Lycoria Intro -- Please Read First

Read for background and information on Lycoria.

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Lycoria Intro -- Please Read First

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BEFORE YOU PLAY, read this please!!!

**You do not have to read all the information on the Realms, Kingdoms and Religions, but it is here when you need it.**


Lycoria is a collaborative story contributed to by willing participants. It is an ongoing set of adventures that operate just as any other story. There are complex and developed characters, linear plots and plot twists. It is set in the world of Severnia. (Please see the map.)


1. Play only your own characters. You can create several characters to play with at a time if you wish, but I recommend starting with only one until you get the hang of things. The character/s may be involved with the on-going tale as you wish. You may not write the thoughts, actions or words of other characters. (Neurolanis is the Game Master, or what have you, and reserves the right to introduce various small characters.)

Your character/s may attack another, but the player who's character is being attacked gets to decide the outcome of that attack. i.e., if your character swings his sword at another, then the other player may respond by saying that her character ducked the blade.

2. Obey the structure: With the first post you start you must use the first paragraph in ( ) to tell us about your character, i.e. who he/she is, how they are dressed, or any outstanding qualities. Please place a more detailed description of your character in the "Character Description" forum.

3. Be realistic. No characters can be omnipotent (all powerful), omnipresent (in multiple places at the same time) or omniscient (all knowing).

Please note that one forum deals with the inn, while others feature other adventures. You character can only be in one of these places at once. Please take distance into account, however time passes somewhat abstractly here.

4. Respect all the other players involved. All players' characters are EQUAL here, just like the players.

5. Read carefully before you post. The whole story can be thrown off by one shortsighted post. What you add should fit in with the environment and storyline realistically.

6. Obey the "Fact sheets" listed in the extended introduction. You may create new races or creatures, but NOT new nations. It is all a part of maintaining a realistic, believable fantasy world.

7.Do NOT create characters which are gods.

8.Players may gain TEMPORARY control of a character if a player asks it of them during a time when they may be away, but the character CANNOT go through any major changes. This must be treated with respect.

9.Do NOT use images in the story. No happy faces, devils or other emoticons.

10.Be careful with posting as often people post together -- at the same time -- and this can confuse the story. If it does, the post that was placed FIRST will be the one to be counted. Please edit it if this occurs. Note: If you write a very long post, you may want to bring up another screen to check for updates before posting it. This can spare a lot of confusion.

Please take note that sometimes you may have to press TWICE on a forum title to get the updated posts. To edit your post for spelling, or to rewrite it, simply click “Edit" and make the changes.

11. No technology outside of Midievally based inventions or magical artifacts may be used.

12.Not ANYTHING is possible. This is a very real world. If someone dies…they’re dead.

13.There are NO links to other worlds here. Severnia is Severnia. End of story.

14. The world looks much like our own, with mountains and planes and such.

15. No swearing, violent or sexual description will be tolerated here. If you post anything above a PG-13 rating it will be edited or deleted. This applies to the rest of the site as well.

Don't be shy! Read up on the Adventure you wish to join, or have a character drop by the "Jaded Wayfarer's Inn." Many Adventures begin with a group of characters who meet up there! Any questions at all, post them on the Questions or on the Discussion thread. Anyone is welcome to join, so long as you follow the basic rules. Note: We often post on a daily or bi-daily basis!


Here is a site on Lycoria with FAQ:

Look here if you'd like to see Lycoria's races and beasts:

Or check out Lycoria's background -- history, kingdoms and more: ... 5451#15451