A brief history of Speculative Vision

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Post by blue_eve »

Wow, sounds like work, LOL!

Great job, great new format, too.

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Post by eleika »

What year did Writer's Digest list you as a valuable Sci-Fi/Fantasy resource again? Can't forget that :D
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Speculative Vision was named one of the 101 Best Websites for Writers by Writer's Digest in 2004. Genre category naturally :)

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Post by Aslan »

Yay for SV!

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Post by Neurolanis »

Aldan: Oh, Neuro, you forgot one of the major groups of members... sarcastic posters.

Oh yeah! Where'd we be without 'em? :lol:

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Post by sooty »

Excellent job you did on the site, Master. Also, nice posters too! :smt035

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Congradulations for a job well done!

Post by phoenix777 »

I agree, this is a nice place to be, and I think knowing the history behind it makes it even more beautiful!


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Post by Princess of Fire »

Although it may be a little late on congrats...Good job and thanks for the sight! I do admit that is has improved my writing, spelling, and typing by a great deal.... :smt050

So thank you very much. :wink:

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Post by Bmat »

The topic was split since it had gone off-topic. It seems a good idea to keep this topic, in particular, on the subject, the history of SV.

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Post by Bread Butterbeard »

Very Interesting history Master, Thanks for all you do and all the mods do ^_^
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Post by Believer »

It is nice to have a place to go to when you just want to chat, play a game or role play, or ask for help on your work, and actually have people help you, and not criticize you. Thank you Master.
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Post by FantasyMan »

Ariel wrote:Thanks so much for the interesting history lesson.I always wondered about the earlier days and how it all got started.Thanks
also to the moderators who are doing a wonderful job here!

Oh and Thanks for my flower smiley!! :flower: and the cat :cat: and...the others!!

I m just gonna seconde Ariel b/c i agree with her sooooooo much :) thanks master!!!
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