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The Fovean Chronicles

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The Fovean Chronicles

Postby thewizardoftn » Wed Oct 10, 2012 10:05 pm

I'm almost done with this eight book series and will begin advertising it soon.

It's a complete vanity effort, meaning that I self-published. Boris Vallejo did my cover art for book one, and he's the one who encouraged me to pursue publishing it on my own.

I also managed to buy http://www.swordsandsorcery.net and .org, which was quite a surprise to me. I'm pretty happy to own that site.

Anyway, the books are the story of Randy Morden, a man from our world who finds himself in a fantasy world where magic is real and there is very little technology. He's a former sailor and a history buff - he doesn't know it but he was groomed on Earth by the god Anubis to be traded to the god War in Fovea. War uses Randy as his instrument on this new world to further his purpose.

Randy is a person who has proof instead of faith. He KNOWS his god's will. As he moves on as the pawn of a poweful being, he's constantly faced with how far he'll go, not to keep in War's good graces but to avoid the consequences of War's wrath. Randy struggles to maintain his humanity and to try to figure out what War is trying to do with him.

The first two books are from Randy's perspective, the second two (which are in rewrite) are from everyone BUT Randy's perspective, and you can see how the world views him, as opposed to how he personally justifies what he does. Then there is a three book intermission - three short books that occur at the same time from the perspective of three important characters. Finally, there's the conclusion book, which will be released next year.

If you'd like to read it and give me your opinions, it's not too late. I respond to all emails

Thanks for your time!
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