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SV Expands with News and More

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I am pleased to announce some new changes and a major expansion effort for Speculative Vision that I am very excited about.

Announcing, our new Social Networking Connected News Feed
After much too long of an absence I am once again offering news updates, but this time there is a significant twist. Because my ability to post news on this site is currently greatly limited and cumbersome I have launched a new domain, and am leveraging the wonderful capabilities of Tumblr to make my news gathering a breeze. SFT's focus is on headline news important to SFF fans. Please feel free to browse the beta posts I have been making the last couple of weeks to get a good idea of what SFT will be. Of course, Tumblr users are encouraged to follow SFT, and we hope you will all recommend us for listing in the Tumblr directory!

The most recent SFT posts are automatically and instantly displayed on SV's home page. In addition a key reason I choose Tumblr is its ability to update other social media, bringing me to my next announcements:

Facebook Users Can Become a Fan of SV
I have created a fan page for Speculative Vision on Facebook and hope you will click that Like button :) Our Science Fiction Today posts automatically update our Facebook page so you can easily receive news right through your Facebook account.

Follow Us On Twitter
I will be honest, I didn't really get the value of Twitter at first. Then I found news sites using it to post updates and quickly discovered how much easier it can be to skim than a news reader. Inspired, I have launched a Twitter page under "scifitoday" that receives updates from Science Fiction Today. While primarily branded to match Science Fiction Today it is also for future SV updates. Funny tidbit: I went with the SFT branding simply because Twitter limits name length and it wouldn't let me have SpeculativeVision, but I could get scifitoday so what the heck it matches right? lol

The Art Gallery Expands
I have begun uploading movie posters, wallpapers, promo stills, etc. to the art gallery. Its still just a beginning, but I wanted to bring your attention to these new options to compliment the original artworks posted there. I'm pretty excited about the Tron Legacy pics personally heh.

What The Future Holds
You may be wondering why a new domain name instead of adding news to Speculative Vision itself. Put simply, SV lacks a system to post news and converting the site to incorporate content management is a huge process. Using Tumblr's system has not only given me instant news posting ability, but also enabled me to post that news in 4 locations with one click (SFT, SV, Twitter, and Facebook) giving our visitors multiple options for following our Sci-Fi news updates. While exciting, this is only one content offering among the many features here at Speculative Vision.

I am indeed working on a major site upgrade of Speculative Vision itself. As I said this is a very big project, in no small part because the site has been around for a very long time and content was added in a piecemeal fashion over the years. My goal is to finally incorporate as much of the site as possible so it all plays together nicely. I don't have a timetable for its launch yet, but I wanted to assure you that SV was also evolving and SFT is simply a forerunner to that progress.

The site revamp will include a site redesign with a more modern look that I hope you will like, as well as another major step forward in standards compliant coding "under the hood" that should make pages load faster. When complete SV will add feature articles, OP-ED type pieces, and similar content to its offerings. In essence, the goal is for SV to contain longer original articles and information, while Science Fiction Today primarily aggregates news and short tidbits. SV's content updates will eventually be incorporated with the SFT (Tumblr)/Twitter/Facebook streams, meaning you will always have several convenient options for following our various updates on both domains.

I want to make a special note for our forum faithful that your posts and username are totally safe. This will not be a wipe upgrade like we went through several years ago when we were forced to change forum software.

Your thoughts and feedback are, as always, welcome and appreciated.

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Re: SV Expands with News and More

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on the Science Fiction Today sight where it says
Find us at:
there should be links, because people are notoriously lazy and it just looks like there should be links.

I also think we should have a annual Christmas party and to keep it in theme I think we should hold the first one on the planet mars.

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