Paradox, by A.J. Paquette

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Paradox, by A.J. Paquette

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By A. J. Paquette

Paradox is the name given to a distant planet found to be compatible with human life. No animal life has been detected. Humans from Earth are enthusiastic about journeying there.

Ana wakes up on Paradox with her memories erased. Her mission is to survive and to reach the colony before the two suns of the planet combine. Ana discovers that there are three other teenagers on the planet, and they each have certain skills. The journey to the colony is dangerous. Ana encounters puzzling events in addition to being confused about why her memory was removed.

The reader receives clues to what is going on through newspaper articles at the beginning of some of the chapters. A. J. Paquette’s descriptions of the planet are fascinating, and the reader becomes involved with the characters and their mission.

I thought that the last few chapters were a bit of a let down from the previous excitement. The pace of the story slowed and seemed less intense. It was more fun to discover the planet through Ana’s eyes earlier in the book. The book is listed for ages 12 and up, and this is a good estimation. At 230 pages, it is a fast read and it had me guessing most of the way.

I received the book for an honest review.

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