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Postby Max » Thu Jun 29, 2017 3:10 am

New here. I'm pretty sure I've been around here before. Some bad news, a dog has just died - but we have his ashes. I'm a dog lover, and a cat lover. It seems he got a tumour, and he was having fits - so, we put him down.
On the cusp of that, I'm getting over a few things. Problems with workmates, friends making the wrong choices, religious differences. My sister has had a child, and I either/or can't keep my father happy or unhappy - it was his dog. He is cryptic. I'm overwhelmed by the support everyone has been giving him - but, it was a dog thing. So, we can't help with that. Pretty much, we were all worried about the dog; he was such a nice fellow.. I think I have a problem with these things. Overwhelming support.
My sister's daughter is called Rose - like Briar Rose - from Sleeping Beauty. She is a bouncing baby of 6.9 pounds. She has dark hair, and the father is a brave, brave man. Dad has met his parents, and mum too. I haven't held the baby because I don't think I'm qualified. I have a bad habit of being accident prone, but no one seems to understand that. For instance, I break things - and I decided that broken things are my hobby, because they're likely to break anyway? Something like that - so, I'm careful.
Bad news - I'm no longer reading Robin Hobb. I'm catching up on some classics, but I didn't finish the Redwall series, or Sword of Truth series either. It's all about change to style I think, or growing up in that space of time. I plan to do a rerun through the whole lot of them someday, as opposed to reading the next ones next without the others fresh on my mind. The next Fantasy along the way, is Princess of Mars - but, I've been relaxing to some non fantasy as well. It's not as sexy and clean as it used to be - but it is within the realms of magical things. I get around to reading less and less these days - and instead have a go at a movie. Who did not pick Fantastic Beasts as coming straight out of Hogwarts first year curriculum? I want to see the same again! Gellert is a scary man, and the Obscurial is a scary idea - but, it has warmth to it.
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