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Lycoria Members

Post by Neurolanis »

#A place to meet the Members of Lycoria!



Hi, call me Neuro. I play such characters as Hashin the shy shaman, Sir Sath the bald gentleman, and others. I am the Game Master or what have you; I created and manage this Lycoria thing. Of course everyone adds to it. It's a community thing, which I am proud to be a part of.

I usually post late. Usually. Sometimes on afternoons.

A little about me. I'm an eccentric artist. Thank you. I'm also a Fantasy writer, backwoods hiker, traveler (when I hitch a ride), and a free thinker. I like most people but hate most attitudes. lol. I'm pretty easy to get along with, actually. My life sucks but I have an epic novel on the way that will soon change that. I love food, music, wine, and the woods. I also love peace and quiet, lots of room to think. (The best thing about talking with people here is that you don't have to hear them!) :mrgreen:


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Post by Xyster »

Xyster (Writer formely known as Mir)

Hi, I'm Xyster. Following Neuro's example, (becuase I suck at these kind of things) my characters are Vell, the lovesick reincarnated demon/mercenary, Hex, the troubled experiment, and Elenor, the rather dislikeable elf (though she's gotten better). I created the Ancient Darkness: Experiments part of this story, though I'm still figuring out how to work it. Thank goodness other people are there to help.

A little about me, (not that you have to read it). I'm an aspiring artist and writer of sorts, and am in love with anime, computers, and of course writing and drawing. One of my proudest accomplishments is my accumulation of over 1,400 different monsters that I have draw...yay me! Sorry about that. Other than that I spend most of my time on the computer and napping...gotta love the sleep.


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Post by Magus »

No you don't. I hate sleeping any more then I need to function normally, seeing it as a waste of my time that could be used otherwise.

Magus: Moderator the Feared

My characters in The Rise of Neseldin are Shabel-Rae (The fusion between the Necromancer Shabel-Grah and the soulless illusionist twin of his Mil Relevo, after he had secured a soul of his own.), Jacatour (The Half-Orc Half-Human who was born when an Orc, raiding a village, raped his mother and left her to die. He loved an married Aliandra the Fair, a priestess of the Wind in a far removed country, who died an accidental death at the hands of Jacatour's Half brother, a full blooded Orc, which sent him into a blood lust for him, but has now forgiven him upon realizing it was an accident and deeply loves Rowena), Yissam Snizwatt (Jacatour's full blooded Orc half-brother who accidentally killed Aliandra. He was the high general of the Northern Orcish armies and commanded legions beyond count. but he desperately wanted his brother to join him, which eventually sent his troops to mutiny against him, which were all killed by the group in Tomb of Orceth. He now travels with his brother and wields the mighty sword Angoraath) and Thomas (Shabel-Rae's, and Shabel-Grah's be him's, pet familiar. He was a rabbit before he was changed to a fusion of rabbit and man by Elenor at his request. He's shy, and new to being a bipedial creature. He loves Elizebeth and desperately wants to help the group in any way that he can).

In Experiments I have Cheesor the Mad, a mentally insane but beautiful red-headed woman who's insanity stems from her uncontrollable mental telepathy. She carries a roasted turkey around thinking that it's an orphaned child she's adopted and has a bow that will alight any arrow notched in it aflame.

And, currently, in the Jaded Wayfarer Inn I have Midnight, the kind heiress who wants nothing more then to help other people. Not my most complex character to say the least.

I am also a participant in another Lycoria-like story, Variance.

In The Streets of Bizmar I have two characters, Bellemine Dragnus (Commonly known as Bell, he is the bard companion of Cheesor the Mad who crossed over to Variance while somewhere on the road with Cheesor after she succamb to madness. He has severe social anxiety issues and is skilled with a Jiann and dagger. He is a highly skilled bard and plays his lute often and mixes his illusions in for an enhanced performance. He is, like Cheesor, a Jack-of-all-traits-but-master-of-none. He knows thieving, magic and swordsmanship but isn't proficient in any of them, and Cheesor was his superior in such arts over him, although she was the same way as far as never mastering them. I also have Jasmine Ballard, a young girl whon crossed over from our world into Variance upon her untimely teenmaged death. She's a juvinile delinquent, heavy drinker, loud-mouth, rude, insensitive, smoker and very VERY stubborn. Upon coming to Variance she gained bat-like crimson wings, crimson eyes and hair as well as powerful, yet uncontrollable, pyrokinesis. She does love music and has taken to Bell's lute, seeing it as little different from an actual guitar. She's made her living on Variance based on a thief and is rather tomboyish, if the term were to apply to her.

