The Books of Magic movie...

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The Books of Magic movie...

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I saw this on IMDb, going slowly but it's a start. :P I'm so happy.

Gee, I have wanted to be molly for so long. They're making the very first book though, which might not have Molly O'Reilly. They do however, have some of The Endless.


How can anyone not want to be in this movie, if they make it properly, it should be so great.

Mainly, I think I love Timothy Hunter so much because he's worry free and of course he has magical powers. Who dosen't want to skate board around all day with their imaginary friends who came to life? :P

He also gets to meet constantine, you know Keanu Reeves played him in the Constantine movie, so that would be cool, using Keanu Reeves again.

And as far as the comparison between Harry Potter and Timothy Hunter goes? Well Timothy obviously wins. He was created many years, perhaps ten or more years before Harry Potter.





Just look at those pictures...^

1. They're both destined to be great magicians/wizards.
2. They're both orphans.
3. They both have owls.
4. They both wear glasses.
5. They're both sort of weak and skinny.
6. They both have only two close friends. One male, one female. Hermione and Ron/Molly and Jimmy.
7. They've both seen death and have had to face it a number of times.
8. They've both travelled time.
9. They're both teenagers.

Harry has a scar and Timothy has a Tattoo, not really comparable but both simbolize they're great power, in one graphic novel Timothy does have a scar, one on his forehead to be presise, and who knows what else... :P

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Oh god this is going to be painful. Tim Hunter is an amazing character, I am afraid to see what they are going to do with this comic in a movie. I think the only place were you see the skate board is in the first few books. I know that Tim is way past the skate board in the current series. I cannot remember his using the skate board when he goes to school. Also, the tattoo he has is a ritual tattoo.

Keep in mind that the Books of Magic series came out long before Harry Potter. I read somewhere that there is a caricature of poor white boys in British literature that is the basis for both Tim Hunter and Harry Potter. The white t-shirt, hair, jeans, and glasses are pretty normal portrayal. Kind of like the redneck caricature in the US. You know, wife beater shirt, beer in one hand, confederate flag ect...

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*chuckles* Too true! I dressed like the Brit version for awhile, and a British friend came to see me here in the States and told me about that. Oh, but you forgot something important - the mullet and/or cheap baseball hat on the redneck.
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