tale

Posted: Sat Apr 14, 2012 2:29 am
by zzDarkBladezz
In the future, mankind has evolved to use "Super-Powers", which has lasted for nearly 100 Years. In the year 2179, mankind has spent all of its time using, and evolving super-powers. Due to this, the world has remained much the same as it was, technology has not progressed, except for that which aids powers. The series follows four young cops. The friends all have powers, as does all of the world. In the year 2080, The Awakening occured, the day when mankind discovered that there are those among them with super powers. Over the 100 years, almost everyone in the world have powers.

Micheal Lancaster (Older Brother to Marcus)
Power: Pyrokenesis

Ashley King
Power: Telepathy

Leah Williams
Power: Telekenisis

Marcus Lancaster( Younger Brother to Micheal)
Power: Power Absorbtion (Enables him to use any power he comes into contact with)

1. The New Ripper

The friends are drafted into Unit 19, a specialist division designed to catch the most dangerous individuals with destructive powers. The first case, a brutal series of murders, all targeting prostititutes in central london. As Unit 19 tries to keep the information a secret, the friends realise they may be dealing with a Jack The Ripper Copycat. A mysterious virus infects a member of Unit 19.

2. The Virus

A Mysterious Virus spreads through London, with a near-perfect fatality rate, and highly contagious, Unit 19 suspect that someone may have made the virus themselves. Investigation uncovers a man with the power to corrupt anything he touches, making the virus. Marcus finds it hard to control his powers.

3. Goose Chase

After a series of mysterious messages are sent to Unit 19, the friends investigate, and enter into a wild goose chase around london, until they eventually meet John Foster, an incredibly powerful man, who seems intent on destroying The Friends. He explains that he is the opposite of The Friends, and exists to "Bring Balance to the equation". Marcus and Ashley enter into a relationship.

4. 5 Years Ago

This is episode is set 5 ago, and follows the life of John Foster, as he deals with him mastering his powers, realising his destiny, and how he became so powerful. In The Present, Marcus develops a seperate personality, one filled with rage, anger and hatred for humanity. Marcus and Ashley struggle to keep Marcus's other personality contained.

5. Fall Of London (Part 1)

John begins his assault on London, easily outmatching the police and the army. The friends investigate a local legend which hold the key to defeating John.

6. Fall Of A Hero (Part 2) (Season Finale)

After learning of a way to defeat John, the friends enter into a final confrontation with "Their Equal". A Long and bloody battle ensues, in which John kills Ashley by impaling her with metal pole. In A rage, Marcus's other personality takes over, and unleashes a wave of energy, vaporising John. Returning to his former self, Marcus runs over to ashley's body, her last words, "Don't Give In". Ashley's Funeral then takes place. At the very end of the episode, Marcus collapses in a bathroom, in the reflection in the mirror, his other personality is seen standing up, smiling down on Marcus.

Re: A Heroes Tale

Posted: Sat Apr 14, 2012 3:10 am
by The Master
I like it. :) I'd watch this as a series over 90% of the junk Syfy puts out these days.

Isn't Lycan pretty specific to the Underworld universe? I don't recall ever hearing it used elsewhere, but maybe I'm wrong.

Re: A Heroes Tale

Posted: Tue Jun 12, 2012 2:06 pm
by zzDarkBladezz
Series 2

1. The Hated

Marcus is admitted to hospital after collapsing in the bathroom. He regains consciousness, Micheal and Leah soon begin to suspect that it may not be Marcus who has awakened. Marcus and Micheal's Father, Walter Lancaster, returns to London, which causes Micheal to become over-protective of his younger brother, although he wont tell Leah why.

2. The Third Brother

Marcus is discharged from hospital, and continues to act strangely. Micheal and Leah confront Marcus, and Micheal soon realises that he is not his brother, but his other personality calling himself Samuel. Samuel says that he wishes Leah and Micheal no harm, and only wants to be the dominant personality. They return to work at Unit 19, and investigate the case of a serial burglar who focuses on antiques shops. Micheal begins having strange dreams about a hooded man.

3. The New Girl

Detective Sophie Richardson is assigned to Unit 19, and works closely with the friends on several cases, and become close friends. While Samuel worries that she will replace Ashley, Leah welcomes the new friend. The Four Friends investigate a murder case. Micheal's strange dreams continues, all with the same Hooded Man. Walter uses his mind control powers of Samuel, turning him into his guardian. Micheal's dreams continue further, and he sees him and his friends entering an abandoned house, and dying in battle, and a shadowy figure emerging from darkness.

4. The Sins Of The Father

When Micheal and Leah find out about Walter's mind control on Samuel, Micheal explains to Leah why he hates his Father so much. Leah attempts to deal with Walter herself, using her powers to kill him. Samuel protects him and attacks Leah, leaving her injured. Micheal sees a phychologist about his dreams, who tells him that his problems stem from his relationship with his father, and that he must do all in his power to protect his friends from death, and he should ignore the shadowy figure.

5. Family (Part 1)

The Friends are cast out of Unit 19, after they are framed for murder. Attempting to find out who framed them, they eventually realise it was Walter, as part of his Master Plan. Trying to set the record straight, the look for Walter. The Only Problem is, he has left the country, and the only one who knows where he is, is Samuel. The Friends battle Samuel, attempting to extract information.

6. Emergence (Part 2) (Series Finale)

Samuel escapes from the battle, and the friends are left to search for him. Micheal begins having the same dreams while he is awake. He is admitted to hospital after being crippled by the dreams, constantly experiencing them. Leah stays at the hospital to watch over Micheal. Sophie continues her search for Samuel, and a cure for Micheal. But as Sophie uncovers Samuel's location, MIcheal stops dreaming, and the friends head to an abandoned house searching for Samuel. Micheal warns the friends that this is where his dreams occur. THey enter, and battle Samuel, who is revealed to be the hooded man, in a final duel. Before Samuel is killed, Marcus emerges and the battle stops. At the very end of the episode, a mass shadow covers the room, it disappears, and Ashley is reborn.

Season 3:

Ashley continues her life.
Walter returns to London, and inspires an entire gang of criminals to rise up.
Marcus battles with Samuel for dominance.
The friends uncover a secret behind Marcus/Samuel's power.

Re: A Heroes Tale

Posted: Wed Jun 13, 2012 10:05 am
by zzDarkBladezz
Season 3

1. The Return (Part 3)

Ashley is sent to the hospital, after mysteriously coming back to life after the events of "Emergence". The doctors say that she is fine, and the friends return home. With no knowledge of how she returned back to life, Ashley continues her day as she normally would. The friends continue their search for Walter. Marcus battles with Samuel for control. Unit 19 orders the friends arrest.

2. A Father's Touch

Walter returns to London, this time with the worlds most dangerous criminals under his control. The friends try to force a confession from him, allowing them to go back to work at Unit 19, and stop them from trying to arrest The Friends. Ashley begins to act differently, becoming obsessed with a strange pendant on her necklace. Sophie discovers others with Marcus/Samuel's power, and the condition that they suffer from.

More To Come