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Reach: a Twin-Bred novel, sequel to Twin-Bred, now available

PostPosted: Fri May 24, 2013 8:08 am
by kawyle
Reach: a Twin-Bred novel, the sequel to Twin-Bred, is now available as an ebook and paperback on Amazon and B&N, and as an ebook in multiple stores including Kobobooks, Smashwords and iTunes.

Twin-Bred asked the question: can interspecies diplomacy begin in the womb? Reach continues the story of the Twin-Bred and of Mara Cadell, the scientist who spurred their creation. Mara and the Twin-Bred embark on a new and perilous journey -- except for one pair who remain on Tofarn, attempting to live in the human and Tofa communities. Meanwhile, events on Tofarn approach a crisis, in which former host mothers Laura and Veda are deeply involved. (As you might imagine, it's tough to describe a sequel without spoilers as to the original!)

The Amazon US link is at ... Bred+novel -- but you can find all the current purchase links on my website, at