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Post by NeoScribe »

I think Naruto, and Dragon Hunters are my favorite manga. From here in America, I recommend Runaways.
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Post by hellonastie »

Hello Everyone.

The Walking Dead series is brilliant if your into that kind of thing, also I do enjoy a bit of sandman.


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Post by Magus »

I'm currently reading The Walking Dead, which is about the Zombocalypse. It's amazing (my obsessive love for zombies aside, even, it's still extremely well written and illustrated).

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Re: Graphic Novels

Post by HarmonDen »

i collect graphic novels.....mainly get them on ebay........
1.The Dark Tower-(finally found out what happens at Jericho Hill)
2.Requiem The Vampire Knight-very original for a vampire story
3.The Princess of Mars-Edgar Rice Burroughs story of John Carter(need i say more)
4.Heavy Metal Magazine-Possibly the greatest magazine ever created

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