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Post by RHFay »

aldan wrote: the more senses you can capture, the more believable the book will seem....
Hi aldan!

Excellent point! This definitely does apply to sound, touch, and taste, as well as sight. Humans are creatures that rely heavily on the sense of sight, so sight descriptives dominate, but others help give a more well-rounded reality. Like the acrid scent of smoke, the sweet perfume of wildflowers, the raucous din of battle, the sharp clang of metal upon metal, the strindent ringing of the alarm, the smooth feel of polished metal, the dry and rough texture of dragon scales, the bitter taste of strange herbs, the spicy tang of mulled wine, etc.

Again, getting this right often involves some sort of research.

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Post by berry »

I recently started writing a story about using animal AND manipulating DNA for all sorts of uses. The idea came to me beacuse I was watching the news. When I started to do some more research I was actually quite horrified to find out how far some had already travelled down that route. I thought I was writing some pretty farfetched stuff, but never underestimate a scientist with flexible morals and a large grant.
For exampe they tried to breed spiders in order to take advantage of the fact that spider silk is one of the strongest materials known to man, when they failed.(you can't breed spiders any more than you could make cats race) They decided to take the spider silk DNA put it into the cells of baby goats so when the Goats grow up they can collect the spider silk from the Goats milk. They are breeding cow's with low fat milk and so much more. Stranger than fiction?
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Post by Dark Knight »

Well IF you are talking about the cows in NZ, that has nothing to do with DNA manipulating, from what I read...

YES it is true we in NZ are breeding cow's with low fat milk, but DNA manipulating was not used....

The cows, which have a particular genetic mutation, were bred from a single female discovered by researchers when they screened milk from millions of cattle.

Fonterra sustainable milk growth general manager Mark Leslie said the cow, named Marge, had emerged during the company's routine screening programme.

He said the milk from Marge was significantly lower in fat content than that from other cows. The development is so commercially sensitive that the herd's location is secret.

From ... d=10442181

That's right Fonterra say they discovered the Cow during the screening programme....

No DNA manipulating here.....

However I have read about the "spider silk DNA put it into the cells of baby goats"....

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