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Gefestion: a noble blacksmith of Arkelandge

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Gefestion: a noble blacksmith of Arkelandge

Postby Delem » Mon Aug 20, 2012 6:04 am

Warm greeting!

I would like to begin with an incredible dwarf: blacksmith Gefestion - one of the main characters of Saga of D'Elem story. In two words it is impossible to describe him, because I've been working to make him alive and unique:

"Evening fell over the Oak Fortress and the pixies, Rowanna’s tireless helpers, were finishing off sorting the luggage and quietly rustled their wings, trying their best not to disturb anyone. And there was a reason why they should have been trying their best to be quiet – the court oracle, Meckero, from the race of dark elves, was having a nap in front of the fireplace, snuffling from time to time. He was renowned for being grumpy and having a short temper, so he had been carefully covered by a throw. Tina, the oldest pixie, didn’t dare take the ancient volume from his hands and limited her actions to covering him with a throw.
Suddenly the windowpanes started to shake and there was a buzzing noise followed by a loud roar. Meckero, half asleep, twitched in his chair, releasing the book from his hand, and it dropped on the floor with a loud thud. Complete silence was established in the Fortress, but not for long though.
“Geeeeeeef! Your bloody mechanisms!” shouted Meckero. “Where is this from? Damn it!” he pulled the throw off himself and angrily threw it to one side.
The familiar noise sounded from behind the fireplace as it started to slide to the side. A small cloud of grey smoke billowed out of the niche into the Fireplace Hall followed by another smaller one. Together they found a comfy position on the ceiling and everything went quiet.
“Why are you shouting, huh?” the smith’s calm speech reached the oracle.
“It’s night time already!” muttered the dark elf, then bent down and picked up the book. “Have you seen what time it is you mad scientist!?”
“C’mon, don’t get angry!” Gef appeared and his face lit up with a smile when he saw the smoke. “Science can be very loud sometimes.”
Straight away he went to open the windows.
“It will air out very quickly!” The dwarf bent down and rested on the windowsill, placing his hands wide apart and inhaling deeply.
“Ah, what a smell, what a smell, the Mastritsa is in bloom.”

“I don’t care about your flowers!” Meckero ran his hand through his hair and threw back his head, gazing up at the ceiling. “You have no idea what you are disturbing me from! Do you even know what is going on in the world! My god!” the oracle’s voice turned pitiful and he shook his head.
“I am calm, I am calm, I’d take a cup of tea,” muttered Meckero under his breath.
“Would you care for any company?” asked the dwarf as if nothing had happened. Gef was a very polite and considerate dwarf.
“That’s not a bad idea, otherwise I would be concerned about the quietness in this house if I left you alone,” said the oracle with obvious sarcasm.

Let mystery come upon you,
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