Lycoria Cemetery

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Lycoria Cemetery

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The characters who have met their death.

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Posted By: Neurolanis Oct 22, 2004 - 11:43 am

VELCOME to Lycoria Cemetery ...

Here we celebrate our dead. Who they were, how they died, and how they will be remembered. Some died well, others more slowly. Here we can reflect upon those who have fallen in Lycoria. Each post may be similar to the writing upon a grave stone. So please be repectful and mind your thoughts while visiting ...

Lycoria Cemetery ...

Posted By: *_* fiery red *_* Nov 09, 2004 - 11:22 am

Aizlyn Synieve Rajani

Born was she in the depths of winter amidst the howls of the wind and snow. Her birth, noble but dark; her family, infamous throughout the world; her childhood, torturous. And still she struggled to find her own path. A bright ray of optimism in the darkest of times, she taught people to hope. She left the world, helping another though her death was painfully early. Ellan must have needed another angel.

Posted By: Neurolanis Feb 08, 2005 - 09:42 am


Jano Pashir was known to the inn as a strange ranger of sorts. One of his professions included bounty hunting. He hated magic. He was a tall, serious, muscualr, broad-shouldered, well-armored warrior. He died at the magical hands of Sabal-Gah, eaten by flame. He never should have ran out of the building to inform the others of that group's tretchery. Especially as he didn't even know them. Sublty was not one of his strong suits.

Posted By: Neurolanis Feb 08, 2005 - 09:46 am


A male Klundor from a wealthy and powerful family who had many adventures and made many contacts, also many enemies. He was killed in battle, betraying a band of friends for the power of the Jewels of Orceth. Several injured him, but the one ultimately to blame for this villain's death was a warrior named Rowena.

Posted By: * raye * Feb 13, 2005 - 10:30 am


An elf who couldnt hold his liquor. he was the first child to see beyond appearences in school and befriend Kartik. he was killed in his sleep by someone working for Meran who mistook him for Kartik.

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Perlin Ordunderann- Was born to the people of the Water. Set out to find the famed orc warrior Master Yissam and followed him trying to convince him to wield the new blade that had be constructed by himself and his people. Died during a battle trying to aid Yissam. He successfully gave Yissam the sword but died shortly afterward. His Staff Muldroon was picked up by Galmifas and remains with him.
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Belair- The demon that lived within Clarion Delonah. He was driven from her body and automatically killed. He resided within her for the past eleven years trying to carry out his masters orders. He failed miserably when clarion caught up with a group of people.

Hes not really a character, but still, he was part of clarion who died
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A half elf female with a full heart. A hero that fought in the battle to liberate Moroldor from the Dark Lord's clutchs. Together she fought by the man she gave her heart to. Fighting beside him she fell.
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A twin of Corriq's long dead wife. She started to hunt her brother-in-law for revenge but then joined and later died along with her little brother on the streets of Meroldor. She was avenged...
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Silke Archambaud

Loved sister and soul-mate, she died in battle against demons. She left behind her brothers, and the elf that she loved more than life itself. She will be avenged, and her memory never forgotten by those she held dear.
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