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Flip, a YA book by Martyn Bedford

Posted: Mon Jun 08, 2015 7:37 am
by Bmat
Flip, by Martyn Bedford

A 14 year old boy wakes up in the body of another 14 year old boy. After some searching, he discovers that there are a number of people who have also had this "soul" switching happen. The story is about how he struggles to adjust in the other boy's life.

It is not only interesting to speculate about how a person would handle being in a different body- different school, different family, different friends- and all of the history associated with these. It is also interesting to consider the effect of the switch on the other person. These matters were handled well by Mr. Bedford in the smoothly flowing and involving novel.

I would recommend the book to people at least 14 and older and maybe even 12 and older as it suggested in the book description. I would also recommend the book to adults, since it brings up interesting situations both moral and practical.