Just recently, in "A tired warrior wanders in to the Tavern" in The Medieval Tavern, I have added another character, Timas Anget. He's an 879 year old man, cursed to never die of natural causes but to continuously age. He has found a way to stop aging, but not to reverse it, which is what he now so desperately seeks. He's an ungodly powerful mage, a prodigy in his day that has grown into something short of god-like magical abilities.

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Post by Mr_D »


Yo, I'm Mr_D, outside Lycoria my interests include writing, art (I'm currently thinking of producing a web comic), martial arts, Anime, video games and movies. I'm a university student and all round average guy.

I'm a relative new comer to Lycoria, though I lurked around the old board and Speculative vision as a whole so I know the characters fairly well. I've participated in alot of Bulletin Board RPGs in my time, so I had a general idea of what to do and expect, although the 'short but sweet' approach took me aback slightly, I'm used to writing reams of text per post. Probably the best part of Lycoria is the lack of 'angsty teens with dark pasts' which fill the majority of other MUDs and RPGs :P .

I have quite a number of characters and chances are if you take part in one of the adventures you'll run into one of them.
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Post by thegreentick »

Yeah.... I'm thegreentick. It is the name I use on the internet for reasons that are only known by me.

Outside of the world of Severnia, I enjoy music, (listening to, singing, and playing) art, (drawing, painting, carving, mapmaking) writing, and world building.

In Severnia, I am a Rolc named Kai. I don't keep company with people very often and am afraid of losing control of myself and giving way to my orc blood. I am currently waiting to leave for a journey to Meroldor, the homeland of Levelmna.

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Post by Raye »

Raye here (formerly known as Fiery Red). I'll post as often and whenever I can. I am NOT a computer person which is just a warning. I'm an average person between the ages of 10 and 20. I have a red belt in a style of karate that is derived from a mix of ishun-ru, tae-kwon-do and juditsu. my spelling sucks. I play tennis, clarinet, I'm also on the drum-line and debate team. I love to dance and party and be spontaneous.

my characters are:

Rieze {Ariezare Sharah}(my favorite. a shape-shifter warrior-girl with a strong personality and a wall around her heart. she is the only survivor of the Sharah clan),

Niran {Niran Klara'sava}(half-demon, half-shape-shifter who has such power she is known as the Dark Witch. she's just trying to find out who she is),

Kartik {Kartik Shizar} (the son of the Klundor Queen Launa who was cast out by the Klundors but somehow saved by his nurse. he was raised by elves in Sachem and apprenticed to a master of minds who was later killed by pirates. Kartik is one of Val's chosen ones and often expiriences visions and messages from the goddess. he feels a strong responsibility to protect Lady Rieze)

Kisara (a pirate girl who is half-elven, knows the ancient elven martial arts, several languages, and some simple magic and is more than she seems to be.)

Janpier (like an older brother to Kisara. formerly a pirate as well.)

Lady Semiramis (an evil woman who craves power and does not allow men to have dominance over her. she is very powerful and has a short temper.)
"Romance is dead - it was acquired in a hostile takeover by Hallmark and Disney, homogenized, and sold off piece by piece." - Lisa Simpson

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Post by aldan »

And I am aldan. That's it, just aldan. No capital letters, no surname (that I'll share) and up until now, almost no time to post very often on the Meroldor story, where I have my character Ghalakh of Darosa.

She is a Dwarf (and don't you EVER not capitalize her race's name, or she will come after you with her beloved Battle Axe!) that was born to a set of parents that were caught in a cloud of gases that came out of an area they'd broken into in the mine they worked. This caused her to be born without any sort of hair (her mother was barely pregnant at the time it happened, and didn't yet know it) on her entire body. Being a Dwarf, she realized that she could never get a husband if she had no beard, eyebrows or ear hairs, so she, after getting training by a blind weapons-master Dwarf, and then almost killing a male Dwarf that was constantly teasing her, she left her home and chose to hide her origin by choosing to call herself Ghalakh (which means nameless) of Darosa, where she'd never been. She almost never even mentions Darosa, however, and usually just has people call her Ghalakh, until she "makes her name". Ghalakh has tattoos covering her head like hair, though she does not have any for eyebrows or a beard and usually has her head covered with her helm or a bandanna, along with her large hooded cloak.

