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God of War..

Posted: Sun Nov 03, 2019 4:25 am
by L.L.
This is a rendition of an older story, but I must have had it removed, in my haste...

Walking along the path, he had a curious little thought. It were like a mere whisper, or the spying of a fly. He looked down, from the brim of his hat, and watched his foot fall. He smiled, as if he bobbed his head, to a stranger.
The gardens were profuse that year. The council, had their say in it, and the gardeners worked more. The hourly rate had been decreased. It had made no dent in the budget to do this, it were a nasty trick.
Alister Tomlin, walked along the walk, like a soft pawed cat. His rubber souls, were the grease upon the pistons. The attire, he spoke volumes of, about his personality, and of the height he reached. He were at least a head taller than the other martians. They grew taller here, and jumped higher. It were strange to see the muscly earthlings arrive, with their various sundries. They would fall over quite easily.
Pollution were a problem. There were little to no time, to fumigate the various dome-zones of the settlement, to prevent outbreaks of various systemic ailments, created in drug labs in the slums. Mothers, would cradle their children, as husbands, would trot off to work, with nosebleeds. An alternative, cult society, offspring of the music of the earlier decade, had made living peacefully hard, for the dwellers of dome eleven, in the Cascades of Mars. They sported fifty thousand residents, in this dome alone, and the plastics were burning with acid.
Sometimes Alister questioned, why he had not bore children, nor taken a wife. He were in his early sixties, with a calling as long as his forearm. All colleagues, he called each day. He met with these people, all about the place, with various kinds of technology. He were in charge of the mental fallout section, and his job were to supervise chemistry, to combat the pathogens created by the cultists. It were a makeshift position, but one he took as a personal insult, as the scum who thought up rouses like this could no doubt do it better. It were a pandoras box. He used his spare time, to sample these drugs, and it had lead to his bachelor state, he supposed. He had contacts in the underworld, and his job were much in the field, but he could not find the source.

A man, proclaiming he is the prophet. He is gaining supporters in the work force, inspiring strikes, and riots. They put him in an asylum, to study him, and then a revolt begins. A firefight ensues, in a dome settlement, on mars, where they grow taller, and can jump higher. There is a flowers pathogen in the wind, which makes scum want to cannibalise and starburst. Each side, thinks it is the other, but the pathogens were to combat this threat, not the source of a genocide. Each side thought it was obvious.

Re: God of War..

Posted: Sun Nov 03, 2019 8:14 am
by Bmat
If I may comment: I like this a lot. Especially the imagery.

I don't know if you mean "souls" but "sole" would be the bottom of the boot or shoe?

Re: God of War..

Posted: Sun Nov 03, 2019 11:52 pm
by L.L.
Ha ha, yeah souls aren't generally found at the bottom of a boot. Well, at least not most of the time, Qray might have something to say about that! (If he were here.)