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The sun stood high, the grass grew tall, and everywhere he looked he saw green. People around him were cheerful and happy. The children at play. The adults pleasantly bantering amongst friends. It was noon and the world was trying to mock his gloomy thoughts. His face stern, his pace determined, and his fists tightened in his trouser pocket. It was May. It was perfect, bloody May again. Neither winter’s chill nor summer’s heat, just that perfect spring weather. He hated it. Every second of it. Especially today. Just two more days to go. Two more days and June would chase away this hated month.

Swiftly crossing the town park, his feet knew where they were going. Closing his eyes, he tried to drown out the noise during these last couple of hundred meters. Away with all distractions, his right fist clenched around the coins in his pocket. He had counted the exact change before he left. Memories flooded during his last steps, and when he raised his left hand it was almost as if she was right next to him. Almost, but not quite. His left hand touched the cold steel of a door. He pushed against it.

Jenny enjoyed her work at the ice cream parlour immensely. Especially on days as beautiful as these. The weather was just perfect, not warm enough to make people sweat, a slight breeze to cool off in without feeling chilly. The shop was busy, all tables were occupied with chatting people and playing children. Except the one. She checked the clock and knew he’d be here soon. A quick application of cloth to make sure the reserved table was clean was all she had time to do when she heard the shop door bell go off.

He was here, she quickly dashed behind the counter, opened the fridge and took out the small masterwork she had prepared an hour ago. Three large portions of her best ice-cream, between two frozen banana halves. She quickly applied fresh whipped cream, lightly coated the whole with slightly roasted, crushed nuts and fresh fruit. She looked up, the money was on the counter. Exact change, just like each day the past month. Quickly, yet carefully she brought her work of art to the table he was sitting at and silent as a mouse placed the sundae in front of the opposite seat before leaving him to he thoughts.

He just sat there, staring at the ice cream. His odd behaviour attracted more than just a few stares, and among the children it seemed to be a particular good idea to try and steal his ice cream before it was all molten. Luckily, she had a few regular customers, keeping an eye out and keeping the children at bay. She herself could not help but staring at him, though for entire different reasons than the rest of the shop.


I am not sure where this is going. It's what I jotted down in about an hour or so for a writing challenge. I kept it unedited. First and only draft (so far).

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