As far as aldan is concerned, his interests are in writing (working on my first novel, a fantasy, but have also decided to try getting a book of my poetry published, to get my name out there, so to speak), reading, not 'rithmatic, computer games, hiking, biking, motorcycle riding (though I don't have one currently), enjoying art and music (though I'm trying to buy an electric bass guitar so I can learn to play that), and avoiding the numerous suitors of both sexes that come calling.... *rolls eyes while grinning*

If you wish to see me, look at my avatar. No, I'm serious. I look a lot like that, though I wear glasses and have hazel eyes.
"It is better to keep your mouth shut and to appear stupid than
to open it and remove all doubt."
---Mark Twain

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Post by Bread Butterbeard »

I am Taith Ja'chim.

Outside of the RPG my interests lay in writing Game Mastering the Gaiea-Esuria RPG Gaming Group and making friends.

Inside Lycoria I run the Adventure, Hunt for the Dark Impereators and have now with premission by the owner and by the people whose characters I intend to use am writing a Lycoria novel thus far entitled, Lycoria: The Jewel Shards of Orceth.

I also play Perlin in Legacy,Balthazar Hammerforge in Ancient Darkness: Rise of Nesldin, and Gathi'Torek in Legacy: Omens
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Post by Ariel »

I'm Ariel. :flower: I play the character Kiarra in the Morolder story. She is a human commoner and adept archer. Also play the character Of Alia in the Lost Chronicles story. She is a work in progress. In real life I have a passion for nature, animals, art, music and being creative. I'm also quite sociable and you'll find me in the different threads on the forum. I live here. :D

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Post by capt_tightpants »

I am capt_tightpants.
I currently have two charectors in Lycoria, both of them are male, human, and priests of the god Platmiese. The first is named Mordachai, he is currently innactive. The second isn't nearly as cool as Mordachai, he's named Beau after all, and will be meeting up with the charectors in Taith'Jachim's story before too long.
*smacks forehead*
I've actually got three charectors, the third is also human, male, but a pirate instead of a priest. He's in Talon's "Lost Chroncles," just rockin' it out like all pirates do.
I myself am also a male, human, but not a priest, and kind of a pirate. I do enjoy doing priestly things like chanting, lighting candles, and wearing sacrements. I also enjoy reading, writing, history(the really old stuff), and animals. I play Risk every couple of weeks with some guys from school and between games we fight with wooden swords we've made.
I also enjoy Ariel, she's a real nice person.

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Post by Jack Sarratt »

The name's Jack, and I just started a new Lycoria Story for anyone that wants to join. I work on A Mercenary's Journey with Mr_D as my first poster. Feel free to join.

Location: A Mercenary's Journey
Rebunanta-Shadow Half-Demon

He's covered from shoulder to legs in black leather armor with bronze plaques sewed on. He has a pair of kusarigama (short scythes with chains attached) on his back. His head is uncovered, but there is a bandage running over his mouth and across his right eye. His left sleeve is cut short and there is no glove on his left hand, only his right. He has short brown hair that is almost black, and his visible eye is chocolate brown. He has on black leather boots and a dagger strapped to the left one. He stands about six feet tall and seems unaffected by his weapon and armor weight.

Rebunanta is actually more of an undead Half-Demon. He used to find work as an assassin, but when he was killed by a Greater Dead his body wasn't destroyed. He lives on, without memory, companionship, or purpose. Occassionally, he attampts to make contact with the humans around him. But sadly, his own coldness and strange curse drives him away. He is sometimes filled with a compassion for the people that he knows, and once he does meet and get to know another person, he becomes extremely loyal and actively seeks to protect them from harm, even at the cost of himself. He is currently wandering in the woods in the far north, seeking some form of employment, when he first meets Ryu, a traveling ronin. As Ryu also seems to be looking for work, Rebunanta joins him, and so begins A Mercenary's Journey!
People say to not judge a book by its cover, but first make sure you picked the right title.

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