Hegemony, a science fiction novel

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Hegemony, a science fiction novel

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Hard Sci-Fi Space Opera- HEGEMONY, by Mark Kalina

I've self-published a novel on Amazon and Smashwords. "Hegemony" is a space opera with a hard-sci-fi edge and some transhumanist themes. It's got space battles, intrigue, data warfare, action...

Most of my readers to date seem to have liked it. A few of the (more positive) Amazon reviews are excerpted below:

"I wasn't expecting a whole lot when I downloaded this book for $.99... but it drew me in from the first page. I don't know that I've ever read a book that did a better job of rendering a plausible and exciting space battle, yet the characters really came alive as well. I've read a lot of full-price science fiction from big name authors that didn't nail that combination anywhere near as well as the author has here."
-Mark Bartlett

"..."Hegemony" is a gem. If you like the writing of Peter F. Hamilton, C.J. Cherryh or Stephen Baxter you will love this one. It is a compelling story in a brilliantly crafted universe. I became instantly hooked ... - haven't done anything else that day and it was well worth it.
Part of the fun are those background politics. Neither the Hegemony, nor the Coalition or the Brotherhood are all shiny and spotless. There is no black and white, only different shades of grey and the protagonists have to come up with their own solutions to overcome the shortcomings of their side in this upcoming conflict.
Nevertheless, it is a fast paced action novel. And [the author] has, believe it or not, been very careful in adhering to reality-style physics in this book, which, in this case, also adds to the storytelling. And if you wonder what daemons do in a high-tech space opera - well, I recommend: Get "Hegemony and see for yourself."


"This fun little space adventure introduces a nice scenic world that I hope the author will continue to fill with spies, transhumans, space battles and political intrigue. I enjoyed that he presented both sides of the- what's the space faring equivalent of the geopolitical divide?- with flawed characters and premises without judgment. Lots of tech, some of which follows along current lines -and a couple of classic ones -and an interesting take on FTL travel. Great sci-fi and I can't wait for the next one.
- R. Peterson

"Hegemony" is available for 99 cents from Amazon or Smashwords.

If you're interested in a hard sci-fi space opera, you might want to check it out. (Free samples --several chapters-- are available from both Amazon and Smashwords.)


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