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Great Moments in Trek

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Postby ScottSF » Mon Oct 31, 2005 2:11 am

1. Coolest race - the Breen (is that what they were called, the ones that looked like princess leah's disguise in Return of the Jedi

2. Best doctor - Hologram boy

3. Most entertaining recurring character - Q

4. Best captain - Picard

5. Least likeable captain - Kirk

6. Best hair - I dunno, um, Troy?

7. Worst hair - O'brian

8. Best costumes - damn, I'm forgetting everything, thos Dominion Lizard people

9. Best episode - All good things

10. Best series - Wanna say TNG but Voyager was getting good toward the end I think. still gotta see the last two seasons.

11. Best love story - Troy and Worf

12. Worst episode - the first Ferengi one

13. Funniest character - Data

14. Most boring character - Troy

15. Best regular character - Sisco
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Postby Valen » Thu Mar 16, 2006 11:35 am

Coolest race - BORG

Best doctor - Leonard McCoy (TOS)

Most entertaining recurring character - Harry Mudd (TOS)

Best captain - Kirk (TOS)

Least likeable captain - Janeway (Voyager)

Best hair - Yeoman Rand (TOS)

Worst hair - Troy (TNG)

Best costumes - Klingons

Best episode - The Inner Light.. ep 225 form TNG

Best series - Star Trek (TOS)

Best love story - Picard as Kamin, on The Inner Light. His love for Eline.

Worst episode - Justice.. ep 109 from TNG

Funniest character - Lwaxana Troi (TNG)

Most boring character - Beverly Crusher (TNG)

Best regular character - SPOCK (TOS)
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Re: Great Moments in Trek

Postby Esioul » Tue Jun 20, 2006 10:27 am

  1. Coolest race

    - Klingons or borg
  2. Best doctor

    - The Doctor from Voyager
  3. Most entertaining recurring character

    - Garak
  4. Best captain

    - Janeway
  5. Least likeable captain

    - Sisko
  6. Best hair

    - Worf
  7. Worst hair

    - Odo
  8. Best costumes

    - Klingons
  9. Best episode

    - Trials and Tribble-ations
  10. Best series

    - DS9 or TNG
  11. Best love story

    - Miles/Julian
  12. Worst episode

    - Anything with Q in (my flatmate is hittting me for this)
  13. Funniest character

    - Quark or Worf
  14. Most boring character

    - Jake Sisko
  15. Best regular character

    - Major Kira
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Postby ScottSF » Mon Jul 10, 2006 7:28 pm

Miles and Julian LOL! You know those guys are getting lots of work. I just recently saw Julian in Kingdom of Heaven and Syriana. Miles is all over the place in overseas cinema.
Time flies like an Arrow. Fruit flies like a banana.
-Groucho Marx
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Postby forsakenscorpio » Mon Sep 11, 2006 9:46 pm

# Coolest race The Borg

# Best doctor I love McCoy but nothing puts a grin on my face Robert Picardo's EMH.

# Most entertaining recurring character Q

# Best captain hands down for Jean Luke

# Least likeable captain Archer, I'm actually quite partial to Janeway.

# Best hair 7 of 9's when she actually let it down when she played as Annika

# Worst hair the Kazon ich

# Best costumes star trek 2-6

# Best episode I'd have to go with All Good Things

# Best series impossible to choose. I adored the Original Series, TNG, & Voyager

# Best love story Robert Picardo & Jeri Ryan even though it never happened. The whole Seven/Chakotay abomination still infuriates me.

# Worst episode hmm early Voyager episodes with Kes & the Kazon were fairly abominable.

# Funniest character The Doctor, Spock, & Seven when she intimidates people with her icy borg indifference.

# Most boring character Wesley, I emphatically concur.

# Best regular character Spock, Seven of Nine, Picard, & the EMH. choosing just one would be futile.
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