Some interplanetary fun

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Some interplanetary fun

Post by Tony »

Moon Home

Will you come with me
to my real estate in the stars
and live with me beneath the ringed giant
hung like a goddess in an ebon sky?

Will you come with me to Titan,
to ski upon the icy slopes of methane snow
in the glow of Saturn's rings?
Say yes and we shall go.

What will we do in our crystal palace
that pierces the ice sheet of our moon home?
We can count Saturn's rings and listen to her music
as we teach the little tardigrades* to sing and to dance.

I will build a man for you and a woman too.
We can share them together when the mood takes you.
Now and then we can share a bed, lying beneath Saturn's glow,
and we can laugh like sin watching reruns on the holo.

*Tardigrades: waterbears are extremophiles and the conditions on Titan would mean nothing to them as long as they can find some lichen and moss. Just might have to have a moss garden to house them.

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Re: Some interplanetary fun

Post by Bmat »

A delightful start to my Sunday morning! Thank you!

Thank you also for the discussion of tardigrades, about which I knew nothing.

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