Components of Harmony

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Components of Harmony

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I've had this idea for a story series for quite some time that had received quite some heavy inspiration from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, except the world my story takes place in isn't predominantly inhabited by ponies, but by a wide diversity of creatures mythical, hybrid, or otherwise. MLP's concept of the Elements of Harmony also gave me the idea of a cast of main characters who each represent certain aspects of harmonious cohabitation. I don't think there'll necessarily be any physical artifacts involved, like in the show, but I do imagine certain colors associated with each harmonious aspect, with white representing unity, since white is what you get when you mix all of the colors together. Another thing is that whereas the Elements of Harmony in MLP:FIM seem to be based on what is needed to maintain a healthy friendship with others, the harmonious components (I'm still kinda working on a title for them) in my story focus more generally on stable cohabitation, but I don't know if this sounds kinda redundant.

I believe the concept of applying the harmony components first came up with the idea for this story involving some sort of Chimera god of chaos (kinda like Discord, except this one actually resembles the Chimera of Greek mythology), though I've imagined this concept being reapplied to other stories involving various cohabitational issues.

I'm not quite sure, though, about going through with the application of the concept of the main characters representing different aspects of maintaining healthy cohabitation. I'm worried that it may seem like too much of a rip-off of MLP:FIM, except that more of the main characters are male, only about one of them is equine, and there aren't any physical objects involved. What are your thoughts on it? Should my stories focus on a set of characters who help maintain balanced cohabitation across their world? Should my stories even necessarily involve cohabitation issues? Are my stories distinct enough from MLP:FIM?

Another problem I'm facing here is what components of harmony should I use for my stories, assuming that I go through with my concept. What aspects of maintaining stable coexistence do you find important? I've gotten a few listed myself:

• Love
• Humility
• Trust
• Patience
• Unity

I think about 7 or 9 in total. So, if any of you have some suggestions on what additional aspects to include, I'm all ears.

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Re: Components of Harmony

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