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Postby Boikat » Mon May 09, 2011 1:49 pm

The latest Marvel superhero to hit the screen is the God of Thunder, and as the ticker-meisters have been saying (Because it's too good of a sound-byte to pass up) hammered the box office.

I saw Thor in IMAX 3D, and it was well worth the bucks, on pretty much every front. Great soundtrack (Went straight to FYE and picked up the CD), stunning visual effects, humungous action sequences, and a fairly decent story line. One of the more interesting things I found, though my exposure to the Marvel version ofThor was from the old Saturday morning cartoons, ages ago, was the portrayal of Loki. It's extraordinarily hard to explain what i mean. He was, basically, the anti-hero to Thor being the hero, but did not come across as an "evil, rotten to the core" villan. It was an interesting protrayal, and I started trying to explain what i mean by that several times, but decided not to, just to make sure i didn't spoil anything.

Bottome line, I may go see it again, and if you haven't, it's worth it.
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Re: "Thor"

Postby The Master » Mon May 16, 2011 5:07 pm

I finally got out to see it and agree that it was worth the ticket. I have zero knowledge of the Thor comics and only a very basic knowledge of the Viking legends so I was happy that the movie was enjoyable without knowing a lot about it already.

This is the kind of movie that could easily have gone wrong, with early pictures of the costumes and sets evoking bad memories of the Flash Gordon debacle of the 1980's. But the sets are gorgeous, and the costumes in action look great and appropriate. Even more thankfully, the story was quite decent and well considered...a little predicable, but not in a bad way. There isn't an "origin story" for Thor like there is Spider-Man, but what we get is a similar concept with Thor's personal growth from an unruly warrior champion to a full fledged hero. Its not hard to guess how Natalie Portman (who does a lot with her thinly written role) fits in here, but the pair have a good screen chemistry that is genuinely charming.

I really liked the Warriors Three as Thor's "partners in crime" and wish they had a more significant role in the film. The standout of the group is Ray Stevenson who brings the boisterous Volstagg to life with a true gusto that made me want to spend more time with him. The mild comic relief they provided was well considered, but some of their scenes felt tacked on rather than driving the narrative forward. This choppy nature of some scenes as we bounce from dimension to dimension is really the biggest flaw of the film, the other being the fact that the Asgardians all land on earth speaking English (mostly with British accents). Perhaps its a nit pick, but I would have least wanted to have this addressed in some way given that it is supposed to be contemporary Earth.

The very good news is that Chris Hemsworth nailed his role. He dominates every scene he is in, helped in no small part by his massive physical presence (Natalie looks teeny tiny next to this big man). There is a lot more to Hemsworth's effort here than just "fitting the suit" though, with Hemsworth imbuing Thor with an emotional and at times surprisingly nuanced personality. This should prove to be a Hollywood star making leap for the Aussie. Overall, the performances from the cast were all very good, with Tom Hiddleston's Loki also being outstanding and Anthony Hopkins as Odin being a flawless choice.

A final note on the 3D. Visually the film is good eye candy, with the 3D being mostly non gimmicky and good looking (having tons of CGI sets makes that easier of course). There are only a couple of goofs, with the most cheesy being when Thor flies with his hammer. All in all I felt that the 3D made the movie feel bigger than life just like Thor so I think its worth your couple extra bucks.

I give it 3 1/2 stars.
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