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dream of wicca queen

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dream of wicca queen

Postby wiccamary » Tue Sep 17, 2013 4:06 am

Hi guys..

Anyone know about the Dream of wicca queen wicca queen...

Now i would like to share something about wicca queen and Dream book of wicca queen

This is the link to buy wicca queen book from creatspace i hope you enjoy it
This book of mine was a recurring dream that only stopped after putting pen to paper. Stunning controversy exists today that’s spinning out of control, and we are all in too deep to see the real truths. A powerfully kept secret is contained in this book and one day we sheep must stop following blindly and make a stand, head to head. We must turn the tide before all is lost. The world is in chaos in the mid-21st century, and the predictions of the End Times seem to be coming true. Only the hidden esoteric wisdom of the breathtakingly beautiful Maia, the mystical Wicca Queen, can save the world. Armies are on the march, greedy for expansion and whatever else the Queen’s magic can provide. The future hangs in the balance as world powers fight for control. Aided by her tribe, led by warrior Odin, the Templar Knights and the secret Black Pope, the Queen battles for survival, because unless a new world order is achieved, no-one is safe.
Wicca queen what to say first a year a go i kept having the same dream over and over a little dif ever time, but the basics where the same, So i thought ill start putting on paper what i recall the next morning Due to the time i get up for work ever day i think that helped me re member a lot of my dreams wicca queen is my dream

My Dream of wicca queen the pagan way

So after few months i had about 8 pages of short notes then i thought lets put this in order and try to make sense of this, Dream the wicca queen- now i am not a great writer and my spelling and grammar are poor it not that i am stupid it just i left school early to work to earn money and in my day school was not that important as it was what you could do not what you can say on paper.wicca queen
Any way as time went on i had over 30000 words or so and i thought was a good read but i know it did not flow like most books do so i went to a place where you can hire a ghost writer and god they want £1000s of pounds, to read and proof read my book well i am not a rich man and could not afford this so i found a site called people per hour and i posted what i wanted and i had lots of people want to do the proof reading for checking what i had done.

Dream of wicca queen
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