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Shadows Of The Nephilim - The Mad Mercenary

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Shadows Of The Nephilim - The Mad Mercenary

Postby Amon_Zenitus » Fri Nov 27, 2009 6:00 pm

To all fans of fantasy,

Just to let you all interested know that there is a discount on the book at B&N as well as Amazon plus you can check out the inside of the book now on Amazon with the look inside option.

Allow me to present you my debut Novel Shadow of the Nephilim-The Mad Mercenary. It is my first novel published by Eloquent books in New York.

I am new here, so I checked out the other posts first to see what this should be frased like but after a quick search I realised that its a free for all. So I will tell just this about my work, since everything a writer ever says/write about their work is and, I use the words of none but Stephen King: ill-informed bu!!$hit, (better not to curse, right?) thats why you don't see books entiteled One hundread Great introductions of Western Civilazation.

So instead of writing about it I give you the even worst bu!!$hit release my publisher made for me.

I honestly don't know anymore if the story is good or not, it took 7 years to write and quickly it took a life of its own as characters dissapeared and gave places to new ones. All I know is that there are about 0.2 mistakes per page or 2 mistakes every ten pages and it drives me insane. Well here it is,



A Fantastical Tale of Good, Evil, and Revenge

Igor Ferluga’s Shadows of the Nephilim is a chilling fantasy tale about a mercenary who has a relentless thirst for revenge.

Kenan is a 3,000 year old man who believes that he is possessed by demons.

He roams the dark world of Eden, constantly seeking vengenance against his nemesis who wronged him long ago.

He believes his enemy is a Naphill, a powerful and malevolent ancient god, but the truth is far worse than he could imagine. Kenan possesses weapons of mass destruction; a great blade that only he can lift and a Thunder Maker, a weapon that can anniliate whole armies in a matter of minutes.

Kenan enters hell in search of the ancient one, encountering and destroying dieties of evil. Revenge rules him, destiny drives him, but Kenan must struggle with his inner demons as well. Tortured by 20 years of memories that give a cloudy and surreal picture of what he truly is and more importantly, what he will become, is ever present.

Eden, divided into three distinct lands, contains humans, creatures of legend and myth as well as monsters. Pitted against each other, the forces of man battles the forces of darkness so powerful that thousands will perish. Those who survive will put their faith and hopes in strange creatures who wish to save mankind; still others will be transformed into mutated demons who wish to destroy any resemblance of humanity and swallow up Eden for themselves. Which side will Kenan choose? What will he discover as he wages his biggest battle ever, against demons of darkness and the darkness of his own tormented soul?

Igor Ferluga’s debut novel is a stellar read filled with characters that reveal themselves slowly, leading the reader to guess who is good and who is evil. Fantasy fans will eargerly anticipate the sequels to Shadows of the Nephilim.

Publisher’s website: http://www.eloquentbooks.com/ShadowsoftheNephilim.html
ISBN: 978-1-934925-57-7 SKU: 1-934925-57-8

About the Author:
Igor Ferluga is a published writer, freelancer and journalist. Mr. Ferluga is currently writing the sequels to his Shadows series and lives in Serbia.

For media inquiries, appearances, or other publicity — please contact:
Ellen Green — PressManager@aegpublishinggroup.com

P.S. Feel free to ask for the first 3 chapters of the novel, and I will e-mail it to any interested reader.

Best Regards,

Igor Ferluga
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Re: Shadows Of The Nephilim - The Mad Mercenary

Postby Amon_Zenitus » Tue Dec 01, 2009 11:44 am

Just a little taste of Shadows:

The naphil went across the Chaos plains and the mercenary
followed. He would find Amon no matter what, no matter where
the *beep* had gone. If hell was his destination then Kenan
would bring enough weapons and bad karma with him to slash,
burn and butcher all of hell if he needed. If Amon was the prince
of darkness, or a god, or a naphil, or something greater than that,
even if he was the incarnation of the Lord of the entire universe,
Creation himself; Kenan would find him, hunt him down, and
butcher him like a wild animal. It was the only sensible thing left
to do. There was no other answer.

Yes, the information he could provide will be as good and nice. But the mercenary was
thirsting for his foul, divine blood. Redemption, a cure, and his
memories were a distant second. If they even made the list.
The black haired mercenary ordered another beer as he stood
up from the table. He had not touched his food. Maybe if he
drank a little his appetite would return but he doubted it.....
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