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Sins of the Wyrm

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Sins of the Wyrm

Postby Talon Sinnah » Wed Feb 08, 2017 9:14 pm

The world was blurry as he opened his eyes. Smoke filled the air and the smell of ash and melting minerals filled his nostrils as he fought to stand. His small elven frame argued with him as he pushed himself up from the ground he had abruptly became acquainted with. Making his mind focus he pieced together what had happened in what seemed like a day but was most likely only moments. His actions had been foolish and naive like those of a human teenager. He had let foolishness get in the way of his elven reasoning for visions of fame and fortune.

Earlier in the week he had used his magic to help partially dam the River Zet so the tumultuous waters could be harnessed and harvested for all to use. After the praise from all but the mages seeking their praise or for his own pride he put his sight on the Lake of the Fallen. Out of a ill found compassion for those drowned for their crimes he sought to undo the ancient magic that kept their souls trapped beneath the water and the evil force that 'stole' your soul if you dared to gaze upon it.

He thought his magic wards were strong enough and his arcane knowledge vast enough to protect him, but in the end it was his own young arrogance that was his downfall. He thought the legend of Tarthax the Damned was just that a legend. His dabbling in the binding spell and ancient wards freed the terrifying black and red dragon from his prison beneath the Lake of the Fallen. He had unleashed the ancient terror loose on the world once more and the first casualty to the beast had been the small fishing village Gal known for their pacifism that had somehow carved out a living on the shores of the lake. Even the Shaal and other cities guards was not prepared for their death.

(Lynx: 5'8 170 lbs long blonde hair right banes braided tucked behind the ear green left eye blue right both almond shaped. Dressed in dark green traveling cloths with brown heavy leather boots. A baldric holds three pouches on the right side and a decorative Longsword on the left. The sword is decorated with a rose vine engraving. The pommel was decorated with a onyx carved into the shape of a rose. He walks with a large wooden staff carved out of a gnarled piece of wood with a stone of amber in the top. Inside the amber is a black smooth stone.)

3 months later

Kuthersia- With the memory fresh in his mind Lynx steps off the ship in the port of Kuthersia. The docks were hectic to say the least as sailors fought to unload and load their cargo do they could begin to enjoy the leave the captains had given them. Authorities checked papers and exchanged gold for fees as their subordinates began the process of looking for contraband. Lynx walked with a steady gate not wanting to make eye contact with anyone who may be looking to sale something or a free hand out. Just on the shore off the wooden planks was a merchant area with a large glass fountain in the middle. The pure chaos of the area made the fountain's elegance seem out of place as the peddlers yelled out about their wares trying to attract the most attention. Bards played different instruments many only making the area sound noisy as painters made their canvas become the image of their customers choice. Lynx politely waved of a Kuthersian merchant trying to sale a gold sword that may or may not have slain over a thousand Avanoorians in one of their many land disputes. Past the merchant he had to shoulder past some scantly clad women wearing way too much perfume asking for some of his time.

Finally able to breath he walked between two statues of red dragons into a city street. His stomach growled and his throat was parched so the tea house called The Kuthersian Maiden was a very appetizing sight. The calm and quiet atmosphere was a welcome difference from the city outside. The two story building offered private booths on the outside wall for patrons on both levels. Paper lanterns offered the only light and a circular bar in the middle added to the peaceful nature the red and gold paint offered. A lovely young lady with onyx colored hair and matching slanted eyes greeted him in a flowered pink dress.

"Welcome good elf. How may I be of service?"

"I believe I will find a seat at the bar. Thank you though." The young lady walked off and Lynx made his way through the tables and sit down listening to a harp playing. Ordering a drink and some rice balls and a bowl of chicken stock he he sit on the stool and listened.
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