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Posted: Wed May 02, 2012 9:55 am
by zzDarkBladezz
Here is my idea for a TV Series of Batman.

1. Origins

A young Bruce Wayne witnesses his parent's death, at the hands of Joe Chill, and is taken in by Alfred, the family butler. He vows to avenge the death of his Parents, and when he reaches 23, the mansion becomes infested with Bats, giving Wayne the idea for Batman. Wayne informs Alfred of his plans for Batman, and Alfred suggests that he gets fighting lessons, and hires a Martial arts team known as The Demon, to train Bruce Wayne in the arts of combat. For 1 year he trains, and becomes a master of combat. He eventually realises that he is strong enough to become Batman, and bring justice to Gotham, which is run by the criminals of the city. Wayne tracks down Joe Chill, and, as Batman, beats him until he confesses to the murder of Bruce Wayne's Parents. He does so, but before he can tell Batman something important about why he did it, Chill is shot by a sniper, dies immediately after. Wayne then swears to bring justice to Gotham, and solve the mystery of His parent's death.

2. The False Face Society

After hearing in the press of a criminal organisation known as The False Face Society, responsible for multiple burglaries and murders, Wayne decides to bring them to Justice. After researching them, he learns of a warehouse of owned by TFFS, and decides to sneak in, and hopefully stop them. When he arrives, he meets The Black Mask, the leader of TFFS. After a long fight, The Black Mask escapes, but TFFS is left crippled after batman defeats most its members. Later, The Black Mask decides to rob The Museum of Gotham, looking for a specific item, which is unknown to Batman. Attempting to stop The Black Mask, Batman arrives at the musuem, and a fight ensues, which sees The Black Mask shot by GCPD, and Batman making his first appearance to the press, and the people of Gotham.

3. It's A Trap

When Dr. Schimmell is taken hostage by a criminal group, Batman vowes to save him. After researching Schimmell, Wayne learns that he was working on Cold Fusion, and assumes that the criminals must want his work. Receiving a tip off about Schimmell's location, Batman attempts to rescue him, only to realise he has fallen for a trap. Schimmell is actually Dr. Victor Fries, a maniacal villian, and seemingly leader of the criminal group. The Black Mask was trying to steal an item for Fries, and failed. The Hostage situation was set up to lure the batman in, so he could be killed. Batman overcomes the criminals, and battle Fries, who encases himself in a freezing suit, armed with a freeze gun. Batman then nicknames him "Mr. Freeze". Batman wins the encounter however, and explains to Commissioner Jim Gordon about he situation, and leaves before he can tell anyone else he was their.

4. Riddle Me This!

Wayne starts receiving emails from Edward Nigma, every one a riddle. For three months this happens every day, and Wayne does not answer one. But when Barbara Gordon goes missing, and the clue to her disappearance is a mysterious riddle left in her bedroom, Wayne suspects Nigma, and realises that he must solve the previous riddle's sent to him, before he can solve the Riddle of her disapperance, and save her from the criminal now calling himself The Riddler.

5. The Society (Part 1)

Wayne finally uncovers the identity of the Sniper that shot Joe Chill. A gun-for-hire known as Jack Henri. After a fight, Jack tells Batman that he was hired by an Organisation known as The Society, whose maniacal leader, a professor of chemistry, Hugo Strange. Leaving Jack for GCPD, Batman returns home to research The Society, and Hugo Strange. He finds that Hugo Strange was a employee of Wayne Enterprises, who was working on a way to "Turbo-Boost" the human body, to maximise the best of Humanity, and minimise the worst parts. Wayne's Father was opposed to the idea, and cancelled the project. Strange then used a prototype of the project, in the form of a chemical, on Joe Chill, but it went wrong, and the thing that changed in Joe was that he became completely obediant to Strange, who used him to Kill Wayne's Father, so that he could carry on the project. Jim Gordon and Alfred is then shown to be held captive, a long with two strangers, Selina Kyle and a male stranger.

