Hi All!

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Hi All!

Post by HulloKitty202 »

I've posted a few times before, namely in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy piece feedbacks sections and because I think I'll be sticking around for awhile ( :D ) I thought I'd introduce myself properly.

I live in Colorado, am a die hard Broncos and Rockies fan (I have a couple thousand posts at DenverBroncos.com and the Rockies message board at ESPN.com), and I love to write. It doesnt matter what as long as it involves words and stories I'll do it.

I am currently a senior in high school, played high school football for two years (Maybe "played" is incorrect, I stood on the sidelines and tried to look handsome in my jersey 8) ) and I'm planning to go on to a major university and study English (of course!). But my grandfather owns a major ski resort, so my fate has been sealed from birth.

My favorite non-writing and reading hobbies are flyfishing, football and baseball (watching, these days) and history.

My favorite authors are George RR Martin (Song of Ice and Fire), JK, Eolin Colfer, and John Gresham. I also like Brian Jacques, but his storylines get to repetitive.

My ultimate goal is to get published.

My favorite band(s) are Nickleback, Disturbed, and A Perfect Circle

Enough about me. I sorta feel vain now :D

I look to many hours of chatting with you guys!!!
"The problem with the future is that it keeps turning into the present"
-Hobbes from "Calvin and Hobbes"

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Post by Ariel »

Hello HulloKitty! :cat: Nice to meet you! :flower:

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Post by Dark Knight »

hello welcome to the site.....

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Post by Neurolanis »

Welcome, HulloKitty202! :D You're not vain at all, this is where we introduce ourselves after all!

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