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Piranha 3D: Boobs + Blood = Brilliant

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Piranha 3D: Boobs + Blood = Brilliant

Postby The Master » Sat Aug 21, 2010 2:45 am

If you are an old school "there can never been enough blood" horror fan this movie delivers it to you in a very big way. The body count is high, the violence is exceptionally graphic, and the deaths are far more creative than you would ever guess with man eating fish as the star. What I perhaps found most refreshing is the utter glee the movie takes in dispatching its victims in pursuit of its well deserved R rating.

Yes, there is nudity. Gratuitous, not appropriate for children, breasts as far as the eye can see nudity (after all, the setting is Spring Break on a lake in the desert). No one actually has sex, and its worth noting that it would have gotten the R rating for its gore alone, but if lots of bare breasts is going to be a problem for you this is not your film.

Is it scary? Well...not exactly, at least not for me anyway. Its not a suspense movie, and there aren't a lot of "jump out at you" moments to try and shock you. Then again that isn't the kind of movie I thought this was going to be so I wasn't disappointed. It also doesn't take itself too seriously, with intentionally comedic moments that drew real laughs. This movie's entire message is "see those couple of hundred drunk college kids over there? Fish rip them to shreds in 3...2...1..." And boy howdy does it shred. I couldn't have been more pleased, but I think some folks might be a little taken aback by just how up close graphic some of the deaths are.

A word on the 3-D. Yes, it is a conversion but it isn't too bad and is a far cry from the Clash of the Titans or Last Airbender debacles. There are a couple of sequences that do look pretty hokey, and some with very little 3-D effect at all. Some things were clearly shot solely for the 3-D "floating out of the screen" impact, and may translate very poorly once its on DVD. Still, for this particular movie the 3-D extra layer adds just the right bit of icing on the blood soaked cake.

Highly recommended for hard core blood and guts horror fans. OK for teens if they already have an adult understanding of the kind of violence they are seeing and the parent isn't worried about boobs. Much too graphic for children under 14.

BONUS: I was treated to the full 3D version of the Tron Legacy trailer before Piranha. It looked completely phenomenal. If the story is half as good as the visuals it is going to be monster huge.
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