6. The Fall (Part 2) (Series Finale)

The Male Stranger is injected with an updated version of the chemical, and rapidly gains super-strength, and is shown to be unable to be harmed, and also an extensive loyalty to Strange. Strange calls the man Bane. Batman attempts to save the remaining hostages, but is stopped by the remaining members of the society, The Penguin, Mad-Hatter, and The Joker. The Joker then announces that there were more members, The Riddler and Mr Freeze, but they were defeated by Batman. Strange informs Batman that Bane is only the beginning in a line of Super-Soldiers, created to serve Strange. Batman is then pitted against Bane, a long, difficult battle, which results in Bane breaking Batman's back. The hostages are then freed by The Joker. Strange then pits Bane against the Joker, but Bane is shot in the leg by a reporter Wayne met, Terry Kase, who reveals himself to be Ras Al Ghul. Ras tells The Joker to let Batman and the hostages go. Gordon carries Batman to safety with the rest of the hostages. Ras and The Joker then kill the rest of The Society, but they keep Bane alive, and take him to their HQ. Ras, who has healed Bane, sets him and the rest of The Demon against Gotham, in order to completely destroy it. While the soldiers are seen marching, Wayne is seen to be resting in hospital, unable to recover from his broken back.

Next Series, some of the storylines:

The Demon wage war against Gotham.
The Joker hatches a devestating plan.
Selina Kyle, Barbara Gordon, and Dick Grayson assume their legendary alter-ego's.
Harvey Dent becomes Gotham's D.A.
The war on Gotham gives rise to most of the city's most famous criminals, and the betrayal of a friend.

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Posted: Wed May 02, 2012 1:05 pm
by zzDarkBladezz
Series 2

1. The Lazarus Pit

Alfred and Jim Gordon try to find a way help Wayne recover from his injuries, and meets Lucius Fox, a worker at Wayne Enterprises, who has access to almost all stock owned by Wayne Enterprises. He agrees to help Wayne recover, but says that the only way he knows, is shrouded in legend, The Lazarus Pit. He tells them of how The Demon supposedly utilises Lazarus Pits in order to heal Ras al Ghul. He says that he may be able to gain access to one, but would require help. They eventually find a Lazarus Pit, and Wayne is healed of his injuries.

2. Clean Streets

Harvey Dent is appointed as Gotham's District Attorney, and vowes to put away the criminals of Gotham, and does so. But a criminal mob takes him hostage, threatening to kill him unless the criminals are released. Batman, now fully recovered, attempts to free him. Will he be successful?

3. Rise Of The Cat

Selina Kyle undertakes combat training, and quickly becomes a top student. When the first batallion of The Demon's troops arrive in Gotham, she assists in Batman's attempts to defeat them. When her father is killed by The Demon, she looses her sense of Morality, and dons the persona of "Cat-Woman". She begins robbing banks, and art galleries. Batman, who feels betrayed by Kyle, attempts to stop her.

Note: This episode marks the first Appearence of Cat-Woman.

4. In The Father's Shoes

When Cat-Woman is recruited is by an agent of The Demon, she kidnaps Jim Gordon. Vowing to save her father, she asks Wayne if he can train her, in order to stop Cat-Woman. Wayne agrees, and trains her in combat. She dons the "Bat-Girl" persona, and assists Wayne in Gordon's rescue. Bat-Girl and Cat Woman enter into a fight, with Bat-Girl winning.

Note: This episode marks the first appearance of Bat-Girl.

5. Fall Of The Titan (Part 1)

A Warning comes to Gotham, your destruction comes in 3 days. While Panic ensues, GCPD manages to keep everyone calm. As evacuation begins, the 3 days are up, and nothing or no one appears to destroy Gotham. The next week, The Joker appears in Gotham, Batman fights him, hoping to stop him, and he reveals that he killed the members of The Demon, and saved the city. Unable to know if this is true, Batman carries on the fight, but the joker escapes. investigating, Batman learns that the Joker was telling the truth, but Bane survived. Wanting revenge, Batman finds Bane, and engages in a long and bloody battle, but with the help of the police force and Harvey Dent, Bane is finally defeated. Overseeing, The Joker throughs a grenade at batman, it explodes, but burns Harvey Dent , causing him significant injury. batman chases the joker, and ends up at Dick Grayson's Carnival. After fighting, The Joker kills Dick's family, and escapes. Wanting revenge, Dick Grayson asks Batman if he can help to take Joker. He Agrees, and Dick becomes Robin.

Note: This episode marks the final Apperance of Bane, and the first Appearence of Robin.

More To Come.