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These I wrote during the holidays last year...

Posted: Tue Sep 27, 2005 12:06 am
by aldan
An Ode to a Hallowed Evening

A young girl sits
In princess white
Perched on a park bench
Eating with delight

While a costumed boy runs
From place to place
Getting candy at doorsteps
To shove into his face

Teen girls dressed in satins
While stars shine in their eyes
They all strut through the crowded club
And pick up on the guys

A torn up skirt covers the face
Of bruised and bloody body
Her ripped up bra in garbage can
But the rapist took her panties

A crying woman stops her car
And steps out in the street
Looking at the costumed boy
Torn up like a dog with meat

The young princess lies on the bench
With dark stains on fingertips
A fly walks over staring eyes
And then between her lips

------------ ------------------------------ -------------

Hollow Day

Strung out
Crashed down

Hung over
Pained frown

Makeup remnants
From a clown

The bright red wig
Has come unwound

Candy wrappers
Cover town

Red and yellow
Orange and brown

And on the floor
A bright white gown

A slight snoring
The only sound

--------------- ---------------------------- --------------

The Feast

The herd stampedes into the meadow
Crowding each other for victuals
They push and shove and bellow out
Calling to each other for space
And they shove their faces into the food
And their food into faces until
Their sides distend and their eyeballs bulge
And they continue until the end
When they all lie down and snore away
As sun breaks through the blinds
And turkey and ham, potatoes and yams
All remain to feed the flies

The first two were, of course, written during Halloween and the second one ('Hollow Day') was written a day or two after the holiday. The third hits Thanksgiving, an American holiday commemorating the help the Pilgrims that came here from England first received from the Indians during that first very difficult Fall and Winter, and my poem focuses on what just about everyone focuses on during that holiday, sadly enough...

Posted: Sat Oct 01, 2005 10:48 am
by Magus
So, Aldan, do you not like Halloween then?


And, sadly, you're absolutely right about Thanksgiving. Although my family doesn't focus on the historical aspects of the day we do use it to see family and remember other times. So it's not so bad as it might seem. But, yes, certainly people don't focus on, well, the focus of the day.

I've been reading this one thing online about a an Teacher who went to Japan to teach English through some program to spread cultural awareness, get rid of stereotypes, etc... And it's really funny. One day he asked the students what the pilgrims ate for the first Thanksgiving. One student said "The Indians".


Posted: Sat Oct 01, 2005 11:30 am
by aldan
Of course I don't like Halloween! I'm a diabetic! It's TORTURE!!!

No, really, while the whole sweets torture is very true, I do like the whole "dress up as something very different" thing. I just wish that so many of the "differents" weren't the same...

Posted: Sat Oct 01, 2005 1:32 pm
by Magus

True. But the people I know go for a different approach. When I was a freshman we had a Drum Major who I knew well through my sister. He dressed up as a robotic Abraham Lincoln, complete with silver body paint and an amusing robotic body.

This year, if I choose to go, I will be going as The Shadow, complete with Black cape, black trench-coat, black fedora, black dress shoes, black dress pants, black dress shirt and red scarf.

One friend of mine works at Statesville Haunted prison and he wore his uniform for that, him being employed as a killer chain-saw wielding clown.

Another person I wasn't really friends with but was on friendly terms with went one year as a U.P.S. Stripper. His plan that year was to go to one house near the end of the night, ring the doorbell and when they came to the door he'd ask "Did you order a... package?" drop his pants and run off. And if reports were to be believed he did do that, but tripped in the process and fell on his face.