Who Are Your Favorite Anime CHaracters?

A distinct form of animated storytelling, anime has legions of fans worldwide.

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Loxley wrote:Hm...better put in a girl somewhere around here...
Revy (Black Lagoon)

I love it when she shot the Nazi and told him "Shut the f*** up. Can't you tell I wasn't listening? I mean what are you trying to do? Sell me the gun? Word of advice: As long as you can hit your target, pretty much any gun will do."

And I also loved the shootouts at the Yellow Flag
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The Ladies of Lagoon

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I love the ladies of Lagoon. I particularly like when Revy and Eda are together. Great dialog between the two of them.

Eda : "But what I want to know is what would you take with you. You know, if you were him?"
Revy : "I'd say a Jericho. 941 FBL."
Eda : "That's a pretty limp *beep* gun for Jesus."
Revy : "You're the nun, what's your *beeping* answer?"
Eda : "Isn't it obvious? This guy here." [holds up her Glock17L]
Revy : "You're full of *beep*. I mean he's Jewish, right? Of course he'd have an Isreali made gun."
Eda : "*Beep* damn heathen. You're out of your league when it comes to this *beep*"
-Revy and Eda from the "Greenback Jane" episode.

"Eda?!?!?! What the *beep* ? I know your night's not complete unless you end up bangin' a stranger, but *beep* off."
-Revy from the "The Vampire Twins Comen" episode.

"Sorry to interrupt you in full flow, but does this story you're telling have an end? Do we at least get a bathroom break like they had in Battle of the Bulge?"
-Eda from the "Greenback Jane" episode.

Revy is probably my favorite of the series. Very capable (even if she does like to jump through the air too much,) no nonsense, bad ass. I hope in future seasons she can resolve some of the problems from her childhood. Otherwise she'll end up face down in a pool of her own blood some day. No matter how good she is with her Cutlass's

I respect Balalaika for her honor and the way she brings a military precision to all her dealings. Something lacking in the other crime syndicates. Though it is odd that in the Washimine storyline she goes overboard in blowing so much up. You'd think a more surgical method of assassinations would've been the better keeping with her military strategy and tactics. I actually like Balalaika quite a bit until some the of the events which will take place in Season Three happen. If you're reading the manga, you know what I mean. [spoil]Her hatred for the U.S. seems to cloud her judgement and she sends her Visotoniki after the U.S. black ops team even though if they suceede in taking out the Grey Fox team, it will mean the end of Roanapur.[/spoil] It's pretty easy to believe Benny when in "The Unstoppable Chambermaid" episode he says "There are the three most dangerous women in the World" in regards to Revy, Roberta, and Balalaika.

Just the sheer badassitude of Roberta is awesome. Even if she can't hit a single person after unloading an entire clip of .45's into the roof of a car ("The Unstoppable Chambermaid" episode,) but that's par for the course in Black Lagoon. Roberta's dedication to the Loveless family is also commendable, but at the core she's just a terrorist. The only reason she turned away from the FARC is because she realized she was just being used as a tool of the drug cartels FARC was in bed with. So if it weren't for the that fact she'd still be killing women, children, or anyone else in name of revolution and feel ok about it? [spoil]In Season Three she also starts going total bat *beep* crazy. Taking serious meds to keep the insanity at bay, but still ends up seeing and hearing someone she once murdered who follows her around in the manga like a conscience. At one point she would've even killed Garcia (thinking he was just an illusion) if it weren't for the Grey Fox team (that she happened to be hunting) that happened to be in the next room and decided to risk their lives to save him (even though all they knew was that he was a kid in danger.)[/spoil]

Eda is kookie. She's great in the episodes of the Greenback Jane storyline. The interaction between her and Revy is awesome. [spoil]But at the core, she's just a CIA sleezebag. In Season Three she gives over all the intel on the U.S. black ops team "Grey Fox" to Chang (and in turn Balalaika) so that the Army team will get wiped out all because of an inter agency pissing match between the CIA and the NSA.[/spoil]

Revy "Two Hands" (Rebecca) with her modified Beretta 92F's.

Balalaika without her Tokarev TT-33.

Roberta "The Bloodhound of Florencia" (Rosarita Cisneros) a.k.a...The Maid (later, in Season Three, The Head Maid) with her Sistema Colt Modelo 1927 (Argentinian knock off of the 1911) and Franchi SPAS-12 hidden in the umbrella.

Eda with her Glock 17L

Sawyer the Cleaner (Frederica Sawyer) with her chainsaw. Check my blog for an alternate Sawyer pic.

Shenhua with her kukri knives.
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Re: Who Are Your Favorite Anime CHaracters?

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My favorite will be :

1, Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist
2, Syaoran from Tsubasa Chronicles
3, Recca from Flames of Recca.

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